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Diablo CrossFit Welcomes The Newest J.J.:

Jax Jones, 7lbs 10oz, 21.5in. Born 13:17h., Wednesday, April 30th!

Congratulations Jeremy and Jamie!



Workout: “Jax”

(JJ created this wod a week ago in honor of the punishment Jax was giving Jaime)

All exercises completed with 20lb weight vest.

1 minute ring push ups

1 minute power clean 135 lbs

1 minute box jumps

1 minute rest

5 rounds for time.

Post total reps completed to comments.

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  • Craig

    Was waiting for jj to post, but the cat is out of the bag, so I hope he doesn’t mind.

    Congrats to the jj’s!

  • Mike Erickson

    Belated Birthday greetings Jax!

    Wonderful news. Congratulations JJ! Pics?

    Mike E.

  • Stavros

    Congrats JJ!! Kids are so great!

  • Carry

    congrats! Can’t wait to see him.

  • Mark L.

    Did I meet Jax last Tuesday night, or was that someone else? Newborns are SOOOO tiny!

  • Craig

    Ok, Mark. Gots to call you out on this one.

    Unless you were looking up Jaime’s skirt on Tuesday, you did not see Jax, who, according to the header on this webpage, was born on Wednesday.

    You probably saw the very beautiful Olivia, daughter to DCF’s Sara.

  • J Jones

    Pics are up.

    Refresh the page if you do not see the latest threat to the CrossFit record holders.

    CrossFit Games 2025 watch out!


  • Craig

    AWESOME. Hard to believe Jax is a day old! Look at that head of hair. Good looking baby – seriously.

    Congrats again you guys.

  • Kevin

    Congrats JJ! Can’t wait to see the baby!

  • Stavros

    “Jax” today at work, no 20lb. vest though;

    1 minute ring push ups
    1 minute power clean 135 lbs
    1 minute box jumps
    1 minute rest

    5 rounds for time.

    1st- 25,8,25
    2nd- 25,8,25
    3rd- 26,7,22
    4th- 23,7,23
    5th- 25,8,22

    Also, my co-worker did his first Crossfit workout. he did a modified Murph;

    1/2 Mile run

    5 Rd’s;
    10 Pull Up
    25 Sit Up
    20 Push Up
    30 Squats

    1/2 Mile Run

    Pretty stout workout for anyone, especially a first CF workout.

  • luca z.

    Who was supposed to lead class this eve? Couse nobody was there and poor Bryan, Carry and Anne had to improvise while I was doing my private!!!!!

  • jorgy

    My bad guys. I had a very long day and fell asleep. Thanks Luca for bein there.

  • Craig

    Sorry bout that Bryan, Carry & Anne! Hope you guys managed a good one. Thanks Luca.

    Jorgy was there all day today working on and in the Shed. Not like him to miss one.

    Matt, Rodil and I did “Jax” at 16:00.

    Great wod.

    Craig: 211 as RX with vest. 10’s on the cleans.
    Matt: 221 no vest, 115 cleans.
    Rodil: 172 no vest, 75 cleans.

  • Mark Lind

    Sorry Craig, as a condition of my parole, I am forbidden by law to look up the skirts of pregnant women lest I be returned to the clink.
    I’m sure it was just Olivia, who is, indeed, beautiful.
    I’m working with Sylvan Learning Center on improving my reading comprehension, and it appears I have a ways to go.
    Look at the guns on that kid, though! WOW!

  • Rodil

    Great pics of your beautiful baby, JJ!

  • Brian

    Fantastic news!
    He’s beautiful JJ, congratulations to both of you!

    Now, will he be turned over to an ancient warrior cult when he comes of age?

  • sakura

    congrats!! a little late on my part. totally adorable and already flexing. hahaha. =] another CF Kids client. lol

  • Moises G.

    JJ little Jax is adorable CONGRATS!!!

  • laurar

    JJ – congrats. We did this workout at Brand X in all classes to honor the arrival of Jax.

    I had to modify…no weight vest, and reg push ups.

    5 Rounds
    Push-ups (as many in 1:00)
    Cleans 95#(as many in 1:00)
    Box Jumps (as many in 1:00)
    Rest (1:00)


    31, 30, 29, 27, 31

    That was rough.

    I alredy had a baby so I dont feel guilty about the weight vest. AT All.


  • laurar

    Oh and JJ, since you are a fighter, we also did a variation in our CrossPit class led by Connor Martin, which is appropriate:

    “Fighting JAX”
    5 Rounds
    Hard straight punches on heavy bag(all out for 1:00)
    Take down attempts and defense with partner (for 1:00)
    squats (as many in 1:00)
    Rest (1:00)

  • That Hideous Strength (Mike Mathers)

    Congrats JJ!!! Kids are something wonderful and you two are truly blessed. I’m envious. The girls at work loved the horns. =)

    I attempted Shasta this friday, missed the summit by 2000 ft due to altitude sickness. Terribly sunburnt. But still well enough to throw around my two pood.

    5 TGU each side
    10 c and p each side
    15 two hand swings
    3 rounds for time