JJ sporting his high end “Keg Lifting Championship” T shirt.


Accumulate in as few intervals as possible –

4 total minutes of static hanging on a pull up bar

3 total minutes of a hand stand against a wall

2 total minutes of L-sit

Mix in-between exercises as needed. The clock for each exercise only counts while in the proper position.

Post total time to comments as well as number of sets used.



Study: Over the counter pain medication increases muscle mass and strength

“Thirty-six men and women, between 60 and 78 years of age (average age 65), were randomly assigned to daily dosages of either ibuprofen (such as that in Advil), acetaminophen (such as that in Tylenol), or a placebo. . .

All subjects participated in three months of weight training, 15-20 minute sessions conducted in the Human Performance Laboratory three times per week. The researchers knew from their own and other studies that training at this intensity and for this time period would significantly increase muscle mass and strength. They expected the placebo group to show such increases, as its members did, but they were surprised to find that the groups using either ibuprofen or acetaminophen did even better.

An earlier study from the laboratory, measuring muscle metabolism (or more precisely, muscle protein synthesis, the mechanism through which new protein is added to muscle), had looked at changes over a 24 hour period. This “acute” study found that both ibuprofen and acetaminophen had a negative impact, by blocking a specific enzyme cyclooxygenase, commonly referred to as COX.

But that study looked at only one day. Over three months, says Dr. Trappe, the chronic consumption of ibuprofen or acetaminophen during resistance training appears to have induced intramuscular changes that enhance the metabolic response to resistance exercise, allowing the body to add substantially more new protein to muscle. . .”

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    That is a wild article! Amazing – plus, workouts can be longer and with more frequency since pain and inflammation are abated.

    The downside is the effect on the liver of chronic usage. Bad stuff if taken in large quantities for prolonged periods.

    Saw the Muscle & Fitness article on CrossFit yesterday. Very positive article. Andy Petrenick is portrayed very well. Should result in more biz. I did laugh, however, at the typical M&F condescending tone: CF’s results from constantly varied method was seen as “no surprise” by M&F’s in-house PhD. who said that M&F followers will recognize this as the Weider “muscle periodizition principle” introduced many years ago by Joe Weider (or, something to that effect). M&F portrayed CF as a workout for anyone that wants increased fitness with lean body mass.

  • Mike Erickson

    I wonder if the increase effectiveness of the exercise while taking the NSAID’s was due to a possible increase in intensity of the workouts because of the increased comfort level. Pain threshold is the main reason people back off on strength exercises isn’t it? So, increased intensity equals increased gains which is the cf principle.

    I’m less afraid of ibuprofen than acetaminophen especially if you like beer after a workout occasionally.

    I don’t like Andy Petranicks contract based system. His rationale is he gets better committment from clients and better control of his business. His attitude towards his clients is a bit patronizing, I think, and he’s going in the direction of the globo gym too much in my opinion. I’m remembering an article he wrote some months ago. Interesting that M&F chose his gym to highlight.

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike)

    Did anyone read the Men’s Journal article on CrossFit? They based it on CF San Fran. Pretty awesome. Seems like CF is getting a lot of good publicity these days.

    BTW, I PR’d my mile and a half this morning.
    10:22. I haven’t ran that fast since boot camp. That was 4 years ago exactly and I was 50 lbs lighter. Thank You CrossFit.

  • J Jones

    NiCE Work Mike!

    That is an awesome time for a 1.5 miler!

    In regards to the contract based system. . . There is some creedence to having people acually ‘sign’ something. The real test of someone’s approach to their clients is if they actively pursue delinquent clients (using a billing company or taking them to court for example).

    I don’t have a problem with contracts, I do have a problem with gyms voraciously pursuing clients that have quit due to a lack of results (which is the gym’s falt to begin with).

    Don’t worry though. I don’t see DCF using contracts any time soon. (Doesn’t go with our Shed atmosphere).


  • Sarah the Destroyer


    Sarah- 31:47
    Nick- 30:00

    Time for my rest day!

  • jorgy

    Did Jason in 19:43 today, hard one. Then took a break and watched my 6:30 class do Annie. After watching I decided to break my old record and go for Speil’s time. My time was 4:41 (I’ve been practicing double unders) and I had witnesses. Can’t wait for tomorrow then a rest day.

  • Stavros

    Did Kelly today at the station;

    5 rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters (on treadmill, 7:10/mile pace)
    30 Box jump, 24 inch box
    30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (subbed dumbells)


    Another tough workout to do by myself.

  • Craig

    Kelly with a 24″ Box (45lb plate on top of 20″ box). As RX: 27:04, I think.

    Thanks to Rick, Josh and Nate for harrassing, humiliating, tormenting and embarrassing me. I probably cut a good 30secs off my time.

    Fantastic work, Sarah! Nick, you’re our next firebreather. Impressive form. A chip off the block.