Carry watching Nikala gettin’ air on wall balls for FGB. Bet they love the new 8ft target!

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Jerk (either push or split) 3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1


KB/DB snatches – 2 rounds of 20 each arm (you choose the weight)

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Clean and jerk in the animal kingdom


Article: One more reason to feed your kids well

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  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    Maybe it’s good to have that law. All those chubby little bastards need a good walk it seems…and make them carry a sand bag while they’re at it.

  • Craig

    Go to Disneyland where they push fat 10year olds around in carts.

  • Stavros

    Who’s going to be there at 4pm? I’m trying to figure out my day either running or DCF (maybe both?)

  • Rodil

    I’ll be at 4:00 class today.

  • sarah

    I wish I could make it to class today! Sadly, I work. =(

  • Carry

    I’ll be there at 6 (ish).
    Who’s up for Muay Thai after class?

  • Luca Z.

    Me for sure!!!

  • Carry

    By the way….does the 8 ft target for wall balls count? RX?

  • Stavros

    Sorry guys, got stuck working on a car all day. Yay for my first day off being taken up with car repairs. Tomorrow, 4pm.

  • Rodil

    Did Jackie as Rx’d in 23:38. The pull ups were in sets of 3-5 but they were honest pull ups.

    Thanks, Josh, for pushing me to do the unassisted pull ups. I’m going to start practicing those at home, knocking out as many as I can then resting until I can do a few more.

  • Mike Erickson

    Got home late tonight. Did the CFWU minus pull-ups. Then tabata intervals on the airdyne. When I could walk again decided to do the deadlift wod:

    185,205,225,240,265,300,300. New pr. Wrapped my elbow really tight and it feels fine.

    Post: beer.

  • jorgy

    My boy Brent the intern did the Navy SEAL version of the pull up ladder today. To start muscle up ladder he got 2rounds+ 2Muscle ups. He had done maybe four before this (lifetime). Then dead hand pull up ladder, he beat me with 10 rounds+7 pull ups, then he did a kipping pull up ladder and after the third round ripped his hands a total of ten times five each hand and continued to 15 rounds+ 10 pull ups. Awesome Brent can’t wait for the weekend.

  • Craig

    Carry, 8ft is rx for several CF wods, including FGB.

    Rodil – way to go man. As rx will get you farther faster.

    Mike E!! Stud.