080507 WEDNESDAY “Jolie Makes a Visit to The Shed”

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Jorgy gives Jolie -on the far right- (yes “THAT” Jolie from CrossFit One World) the bare foot treatment.

Everyone should thank Sakura for the picture (who isn’t just a great mom and great CrossFit athlete, she is also smart enough to take a few pictures when The Shed has a phenom like Jolie in the house).

Workout: (From the CrossFit Main Site)

Four rounds, each for time of:

800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post times for each round to comments.


Video: Episode 3 of “The Toughest Two Minutes” is now available for embedding from Again Faster TV:

The Toughest Two Minutes: Episode 3 from Jon Gilson on Vimeo.


Article From Lisabeth Darsh at CrossFit Watertown:

(And this one seems right up our alley -jj )

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. Dante wrote that as the inscription for the gates of Hell in The Divine Comedy but, as America gets fatter and our health care costs rise higher, maybe that’s what it should say over the Statue of Liberty. Because what the majority of Americans are doing for fitness is obviously not working. The machine dominance, isolation moves, and cardio hell prescribed by the Fitness Mafia of America is, quite simply, profit-driven garbage that fails to take people where they want to go . . .”

Full article Here.

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  • That Hideous Strength (Mike Mathers)

    Yesterday was a smoker!!
    20 Ring Dips
    20 Box jumps @ 24 inches
    15 Ring Dips
    25 Box Jumps @ 24 inches
    10 Ring Dips
    30 Box Jumps @ 24 inches
    5 Ring Dips
    35 Box Jumps @ 24 Inches
    For Time==16:26
    10 X 2 pood KB swings + 1 minute rest
    10 rounds for completion

  • Stavros

    Woke up at 0500 for a call this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to say hi to Elizabeth. No rings at the station so I did triple the amount bar dips, cleans were RX’d.

    135# Clean
    63-45-27 Bar Dips


    See you at the 1600 class for 800m sprints!

  • J Jones

    I leave you guys for a week and Jolie takes a vacation at the Shed!?

    BTW. . . if Jolie thinks that DCF is a vacation, she must really be getting her ass kicked at CFOW.

    The Games:

    Sign up on your own now. There doesn’t seem to be any discount for groups, but if you wait too long you will be paying 33% more (after June 13th).

  • Carry

    So I went to register for the games and it asks if I want to compete for the Top-Crossfitter Award and the affiliate cup? Anyone? Not sure what all that means.

    Luca….I will see you tomorrow morning. Have a work dinner tomorrow night 🙁

  • Luca Z.

    I’ll be there, Carry

  • Craig

    Can’t believe I missed Jolie. Sorry, rough week.

    Thanks for taking care of her, Jorgy.