080415 TUESDAY

This video is for Luca, I have worked on my Deadlift so much since i looked at this video. If you see my 405 pr it was not pretty, and I know that as a trainer I am supposed to know when to stop when my form suffers so I have been training my deadlift and my hamstrings so hopefully my CFT will not suffer when I get up and do great Luca form.

Tuesday Morning Luca Fit

“The Bear”

5 Rounds of 7 Reps of:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Rack Jerk

Do not let go of the bar until the round is finished, also do not rest the bar on the ground, if either happens then you must start from the beginning.

Post weight to comments.


Rant and/or Statement- When is it proper to forget about intensity and rely on form? We have all been in a situation where form was pretty bad or God awful but our intensity was very high and we were in a mode to finish our workout. I know it has happened to you, I have seen each one of you do it and I know you have seen my form suffer so what do you think? I believe there is a happy medium but I also believe that the best part of Crossfit is the intensity. Lessening the weight helps with workouts with heavy weight, what are some different modifications to a workout that can be made to ensure both great form and solid intensity?

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  • Craig

    Here’s one I’ve seen quite a bit at DCF – I worked with Mike E. for an hour on it on Saturday:

    Starting your squats (of any kind, especially o/h and fronts) by bending the knees out over the toes! This puts tremendous sheer pressure on the knee, and moves your weight over the balls of your feet.

    You MUST start all squats with a tilt of the hip and extension of the ass outward. Knees should bend over the feet (not inward or way outward) but not over the toes! Shins should be almost perpendicular to the ground.

    If you start with your ass, you’ll gain strength and knee pain will likely go away. Front squats and o/h squats will be stronger and more stable with your feet flatter on the ground.

  • jorgy

    Just a little hint for those wishing to learn oly lifts or go heavy with weight. Wear flatter shoes, preferrably olympic lifting shoes but at least converse. that helps a lot with the knees.

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike Mathers)

    There comes a point in a crossfit wod when intensity (maximal power output) and proper form simply cannot cohabitate. When you reach that point, I think it is entirely appropriate to tune down the intensity. I take it as a sign that my conditioning is poor and I need to train that movement. My focus shifts from a PR to PT. In the immortal words of Mark Twight “If you put a full kip on a pullup, and you still can’t get your head signifigantly over the bar…that’s about as lame as it gets.”
    As for me, I try to use the best form I can, as fucking intensely as I can manage, and if my best falls short, then I need to get back to training.
    Just my two cents.

  • Stavros K

    Who’s in at 4pm for Running Angie? Nate? Jorgy? Rick? Mo? Bueller? come join in the suffering!

  • Moises G.

    I am all in!!! This should be very interesting. Let’s do it.

  • Mike Erickson


    Your back looked perfect on the way down.

    RE: form and intensity:
    This is my understanding after reading the articles and discussions for the last 10 months:

    On a POWER WOD [force x distance/time] there is little danger of injury if you sacrifice form for intensity because you are working with far less than maximum weight (or bodyweight). The only thing you sacrifice is maximum power output potential because theoretically that happens only with perfect form.

    For a one rep max effort deadlift sacrificing form for intensity risks injuries that could erase much of a persons athletic potential.

    Referencing the article a few months back in the CF Journal “Spine Mechanics”, the sheer force on the spine increases dramatically with rounding of the back. Re: Kelly of CF SF: it’s virtually impossible to hurt your back if it’s in the correct posture.

    I’ve had many injuries, both knees, broken leg, knocked cold 2-3 times, once where I couldn’t talk right for perhaps a week. Separated shoulder, broken hand, sprains, nerve entrapment, broken teeth, yada yada. Nothing made me feel like “you’re over buddy” until I hurt my back.

  • luca z.

    Now that’s what I call doggie style, I agree with Mike, nothing comes close to the pain you feel when you hurt you back, I did it doing DL wrong and now I make damm sure my form is perfect, don’t want to go through that again

  • J Jones

    Back pain sucks more than any injury I have ever had.

    For the one rep max lifts (or anything under 8 reps to failure really), it is either good form or no lift. No negotiating.

    When using lighter loads, going for time, I like Coach’s 80/20 rule. As long as you are staying safe, it is okay to have good form for 80% of the time, but let the form slip 20% of the time because you are just going that damn hard.


  • Craig

    Good luck on running angie today guys… the last 800m run is really delightful.

  • jorgy

    Great posts from everyone, I am glad that everyone is intersted in it as much as me. The one rep max vs. the WOD is a big difference, the biggest difference in crossfit. Intensity is not sacrificed because the level of intensity is down so the only thing to sacrifice is form and that is bad because injuries are all too common with a one rep max. We push our bodies to the limits enough already, but add in some bad form, where forces are put on our bodies that should not be there and the is an equation for an extreme injury. I have been working a lot on form this year (Form Police) but not only with my clients but myself more.

  • Stavros

    Moises and I did “Running Angie” today at the 4pm class.

    100 pull ups
    Run 800m
    100 push ups
    Run 800m
    100 sit ups
    Run 800m
    100 squats
    Run 800m

    Stavros 29:17 as RX’d
    Moises 39:00 as RX’d(after a BRUTAL cramp, he kept going- he’s a stud)

  • Nick

    yea i agree with Stavros, Moises is a stud shit hes a beast for finshng “Running Angie” after that cramp! GREAT JOB, true inspiration!!!!

  • Moises G.

    Hey Stavros thank you for helping me get over my cramps. My quads were on fire, they felt engorged with blood. Running Angie was almost going to T.K.O. my ass, but I had an extra push from my fellow Crossfitters and I was determined to finish it. I am waiting to see how my legs are going to feel tonight at work, lactic acid SUCKS!!!! Thank you all for pushing me through this brutal workout.

  • Craig

    Love the running Angie comments Moises.

    Now, according to Jorgy, the actual running Angie is a 1 mile run in between each movement.

    I’ll save that for another day… way off in the future.