080422 TUESDAY


Now that’s Eric, doing Fight Gone Bad with Nikala and Mo’

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

3 rounds for time of:

5 TGU – Right Arm

10 One-arm DB Snatches – Right

15 One-arm DB Swings – Right

5 TGU – Left Arm

10 One-arm DB Snatches – Left

15 One-arm DB Swings – Left

1/4 BW Dumbell

Post Time and Weight and Comments


Article:Are you a caveman?

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  • jorgy

    No that is Eric, Eric, and Eric. From now on all of our clients are named Eric doesn’t matter man or woman. Right Craig?

  • J Jones

    Most of you don’t remember, but I used to think all our clients were named Andy, Aaron Heath especially. I swear it took me 3 – 4 months to get his name right.

    -Eric. . . I mean jj

  • Rodil

    Ha ha! Good one, Jorgy. All clients are Eric now? Unless his/her name really is Eric.

    Maybe you can tell people at the Shed that Mona Vie helps with memory loss. 🙂

  • jorgy

    Not only memory loss but with connective tissues. Good one Eric. I like your reference to Mona Vie, at least it is getting some publicity.

  • J Jones

    On the whole mona vie thing,

    My mother in law has been pushing this stuff called “Via Viente” for a couple of years now. As far as I can tell it is basically the same stuff. “Multi-Level Marketing for Health” and all.

    SO if anyone wants an alternative, without the high pressure sales. Talk to me. 😉


  • Eric

    Eric is our favorite client.


  • Nikala

    yeah, remember when Craig would call me “Erica?” hhmmm…

  • Craig

    Ugghh. Nikala remembered!! Totally embarrassed.

    Why the hell do our clients come back? Thank God we have good workouts.

  • J Jones

    That’s funny!


  • nikala

    Hahaha…I couldn’t resist that one!

    Wildflower is in 1.5 weeks…see you afterwards!