080416 WEDNESDAY “Nancy”


Fog of war. (Note to camera man. Don’t breathe out while taking photo.)

Workout (From the CrossFit mainpage)


Five rounds for time of:

400 meter run

95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Post time to comments.



Men’s Health Article (on Yahoo Health) about testing your athletic limits called “Pillars of Fitness”

Click continue reading below for a summary of the tests. (You might see a few of these at the Shed soon).

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • J Jones


    The POSE method I learned at the Running and Endurance Cert really helped my time (but I do have a lot of room to improve).

    I was able to write it on the board, but I don’t expect it to last in the #4 slot before Jorgy, Stav, Craig and Darren have a crack at it.

    I need to run more (and Rick needs to run less). We really noticed today that Rick DOMINATES all the wods with running (Helen, Nancy, Kelly, etc). Somebody needs to “Nancy Kerrigan” him (but not right before the Games).


  • sarah

    i’ll do it!! i love hitting men with lead pipes!

  • jorgy

    Who hot-boxed the shed?

  • Craig

    Ok, small things I noticed in photo:

    1. It’s likely cold (fog on camera)
    2. Anne is in short tights and t-shirt – working hard.
    3. Jimmy is doing wall balls in full sweats and a beanie cap.

    Hmmm. Who’s working harder?

  • Craig

    Btw, I’m thinking Nancy at 16:00h today or.. a variation of the affiliate wod (100 oh squats for time).

    Super Nancy: 5 Rounds: 20 O/H Squats at 135 and 400m run w/vest.

    or, maybe just Nancy.

  • darren

    I work today but super nancy sounds crazy I would have been in

  • darren

    I work today but super nancy sounds crazy I would have been in

  • Craig

    I wimped out and did Nancy only with Jorgy, Rick and Nate taunting and berating me the entire way. Jorgy actually ran the last two 400s to make sure I didn’t slack. That sucked. I was beat.

    Don’t know how Jorgy pulled off a 10:30something. Amazing.