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Not sure who this is, but he’s enjoying his day at DCF. Let’s call this his “before” picture.

Darren, one of our resident Firefighters is leading class on Sunday at Noon at The Shed.

DCF Firefighter Special:

21 Pull Ups

21 Wall Balls (men 20lbs / ladies 14lbs)

21 Tire Sledge Hammers

100m Heavy Bag Carry

15 Pull Ups

15 Wall Balls

15 Tire Sledge Hammers

100m Heavy Bag Carry

9 Pull Ups

9 Wall Balls

9 Tire Sledge Hammers

100m Bag Carry

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Mike referenced this cool website in our thread yesterday: The IF Life

The quote on this link rings true with me: “The key to success is finding the balance between caring and not caring.”

Other fit people will know what I mean, when I say I have truly become frustrated by people who ask, “wow, what is the secret to your fitness?” As I start my answer, most people stop listening – they really don’t want to know. So I’ve learned to not care, unless someone is passionate about listening. In the case of our prospective clients at DCF, I say to them: “If you don’t come, we don’t care. If you come, we care.” This way we relate our passion for fitness on people who care enough to commit. And this way, we don’t get disappointed and stay happy and successful.

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  • Darren

    Get ready for tomorrow, It will be a fun one.

  • Rodil

    Crossfit Kids did the Jax WOD on the CrossFit HQ affiliate page yesterday. They’ve got the video posted there.

  • Ray


    18:12 WITH 20 LB MED BALL

  • Darren

    WOW, Travis you are a sexy beast.