Rick crying because he doesn’t get his picture on the site often enough.


10 rounds of:

100m sprint

2 minutes rest

Post fastest, slowest and total time to comments.


Article from Jon Gilson:

A Case for the Upright Squat

by Jon Gilson, Again Faster

The upright squat—hips under the shoulders, back arched, weight on the heels—requires tremendous strength, stability, and motor control. It’s less-than-upright cousin, the powerlifting squat, requires the same, although it puts the hips behind the shoulders and the torso at a forward angle.

There is no question that the powerlifting squat allows athletes to move greater loads. Simple observation adequately proves this point. The end goal of the powerlifter—to put up the biggest total possible—is borne out again and again using this method.

Nonetheless, my athletes are taught to strive for a perfectly upright torso, bypassing the weight-bearing advantages of the powerlifting squat. The reason is transferability.

Click here to continue reading. (http://www.againfaster.com/articles/a-case-for-the-upright-squat.html).

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • jorgy

    That is Chris actually and he is bowing to the Greatness that is Jorgy… seriously, i took the pic and he is bowing

  • luca z.

    We are having issues with people names lately don’t we!!!!!

  • Rodil

    JJ – That caption is funny (if harsh). 🙂

    See everyone at 12:00 class.

  • Craig

    Ok this is how whacked this situation has become. Whacked, but very damn funny!

    Clearly, nobody knows anyone’s name at the Shed. And, no one knows who said what to whom. Fortunately, we train hard as great friends.

    So, here’s the truth as I know it now:

    1. That’s Chris in the pic – which makes today’s post absolutely hilarious. I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

    2. Nate is the culprit, NOT Rick afterall. Which makes yesterdays comments very funny, especially Darren’s. Nate admitted yesterday that HE is the one that made “the statement” about jj’s post days. Darren, Jorgy, Rick and I were all present and enjoyed a good laugh.

    3. Finally, Nate’s comment was: on jj’s post day, the picture is likely to be of jj.

    All good – all damn funny.

  • Craig

    By the way, in case anyone actually reads the article posed: it is solely an opinion, and I do not agree. As I said about that video yesterday. Furthermore, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that an “upright torso” makes you any faster or more efficient for CF workouts. So, I have to call bullsh-t.

    With squats, to prevent injury and maximize muscle usage (more power) you should maintain midline stabilization with correct spinal position and flat feet. The bottom of the squat occurs when the butt extends below the plane of the femur when it is parallel to the floor (with a normal lumbar curve). A finished squat is when the body is fully upright with hips extended. Thats all. End of story.

    Forcing an upright torso position might work for some, but for others, an upright torso may place unneccessary and/or unnatural stress on the knees or ankles.

    For o/h or front squats, a more upright torso places less stress on the lower back/hips, but also places more stress on the knees and ankles. The beauty of the overhead squat is that you can adjust shoulder angle to compensate for a less upright torso.

  • Mike Erickson

    Wow, thanks for clearing that up! That is funny, way to go Nate. Not that there could be an repercussions, you already flog yourself so hard with your own diabolical workouts…

    Speaking of not knowing someones name, how come your name and picture are not on the trainers page anymore?

    About the Jon Gilson article. I’ve been following the articles and discussions, and I have coach Rippetoes book. Gilson does not address coach Rips points. I’m going with coach Rip but I am also awaiting the article Greg Everett promises to release soon with his side of the argument. I personally just want to get strong. I’ll worry about other details later. I like your explanations Craig. If I can scrape myself off the floor I’ll try to do your class again today.

  • Stavros

    Did “Nancy” today at work;

    5 RD’s;

    400m Run
    95# OHS

    13:33 as RX’d

  • Rodil

    Luca – I just remembered that the exercise I hate the most are actually wall balls.

    Who or what is OPT? During the 12:00 WOD, Jorgy said my hands were too far apart while doing pushups and I was doing “OPT pushups”.

  • Moises G.

    I wish I could work out!!!! My pinched nerve is soo bad my right arm has been tingling and somewhat numb since Thursday morning. I have been getting deep tissue work done and it hurts like HELL!!!! I will see you guys when this thing gets better, peace!

  • luca z.

    Sorry to hear about your arm Mo get better soon, thanks Rodil and OPT is James Fitzgerald google him he is one of the Gods of CrossFit.

  • J Jones

    I looks enough like Rick. . . My mistake, although at least I didn’t have a picture of someone’s face and name it incorrectly.

    Now I have to find an equally damaging photo of Nate (or anyone else apparently) and put Nate’s name underneath.

    New DCF Slogan –

    “Diablo CrossFit: We may not know your name, but we will try and humiliate you online.”

    Squat discussion:

    As someone who has been fighting a back injury for over a year now and someone who really hasn’t had any knee problems, I can see the arguments for both. I believe that part of the reason some of my lifts are lacking is because I am so paranoid about letting my knees go past my toes, that I over compensate by leaning forward too much. That being said a little more knee and ankle bend (and therefore a more upright squat) is something that I will most likely be trying in the near future to see how it affects my back squats (maximal weight wise as well as endurance/efficiency wise).

    Having realized the above, I would tend to side with Craig in that everyone has to find their groove. Obviously I have been relying on my back too much, and trying to avoid using full range of motion on my tight hips. I need to go more vertical. Other people might have the opposite problem (esp if they have bad knees).

    I guess I am saying that both should be practiced, with the athlete knowing where their strong points and weak points are.