080411 FRIDAY


Ana is one of our newest 0600 fire breathers. GET SOME ANA!

Workout (From the CrossFit Mothership):

Deadlift: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Post loads to comments

DCF bonus: Max reps of 200m sprint with 1 minute rest in-between runs for a total time of 10 minutes

Post number of runs completed


Article: Sleep more to slim down, Scientists say

The sleep loss caused a 23 to 24 percent increase in hunger, Spiegel said, translating into an extra 350 to 500 kilocalories a day, “which for a young sedentary adult of normal weight could lead to a major amount of added weight.” . . .

Each extra hour of sleep cuts a child’s risk of becoming overweight or obese by nine percent, according to an analysis of epidemiological studies by researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

By contrast, children who got the least sleep had a 92 percent higher chance of being overweight or obese than children who slept enough, said the study published in the journal Obesity.


Double unders hurt, in the beginning, as Mike E. will attest. Language may not be suitable for children:

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  • Craig

    Mike you really are looking lean and mean! I cannot believe the physical changes you have made.
    Extremely impressive. Love double unders.

  • Craig

    And, fantastic article. My wife and I are shocked by kids that are half asleep at preschool at 8:00am, because their parents had to wake them up to drop them off before going to work. Kids need sleep to grow, develop brain, etc.

  • jorgy

    The great thing is that Mike was unable to string together any double unders about two weeks ago, but during that workout he grinded through them and completed ten in a row which was awesome.

  • Rodil

    Great work Mike! Those double unders are tough to string together. Hope to see you Saturday at the 12:00 class.

  • Stavros

    Myself and Craig were at the 4pm class and did Crossfit Total,

    Craig- 405 SQ(PR)
    155 SP
    385 DL

    955 CFT(PR)

    Stavros- 405 SQ(PR)
    155 SP
    385 DL

    945 CFT(PR)

  • jorgy

    Awesome Squats but i was under the impression that your deadlift was supposed to be more than your squat. haha great scores guys you’ll definately be 1000+ by the end of the year.

  • Stavros

    It’s funny you mention that about the SQ vs. DL, we were talking about the same thing afterwards. I wish I had a good answer. We both failed (barely) on a 425 squat. I came nowhere near the 405 DL. I need work badly on that lift, as well as the shoulder press.

  • CraigH

    Q: “Who’s got a big squat?”
    A: “They guy with the big ass!”

    Stav and I come from the same mold: we’ve both had big squats in our past and we both have big hips. Not sure which came first.

    I grew up in the bodybuilding world at Gold’s gym: Heavy squats and leg press on leg day. Heavy bench & incline on chest day. Never saw a need for heavy DL’s. I would do some light RDL’s for hamstring development. The Gold’s Gym crowd never did DL’s – that was a Powerlifting thing.

    So, today I pay the price with a disproportionate DL vs. Squat. I suspect Stav has the same experience.

    The lesson: DON’T SPECIALIZE if not necessary, especially when young. And, the muscle & neuromuscular development of your youth will have ramifications for your future.