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Why is Jorgy smiling?

From The CrossFit Main Site:

For time:

50 Burpees

Jump one foot above reach each rep.

Post time to comments.


New DCF client, Jake, showing his strength:

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  • Mark Lind

    My glutes hurt from watching that video.
    Jorgy seems to be doing a milk commercial.
    I love this place.

  • sakura

    wow. i agree with mark about the glutes. 415?! awesome.
    and i see you got a new “shed” mat. nice.

  • Craig

    Fun workout, yest. Mark. Thanks for hangin’.

    Stav: get rest!

    Now, a word to everyone about over-training in the simplest terms based my 30 years of training experience:

    If you train the correct amount, you will make gains.

    If you under-train, your performance will remain the same (no gains).

    If you over-train, your performance will decline (reverse gains), sometimes severely.

    Thus, you are better off training the correct amount OR, under-training.

    So, if you suspect you might be over training, then you probably are! Lean toward under-training for higher likelihood of retaining and making performance gains.

  • Craig

    JJ and “Jax” made the CF affiliate site today!!


  • Rodil

    Great work, Jake! Like Jorgy said in the video, 415 lbs on the deadlift is “hella weight!”

    Did somebody spike Jorgy’s milk in today’s photo?

  • Stavros

    Hey all,
    Going to build a couple of plyo boxes for work. Just want to make sure that the ones we have at The Shed are from the plans from CF Journal. Also, any thoughts on building a 20″ vs. 24″? They mention birch or maple plywood, any reason to not use a lighter weight(i.e. cheaper) wood?

  • Moises G.

    Very Nice!!! We have another Meast (half man half beast) at THE SHED. Looking to get back this Monday and give the arm a go.

  • Craig

    Stav: Use our wood at the Shed on one condition, take two sheets of plywood and build us two boxes too.

    The plywood is upstairs. Same wood we used.

    JJ used the plans in the CF journal.

    I can also supply the rubber tops.

  • Stavros


    50 Burpees- 2:54

    500m Row- 1:45

    I’m tired.

  • jorgy

    why is the focus on me? Nate is the one who looks like a complete goober in this pic, I just have the “I wanna ruin this picture” smile on my face. Well and I also wanted to promote my Berkely Farms Vitamin D milk producer for giving me the strength I need to do crossfit.

  • Mark L.

    Jorgy, the focus is on you because you’re the consummate show stealer… who drinks his milk.