Rodil is one of our many success story, he started with us at the end of Novembere 2007

He was 184lb and 34% body fat, and now he is down to 165 and 23%BF, thanks to CrossFit

and a Zone like eating habit.

His goals for this year are:

1.5BW Deadlift

Nancy & Cindy done as r’xed

BW OHS (1rep)

Rodil loves Push Presses but can’t stand Wall Balls.

Thanks Rodil and keep up the good work and the inspiration for all of us.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca

5 Rounds for time;

BW Bench Press 10 reps

BW Squat 10 reps

BW Deadlift 10 reps

Post times and weights


Now, I’m sorry guys but I have to post this, when I read it I started wondering what do you do with

all that Testosterone you secrete doing all this CrossFit Work-outs, read thearticleand you’ll understand what I mean

Post your comments

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  • sakura

    is this shirtless week?

    congrats to rodil! i told my husband the last time i did a wod with rodil, i didn’t even recognize him! it’s been that long since i had been to Diablo and that long since i had seen him. =]

  • Mark L.

    Maybe I’m a stickler for accurate statistical measurement, but Durex Condoms as an objective source for statistical information on “average” sexual behavior? That’s just silly.
    Anyone know what the beginner WOD is, tonight? I’ll be there (still a touch sore from Tuesday, though).

  • Mike Erickson

    Rodil! Studly.

    Nancy as Rx’d?! That is a lofty goal. I can’t do even one OHS w/ 95 lbs (yet). You young guys just come along so fast… Go for it buddy!

  • luca z.

    Come on Mark don’t be so sour about it, Durex it’s a n institution, and guess which country came among the best in the world. Congrats to Rodil and all of our athletes, from the young guns to older and wiser crowd, you’re doing a great job at The Shed you make us all look good in the community .

  • Kevin

    Who else is going to be at beginner tonight other than me and Mark?

  • Sarah

    Congrats to JJ and Jaime! Welcome to little Jax!!

  • Stavros

    1600 Class;

    Stavros & Darren- Heavy OHS

    D- 95×3 115×3 135×3 155×3 175×3 195×1 205×1
    S- 95×3 115×3 135×3 155×3 175×1

  • Rodil

    JJ – Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    Yikes! If I had known Luca was going to post those pictures, I would have put my shirt back on!

    Thanks, Luca, for getting me started on CrossFit the right way and thanks to everyone (even Jorgy and his torture warm-ups, to say nothing of his workouts 🙂 at The Shed for all the encouragement . This really is a special place.

  • luca z.

    Congrats JJ and Jaime!!!

  • Darren

    Congrats JJ

  • Mark L.

    Congratulations JJ and Jaime! I have a little girl who will be 5 this summer, and a little boy who just turned 6 months. I Crossfit for them!
    It’s funny how being responsible for the life of another person changes how well we take care of ourselves physically and otherwise. (my musing for the day…)