080413 SUNDAY


I confess I don’t know who this is! Are we growing too big?

I do know that pulling the kettlebell all the way overhead is considered “California Style” and pulling to eye level is Russian style. Either way, did you know that instead of floating it down, you should pull it down too?

Today’s Cool Workout From CrossFit HQ:

“Quarter Gone Bad”

Five rounds for total reps of:

135 pound Thruster, 15 seconds

Rest 45 Seconds

50 pound Weighted pull-up, 15 seconds

Rest 45 Seconds

Burpees, 15 seconds

Rest 45 seconds

Post total reps for all five rounds to comments.


Want to witness the effect of the mind on athletics? Watch the last 2 hours of the Masters today. Tiger Woods is 6 strokes behind four relatively unknown golfers on the last day of the most prestigious golf event in the world. The mental pressure on the top four is incredible. Will they fade?

T. Immelman -11

B. Snedeker -9

S. Flesch -8

P. Casey -7

T. Woods -5

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  • jorgy

    I don’t know about any other people on this site, but personally F**K GOLF!!!

  • Stavros

    10k this morning at 0600



    Felt pretty good, my goal was 45 mins, missed it but I’ll get it next time. First time running a 10k in a LONG time.

  • jorgy

    Awesome Stav. I did mine yesterday in the boonies http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1789481. I got 47:56 with a dog and had to break up a dogfight.

  • luca z.

    As far as I’m concerned golf is not a sport, go Football or as you guys say in this country Soccer.

  • Moises G.

    Hey Jorgy thats what happens when you run inside of a dog park with a mini terrier in your man purse!

  • sarah

    Hahaha! I think I peed a little bit! Hahaha! That was great, Moises!!! Hahaha!

  • darren

    I love it. And he can talk trash cause he owned us today

  • jorgy

    Hey!! its a man bag and he is a Yorkie. haha At least he wasn’t there to see my performance that he crushed. 2 sets with 10 pull ups that was just rediculous.

  • Moises G.

    Darren, Jorgy, Rick I wish I could train with you guys on a daily basis. You guys always bring your “A” Game and the competition is unbelievable!!! I just want to say thanks for the great training, Peace!

  • Craig

    Which would you rather bring to Fight Night? A golf club or a toy Yorkie?

  • J Jones

    I used to think regular golf wasn’t a ‘real’ sport, but the explosive power and technique required for the long drives is similar to Oly lifting in my book. And the accuracy of the short game is one of the 10 physical skills that we all need to master.

    That being said. . . I don’t think I’ll ever be into it (let alone watch it for more than 10 seconds).

    Now this “F**K GOLF” . . . That sounds interesting. I might be able to get into that, assuming it is a coed sport I mean.

    We did “Quarter Gone Bad” at the gym at 0600 Monday. Guys vs Girls.

    Carry 67 75lb thrusters, Dead hang pull ups
    Kelly 76 45lb thrusters, medium band pull ups
    Ana 63 45lb thrusters, small band pull ups

    Total: 206

    Jimmy 103 Dead hang pull ups
    JJ 101 As Rxed

    Total: 204.

    The Girls kicked our asses.


  • jorgy

    Mo, you need to train with us everyday. I think that if we all got together and trained our times would get better and our strengths would go up. I think you need to go to the games and put on a show man.

    JJ, my point on golf as far as sporting comes down to one thing. Old out of shape people play this “sport” and do very well. I do agree that it is hard to hit the ball and coordination in golf is key, but there is no strategy involved in golf so it can’t officially be called a sport. Any golfers out there please try to prove me wrong, but you are all probably too old to remember how golf is a sport or get winded typing because you are so out of shape.

  • J Jones

    There is no strategy in Oly Lifting. And it is a well known fact that many elite Oly lifters get winded going up a flight of stairs.

    I will concede that one of my biggest contentions with Golf is that it can be highly dependent on technology. That isn’t true in Oly lifting (with the exception of technology used in training).


  • J Jones

    After reading my comment “There is no strategy in Oly lifting” I have decided to re-phrase it as:

    There is no more strategy in Oly lifting than in golf. (both sports have some strategy).


  • jorgy

    yes there is no strategy in olympic lifting, thats why it isn’t a sport. It is an event but not a sport. Lifting weights and doing crossfit is a way to prepare yourself for sport but they aren’t sports. Don’t get me wrong at all I look at great golfers and see people who train hard and do well in life but not enough to call them athletes, they are competitors but not athletes. And just because i love olympic lifting more doesn’t mean i am going to side with them and say that they are doing a sport because they need no strategy, there is more strategy involved in a game of beer pong, but less training if you are gifted(at beer pong).

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    Pyros Dimas would kick the shit out of any golfer. End of story. Personally I hold golf in the same regard as NASCAR, curling, chess, and poker. They are not sports and have no business on ESPN. Really guys, poker on ESPN?

  • jorgy

    I don’t mean to be as forward as Mike, but I probably should be. “sporting” is something not to be taken lightly and more and more people are calling themselves athletes for things like poker. My point about strategy is made because in order to beat an opponent there is no need to have an offensive or defensive strategy, but with poker or chess there are other missing elements such as power strength endurance, any of the 10 fundamentals of fitness. I don’t take anything away from these competitions except the fact that they call themselves sports. I give props to any NASCAR driver, any chess player and even any golfer and say that they are great competitors but not athletes and not involved in a sport.

  • Darren

    Just so you know Crossfit is a sport and it is my sport.

  • jorgy

    I agree that Crossfit should be called a sport, i cannot think of any sort of competition that brings more elements of fitness together. ESPN if you are on this site then put us on your network. There is strategy in crossfit, there is power strength motivation endurance speed quickness and overall mental and physical toughness. I can’t think of any sport that tops crossfit for all areas so why not call it a sport?

  • Carry

    I’ve never been involved in a sport (first hand) but it feels like a sport. You are training to get better (at everything), you try to beat your previous times and or the times of other members, we ‘keep score’ on the white board and we even cheer each other on! Feels like a sport to me 🙂
    Thanks for letting me experience it.

  • uhhimu