080418 FRIDAY


Bryan, one of DCF’s powerhouses, at the end of 100m of walking o/h lunge.

Today’s Workout from the Main Page: “Michael”

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

50 Back Extensions

50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Or, DCF Workout:

4 Rounds For Time –

100m Walking O/H Lunge (Men 20lbs, Ladies 10lbs – 50m each arm)

100m Med Ball Toss

25 Knees To Elbows

25 Double Unders

Post Time To Comments.


We recently had a couple studly firefighters inquire about training with DCF for the Firefighter Challenge. After watching Jorgy and Rick put up a 3:10 & 3:12 Frans, they never came back. I don’t think they believed CrossFit could help them. Check out the article below from Jon Gilson at Again Faster on CrossFitter’s experience. Bottom line, “CrossFit can fill holes” in training for this event, but sport specific training, specifically, on-course training is necessary to win this event.

Article: The Toughest Two Minutes

Dubbed “the toughest two minutes in sports” by ESPN, the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge is tailor-made for CrossFitters.


New Shed poster:


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  • Rodil

    Bryan – great work in the lunge photo!

    That dual-photo with Jorgy and the Mona Vie bottle is priceless.

    Anyone coming out for the 6:30 class tonight?

  • darren


  • Carry

    I’ll be there Rodil…are you doing Michael or the 4 rounds of the other?…I’ve done Michael so I might do the other….IF I have a choice 🙂

  • Rodil

    I was planning on the DCF workout. See everyone at 6:30.

  • jorgy

    Michael today. Rick went first and got 14:56. Then he bitched at me to beat him. My new way of running the hill helps a whole hellova lot. I anchored my sit ups and did not really break up my Back extensions. Finished with a time of 14:33 followed by a couple of meetings with my friend named pukie.

  • Craig

    DCF wod with Bryan, Nate and Darren.

    Brutal!! 400m of o/h lunges was just painful.



  • Darren

    Big ups to Bryan, nice job. The look on his face after he did it was priceless, but the look on craig’s face was even better. HA HA. The pie chart of work being done compared to other items is great.

  • jorgy

    Yes Bryan!!!