080428 MONDAY


Jimmy and Tito get hammered at 0630.


As many times as possible in 20 minutes:

200m run

20 sledge hammer swings

20 wall ball shots 20/10

20 kettle bell swings 53/35

Post rounds and fractions of rounds to comments.


Article by George Rutherford, assistant trainer at SECT CrossFit in Baltic, CT.

“The Intimidation Factor – Getting THAT person to reach their potential”

CrossFit: It ain’t your Grandma’s workout…but it can be! All over the world, people are opening CrossFit studios/gyms/dungeons for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s to simply have a place to workout without judgment. For some it’s a way to bring in others for the purpose of fostering and expanding the community. For others though, CrossFit is not just a lifestyle, but also a livelihood.

Finish reading this article at http://www.sectcrossfit.com/2008/04/intimidation-factor-getting-that-person.html

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Craig

    Love Tito’s form. He’s swung a hammer before.

    Flat feet, arch in lower back, butt out, chest up, and if that right hand slides down, he’ll achieve maximum velocity.

    Great pic.

  • J Jones

    Yeah, and Jimmy looks like he is crying.

    Actually Jimmy killed this workout with 4 3/4 rounds. Almost no breaks in the exercises, just a few in-between.

    I ended up with 5 rounds even, but mainly because I was offset and had the run last and was able to grind out that last run to finish the round.

    Carry: 4 3/4 (modified, but I think she used the 14lb ball instead the 10. . . Animal).

    Tito: 3 1/2 modified for the lower weight Kb and the 14lb ball I believe.


  • Mike Erickson

    Looks like a great workout. Got to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning…

    After this weekend I’m thinking I OUGHT to be more intimidated by the workouts. I was more sore in my legs and butt than any workout so far after the 400 meter walking lunges. I mean, excruciating. Ouch. (Scale you fool). Both knees are bruised from hitting the ground, tried to touch down on all reps, missed a lot there at the end. That was worse than the mile ‘o’ burpees. I’m thinking maybe do some walking lunges at home a couple of times a week so next time I don’t get the soreness.

  • J Jones

    You can always add them to your warm up as well Mike. Substitute them in for the squats or, do both if you are feeling frisky.

    The warm up is not just to get the blood flowing and prepare the nervous system for the workout. It should be used as a time to practice movements that need work, and to get more reps in of the things you hate so they aren’t so hard next time.

    We expect all our elites (such as yourself) to do a slightly different warm up than each other, working weaknesses, practicing skills, etc.


  • Rodil

    Mike E – I’m definitely feeling your pain with the post-lunge soreness. I wonder if lunges work your legs so differently that other exercises (squats, deadlifts, running, etc) don’t prepare you as well for them. In other words, the only way to get better at lunges is to do more lunges. I know that they seem to leave me feeling more of a wreck two days later than other exercises.

  • jorgy

    something to think about…
    we hold our clients to a higher standard than most videos i’ve seen. A burpee is a squat, kick back push up kick up into squat, then jump. At leats its that way a DCF. In EVERY video i’ve seen not one person does the first squat, they do an up down type movement. DCF does it right

  • Mike Erickson

    Damn. I’ve been just sort of diving into the bottom of the push-up position. Guess my ‘mile of burpees’ is going to be close to an hour now…sigh.

    Thanks jj for the advice and Rodil for the commiseration. “Wreck”, yeah that describes it. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Repeat as needed.

  • J Jones

    Good burpee form does not require that you squat all the way down and touch your hands to the deck before kicking out you legs. The same amount of work is complete (if not more) is completed if you kick the legs back early and catch yourself with your arms.

    The most important part about burpee form is the rise back out of the the ‘hole'(standing up after bringing the feet back in). Most people have a completely rounded back at this point, as well as improper foot an knee placement. Under zero load this MAY not be a problem, but under high repetitions with high fatigue and you are asking for injury.

    To summarize; there used to be a pretty regular helping of burpees on the CrossFit main page, even in the higher rep range (more than 50 per workout). After seeing MANY CFers laid up due to knee and back pain after these WODs it was decided that higher repetition burpee workouts are tricky and the benefit from doing them is not worth the damage they cause.

    Don’t do high rep burpee workouts.


  • Craig

    I think the CFT and 1,1,1,1,1 wods are going to show up a lot less as well for the same reason.

    For me, as soon as I get to CFT 1000, I am abandoning any wods with less than 5 reps.. forever. The strength gains are not worth the chance of injury, the soreness & other aches, and the weight gain. Just talk to any veteran powerlifter – or, better, watch them move around. No matter how perfect your form, 1Rep max lifts create physical deterioration over time. And for me, the stronger I get, the slower I feel. I hate that.