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Carry carries an uncomfortable load. Functional? No question.

DCF Workout: Got grip?


10 rounds:

15 Dead Lifts (men use 135 pounds, Ladies use 95 pounds)

15 Pull-ups

Post time to comments. Wear gloves if you want!


Since starting CrossFit, my resting heart rate and blood pressure declined by more than 10%. During my marathon and triathlon years, I put in a lot of miles and was never able to impact resting heart rate and bp. My doc said that I hit genetic floors for each. Then I did CrossFit and shattered that myth.

Article: How Exercise Changes Structure And Function Of Heart

ScienceDaily (Apr. 23, 2008) — For the first time researchers are beginning to understand exactly how various forms of exercise impact the heart.

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  • Mike Erickson

    5 min warm-up on heavy bag.

    50 burpees: 5:50

    Ceiling is 9 inches above my reach. Tried to get hands flat on ceiling. Only managed a couple that way but bent finger touch is probably close to 12″ jump for me. Great workout, really gassed. Nice to have another one doable at home, no equipment necessary. I’m trying to acclimate myself to earlier in the mornings and eventually come to the shed for brutal day starters!

    Great article! My question: If you have trained one specific way, either cardio or strength, and your heart has adapted for it, how well does your heart adjust to doing the opposite type of training? Does it ever adjust? Or is it continuously adaptable all of your life? Just wondering. My cardiologist asked me (after looking at my echo stress results) “Did you ever lift heavy weights or do heavy work?”. I said “Both”. Evidently you get heavily muscled left ventricle walls from heavy weights.

  • Carry

    Holly cow! hard to believe that’s me!
    yikes. Fun day though. One of Josh’s ideas. re-lay race. Kevin and I lost after being really far ahead of Rodil and….? (sorry I forgot the other fellow’s name). They had to deal with the Swiss ball and we had to deal with the half full bag around the building.

  • Mark L.

    Sandbags? I haven’t played with a sandbag since wrestling in high school (back when ZZ Top was still in the Top 40). We had an 80 pound snowman like sandbag with, like, fat arms. His name was Wally. I miss Wally… sounds like Josh found a way to make Wally activities interesting.
    I love this place.

  • Kevin

    I remember that workout. Carry and I were so far ahead going into the final excercise. We were going to win, but as I was about to make the first turn around the building, and the freakin bag fell off my shoulder! I tried for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes to get it back on, but it was so hard to grip! This happened AGAIN on the other side of the building. As I was trying to get the bag back up, I saw Rodil coming around the building and passing me. I felt so bad. It sucked!!!

  • Stavros

    1600hrs class; Moises, Rick, Stavros-

    10 rounds:
    15 Dead Lifts 135#
    15 Pull-ups

    Moises 25:34
    Rick 17:09
    Stavros 18:34

    Great grinder workout today. Rick is a beast on pull-ups. This was Moises first day back after 2 weeks of recovering from a pinched nerve. I felt great on the DL’s, but my grip really started to fail on about round 6. See you all on Wednesday at 1600.

  • Rodil

    Kevin and Carry – I remember that WOD. That was a fun workout.

    Truck tire flips and sledgehammer swings, med ball/swiss ball cleans and the sandbag carry. The weather was hot as blazes that day, too. I remember having to lay down after each exercise in the relay.

    Lorenzo was my teammate for the relay.

  • Darren

    50 Burpees for time at station today.

    plus sholder press, push press, split jerk

    Not the weight I wanted to get up to but I wanted to take it easy, because last time I did this WOD My wrist hurt bad for about a week. Lots of heavy overhead lift puts a lot of strain on my wrist. Be in at 16:00 tomorrow for “Murph” nervous and excited.