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Kevin,Mike and Brent, the youth of the Shed

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

With a continuously running clock, use a 45# bar and perform one back squat the first minute, two back squats the second minute, three back squats the third minute. . .

Continue until you are no longer able to complete the required number of reps.

Use as many sets each minute as necessary

Post reps and comments.


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  • Mike Erickson

    Great pic Luca. I’ve got that old geezer look down to a “T”. Kevin and Brad: thanks for holding me up otherwise I would have been on the deck. What a difference between how I look and how you guys look after a workout. Keep it up, you’re both doing really well, it’s a pleasure to see you at the shed.

  • Mark L.

    What are you talking about Mike? Other than the grey, all three of you look great with your big, winning smiles on! Way to represent!

  • Stavros

    Crossfit Games;

    It looks like we need to register soon. Are we going to enter the affiliate competition as well? Who all is in for sure? I guess we should pitch in and get a banner as well and I’m working on shirts for $6 each for the games.

    So, basically;
    who’s in?
    who wants shirts?
    who’s registered?

    Also, check this discussion on the CF Forums-

  • J Jones

    We are most likely going to do a Soldier Fight Gear (Jimmy and Kelly’s Company) with Diablo CrossFit shirt that we plan on selling at the games. But if we want shirts that only people from the Shed have we will have to do something different.

    I don’t think I will be entering (new baby and all), but I plan on going to help out with the Soldier Fight Gear booth and events.


    I want to see Rick, Jorgy, Stav, Darren, Carry, Craig, Eric and Nikala and a few others enter.

    BTW, On my way to the hospital last week, I saw Nikala running on Civic.

    Good luck on the Tri Nikala!


  • l

    Mike what are you talking about, you look like you belong in the picture with those two, keep it up, and for Nikala if you reading this good luck on your race, JJ count me in for help at the games, since I too won’t participate

  • Rodil

    I’m in for a DCF CrossFit games shirt. I plan on watching the Games on Saturday, possibly Sunday.

    Did 1/2 Nancy as a WOD today. Actually, since I used half the Rx weight and rounds, does that make it a 1/4 Nancy?

    3 rounds
    400 m run
    15 Overhead Squats, 45 lbs


  • Darren

    16:00 class

    We were blessed to have crossfit royalty Jolie and her Pit Bull “Munchkin” from Crossfit One World, come by and train with us today.

    We even had Sakura stop by with her little angel Kayal, for some moral support.

    We did “Elizabeth”

    21-15-9 reps of:
    Clean 135 pounds
    Ring dips

    Fun times had by all

    Thanks for stopping by Jolie, have fun with the rest of your vacation.

  • Carry

    I was wondering if we were going to sign up for the games as individuals or as a group…? I haven’t registered yet. Just let me know how everyone wants to do this thing.