080407 MONDAY


Darren and Matt on the bar. No doubt about Darren’s pull-ups here – shoulders over bar!


It’s going to be strange not going to the “old” spot. The Grand Opening was Saturday. Here’s the pics: CFSC Grand Opening

In honor of the opening of their new spot, here’s another great workout from their site:

5 rounds of:

Run 400 Meters

Deadlift 15 reps

Men 225. Ladies 135.

Post time.


Some snippets of Darren, Craig and Rodil’s Gwen session. You can’t see the grip pain:

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  • Rodil

    Today’s copy of the Contra Costa Times has an article about CrossFit titled “For a complex workout, add motion, instability” in the Time Out section. The reporter has a few quotes from trainers at CrossFit Alexandria.

    If you don’t get the newspaper, the article was originally published in the Washington Post in February. You can go to their website, search for CrossFit and you’ll see the article title ” For a Lifelike Workout, Add Motion, Instability”.

    Craig – I saw Sarah’s question yesterday about hosting a Cert at the Shed. I’m definitely interested if you’re thinking about it.

  • jorgy

    yesterday i wanted to do the CFHQ WOD, but I also wanted to do some sort of Navy SEAL type movement, so I decided to do the Navy SEAL version of the ladder. Started off with a muscle up ladder, only got 4 rounds+1 MU. Took about three minutes then did a dead hang pull up ladder, on that I got 10 rounds+4 pull ups, then rested again for about five minutes and did the kipping pull up ladder for 18 rounds+around 10 pull ups. Fun but my lats are killing me. can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • Craig

    Holy crap, Jorgy. How are the hands?? 18 kips AFTER the mu’s and deadhangs? Awesome.

  • jorgy

    my hands are cool, no rips but i do have some blisters.

  • Carry

    Is anyone going to be there at 6:00pm?

  • sakura

    great WOD. i never tried a DL heavier than 95# but did 115 today. tried the 135 and it wasn’t as difficult as i thought it would be. thanks for a great WOD, nate. lovely to see you again, sarah and carry. nice to meet the kids and nice meeting you, tanya. =] see? i remembered.

    oh yeah…12:23

  • Darren

    Kipping pullup ladder

    4 pm class

    21 rounds + 15 pullups

  • Stavros K

    I’m assuming we are in for this?
    It’s the Trevor A. Win’E memorial. I have the day off and want to do it.

  • Sarah the Destroyer

    it was a great class!! My hands hurt!!

    Nick- 10:42

    Then practiced on my kips. Getting better everyday!
    Nick got the kips down after 5 mins!! Grrrrrr!

  • Stavros

    5 Rounds:

    400m Run (Just over 7min/mile pace)
    15 DL (225#)


    Tough workout to do by yourself. Hope to see you guys on Thursday.

    -Stavros the Destroyer

  • Sarah the Destroyer

    oh yeah, we only did 3 rounds…..and I deadlifted 135#.