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One of the greatest lift, a builder of almost every muscle in the body, most of all the mid section

your abs are working like mad to stabilize your mid section so that the weight won’t fall on your head.



Glucosamine for osteoarthritis.Does glucosamine work for treating osteoarthritis? Twenty studies tested over 2500 people with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. Most of the studies were 2 to 3 months long. To test how well glucosamine works, researchers compared people who had either glucosamine (as a pill or an injection), fake pills or injections, or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

What is osteoarthritis and glucosamine?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis that can affect the hands, hips, shoulders and knees. In OA, the cartilage that protects the ends of the bones breaks down and causes pain and swelling. Drug and non-drug treatments are used to relieve pain and/or swelling. Glucosamine can be found naturally in the body and is one of the building blocks of cartilage. It is thought that taking glucosamine supplements may help stop cartilage breakdown, build cartilage and decrease swelling. But there is debate about its effects.

How well does glucosamine work?

Pain: The high quality studies showed that pain improved about the same whether people took glucosamine or fake pills. If all of the studies are examined (including low quality and old studies), then glucosamine improved pain more than fake pills.

* Pain may improve by 13 more points on a scale of 0 to 100 with glucosamine than with fake pills.

Studies testing only the Rotta brand of glucosamine (including low quality and old studies) showed that glucosamine improved pain more than fake pills.

Function: The high quality studies show that glucosamine improved pain more than fake pills when measured by one type of scale, but improved the same amount as fake pills when measured by another scale. This result is the same whether all of the studies (including low quality and old studies) or whether studies using the Rotta brand of glucosamine are analysed.

How safe is it?

The number of people taking glucosamine who had side effects was about the same as the number who took fake pills. Side effects mainly included stomach upset and other joint pain.

What is the bottom line?

It was shown in a previous Cochrane review that glucosamine taken for 6 weeks decreases pain and improves function (physical ability) in people with osteoarthritis.

When compared to the previous review, this review which analyzes newer studies and more high quality studies, shows there is “platinum” level evidence that pain does not improve as much when taking glucosamine for 2 to 3 months. Depending on the scale used to measure function (physical ability), function may not improve at all or as much.

Glucosamine seems to be safe.

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  • Eric

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to say wut up! I miss you guys, the ass kickings and the shed but I am battling a wiked sickness that is kicking my ass. Cant wait to come back! later

  • Craig

    Been there Eric. Just now getting to form after battling flu and colds. It was a strange year for bugs.

    Good video, watch the hips – they start first (butt moves before the kness)! Annie’s o/h squats show this.

    If you watch Eva on the failure, she sends her knees way out over the toes, causing an imbalance.

    Finally, Nancy is way harder when you have to finish the o/h squat with the hips fully extended. Literally added a few seconds per rep. Thanks for the coaching, Jorgy & Rick.

  • jorgy

    On glucosamine- I am involved in a drink that has very many antioxidants plus added glucosamine in a liquid form which is a lot better for you than pills. It helps with joint fluid and inflammation so recovery happens twice as fast. This drink has the acai berry along with 18 other fruits that help the body. check it out it is called Mona Vie.

    Craig- Nice squats they really helped your time, so far you are on your way to a full recovery from that two month sickness you had. I can’t wait until you start beating me again, or until you get a muscle up. Or does it come down to connective tissue?

  • Mike Erickson

    I’ve read a number of articles about the benifits of drinking pomegranate juice, like this one:


    Good for joint health, prostrate health, cardiovascular benefits, etc. It’s a lot cheaper than the Mona Vie stuff. I get it by the case at Costco and drink a glass or two a day.

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike Mathers)

    Guys, just throwing a little update out there. I haven’t been to the shed in a while and I’m going through withdrawls.
    A little late but here are my year end goals unless otherwise noted.
    1. Fran -4:00
    2. JT completion
    3. 1.5 mile -9:30 (by aug 15 08)
    4. 12% body fat (vanity is a bitch)
    5. 1000# CFT

  • Darren

    What is the deal with Mona Vie? A guy at work tried to sell me it. Kinda sounds like a pyramid scam. He was raving about it healing powers though. It took away all his wifes headaches and all his back pain. Kinda sounds like a miricle drink? Jorgy you going to try to recruit everybody to make you millions or what?

  • jorgy

    But to have a pyramid scheme you have to have people at the top making everyone else’s money. I’ve been to a Mona Vie meeting am not involved in distribution but I would like to soon. To get in to the program you pay $40.00 which gets you info to give to your clients, you buy your own product, sell your own product and keep all of your profit. It is kinda like crossfit, these people will come down and let you try it out for free, if you like it then you can talk about buying it, if you don’t like it then no worries. With a pyramid scheme, or at least the one I was offered you pay a fee of $500 and get nothing for it, to get your money back you recruit 3 people. It doesn’t make sense if you really think about it but I have 2 friends who did it. They got suckered and I didn’t.The thing that Makes Mona Vie better than pomegranate juice is the Acai berry, which blows any berry known to man out of the water. Pomegranets have a rating of like 106 in antioxidants and the Acai berry has a rating 1027, yes like 10 times better for you. Plus, they add glucosamine into it which adds those benifits, like I said I am not involved in selling it, but I am already trying to get some for my family because it is so good for you.

  • Stavros

    Amway. Green Algae. Speakers from a White Van. Mona Vie.

  • Darren

    Exactly, If i start seeing Mona Vie posters at the shed, I am out.

  • Craig

    Speakers from a white van!! Too funny Stav. Those guys hit me like 10 times in the early 90’s!

    The Mona Vie girl came to the Shed and hit us hard. Apparantly CFNY is a big “dealer.” She was trying to get us on board.

    They’re legit, but it is a multi-level marketing plan. They make money on the people below selling. Not bad for building fast distribution, but it makes them appear shady.

  • Craig

    Hey jorgy, think the acai will help with connective tissues??

    And, did anyone see the CF affiliate site pic for today (Thu)? Holy shnikees, CrossFit has really grown, if you know what I mean.

  • Darren

    Gotta be said: Top Boobs! x Good work, Mr Glassman! As if I didn’t respect you enough before!

    Posted by: David fitzgerald at April 17, 2008 1:35 PM

    I was cracking up.

  • Rodil

    Glucosamine drinks are fine as long as I don’t see anyone at the Shed pushing Soylent Green.

    (I hope I’m not the only one old enough or geeky enough to get that joke).

  • jorgy

    No pushin shit on people but I know all you guys like free suff, and if I brought some in you guys would be all over it. haha. No posters, no SHED supply of it but personally I want to get some because of the benifits. The Acai berry is “clinically proven” to triple the amount of connective tissues in the body and will guarantee muscle up status and BATENDA status within three weeks. (play on most fitness product commercials with “clinical studies”)

    And their marketing does seem shady don’t get me wrong, but I actually got invited to a meeting with about 150 Mona Vie people and their main point was to share the drink so they could spread the word, but not to get as many distributors as possible which is what their site looks like. I will try to get someone out to the SHED soon to have a tasting and see if everyone likes it. If not then no worries.