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The Shed – December 2006 left, December 2007 right. . . what will 2008 bring?

Workout: “Ab Purgatory”

Accumulate 2 minutes of L-sit time. Each time you rest from the L-sit, perform

10 Glute Ham Sit ups

10 Knees to Elbows

10 Abmat situps

Post total time and number of rest periods to comments.


Article from Lisabeth Darsh at CrossFit Watertown

The odds of me winning the CrossFit Albany East Coast Challenge are really, really small . . . but I’m going. I’m realistic about my chances as a fortyish female in very good (but not killer Kelly Moore-ish) shape. I’ll probably finish far away from the winners, just like I do in most triathlons and a good portion of the running and mountain bike races I enter. Where I finish never has anything to do with why I signed up in the first place. I am only peripherally competing against other people: mostly, I am competing against myself. It’s no different than having at the WOD: the others make me go faster just by the fact of them being there, and it’s nice to beat them, but the goal is to beat myself. Matt Williams, the baseball player, put it this way: “It’s not between me and the pitcher. It’s between me and the ball. . .”

Full article here: http://crossfitwatertown.typepad.com/index/2008/04/are-you-the-man.html


Video from Jon Gilson at Again Faster

Fixing the Squat from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

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  • J Jones

    Updated the photo to show both 2006 and 2007.

    Ab Purgatory time: 22:57

    This one was a doosy.


  • Craig

    COOL PHOTOS! How about our new platform floors? What a difference.

    About the “mature” and “immature squat” – can’t say I agree with the concept and I think those names are misnomers. Further, to suggest that the spine is not bearing load or as much load with an “immature squat” is just plain false. The spine is functioning completely in both positions as the shoulder changes angle to transfer the load from the hands, to the shoulders, to the spine to the hips then knees and so on.

    The net total of all angles (ankles, knees, hips and shoulders) in both squats is still 180 degrees, no matter how you adjust your form. However, the adjustment of one angle, (say, your hips) to achieve a more “upright” back angle results in a change in the other angles (ankles or knees) in order to maintain balance. Thus, in my case, and in a couple of my clients’ cases (Jan and Matt), a more upright back angle (less hip angle) creates a more severe angle in the knees and ankles resulting in more shear force on the knees and thus, more pain.

    The key to a painless, injury free, powerful squat is to remove unnatural positions in the spine by maintaining a normal lumbar curve: hips tilted forward and chest up. Comfort, flexibility and body structure should determine the remaining angles. One size does not fit all! Just watch a few Oly lifting videos.

    I have eliminated knee pain and increased loads (both o/h and back) by decreasing my ankle angle and increasing my hip angle and holding the weight further back as my shoulders permit. Is this an “immature” squat? No. Its my squat.

  • jorgy

    Since I am taking the blame for something I didn’t say I will say it now then. WOW JJ posted without putting his own picture on there. haha And what about the freebie Jimmy? I put JJ’s sweatshirt on(by mistake) and it was really comfortable. See I am alreadt advertising for you. I could be as valuable to you as I am to Mona Vie.

  • Craig

    Maybe it was Rick who said it. Hmmm. Not sure.

    I confess that I did laugh.

    And, both jj and Moises could kick my ass.

  • J Jones

    I am pretty sure that if you go back through the archives it will be determined that other than Rob, I am in less pictures than any of the ‘hardcores’.

    (Usually I am the only goddamn one taking the pictures).

    I am a little confused because I currently in 3 pictures on the mainpage and I only posted two of those (Craig posted the other one). There are 20 posts showing, and I have done 8 of them. I think there are actually more pictures of Jimmy and Ana than anyone else.

    Heh, at least my pictures are 1.From the Shed (not just the internet), 2.new, 3.have the right names under them.

    I guess if the rest of you folks want your 15 minutes of fame you are just going to have to get your lazy asses out of bed and workout with the “Real” hardcore people like Jimmy, Bryan, Carry, Kelly, Ana, and Mo (sometimes).


  • Darren

    I was around during the aforementioned comment. I don’t want to sell any one out, but it was Rick…..


  • Craig

    Wow. Tho doth prosest..

  • Mike Erickson

    I’m so confused….

    What comment?

  • J Jones

    Rick is the culprit!

    Wait, the same Rick that has NEVER (or almost never) posted a day, and made very few comments?!

    You guys better get ready. I am about to post a whole slew of pics of your’s truly.

    You are going to be sick of my mug, that’s for sure.


  • Carry

    I have no idea what any of you are talking about but you sound like a bunch of girls. Not there’s anything WRONG with that. 🙂

  • jorgy

    JJ, best comeback of the week so far. Commenting on the fact that Craig’s posts are far inferior in truth but funnier in an altzheimer’s kind of way. And YES Rick hasn’t ever posted a damn thing on the site. Darren, you are the biggest sell out of the month for that comment because for a truth, someone else told me that they said it. And I am a good friend will not say that
    Nate made the comment. because I am that loyal

  • jorgy

    oh and JJ, I hope you okay man. You looked kinda under the damn weather when you left. Hope it was just a twing in the back and not an injury.

  • Stavros

    Workout at the station tonight, so hard to get motivated;

    CFWU x3

    DL’s- 135(3)x185(3)x225(3)x295(3)x345(failed)