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If after your WOD you don’t see one of these “demons” on the floor, your intensity might not have been maximum, and you might not have gotten out of your WOD all that you could have. Go for the max, leave it all on the floor. If you do, I guarantee you’ll see gains in your strength, stamina, power.

Lose your breakfast with Luca: After snatch practice. . .

10 Hang Squat Snatch (HSS)


2 Overhead Squats (OHS)







10 OHS

Six sets of ten, increasing the load 10lb each set. Start with a load you know you can finish 10 OHS easly. Each set must be completed without removing your hands from the bar. Only rest/remove your hands between sets. Post your weights and comments.

The Hang Snatch: Hang Snatch


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Check these guidelines for looking thinner instantly: Who Needs to Work Out

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  • Mark L.

    I am BUMMED! I was running on a boring old treadmill, and I could have been doing OLY, instead!? Shoot! Frick! Heck! Crumbs!
    Thanks for the tips on how to look thin, too. Especially, thanks for #15. 😎

    See you all tonight at 6:30pm! My diet is over, and I am now fully fueled, so stand back if you hear me say “flame on!”

  • luca z.

    For you it’s more like “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”, any time for the trimming tips just try to follow them all you’ll be thin in no time. Tomorrow morning I’ll be there doing my stuff at 8 if people want to come in and work out.

  • Carry

    I’m signed up for the games….who else is signed up?

  • Craig

    The speal 2:05 fran is legit, thrusters are awesome.

    It would be tough to match with a with a true pull up bar. His head would hit.

    His pull-ups appear much more efficient since he doesn’t have to push back off the bar and restart – thus saving time AND energy.

  • Stavros

    Did a WOD at the station today I got from the CF Front Range website. My co-worker did it with me, he’s a MMA fighter, new to CrossFit but did great. He subbed 500m row instead of run.

    3 rounds for time of:

    400 meter run
    20 box jumps, 24″ box (26″ Tailboard of engine)
    30 ball slams, 15 lb ball (12 lb ball)

    Stav- 9:44 as RX’d
    TC- 10:50 w/row

    Afterwards we did an 3x3x3x3x3 OHS progression. This was his first time doing OHS and his form is stellar, a natural. Concentrated on form vs. heavy weights.


    Good Times!

  • Rodil

    I’m signed up for the CrossFit games. It’s $20 for spectators. Let me know where you need a hand with the events.

  • J Jones

    The ‘circular’ pull up aka ‘dolphin’ pull up is easier and faster than the regular kipping pull up. They also require a great amount of shoulder flexibility due to the head moving past the hands (where the bar would normally be).

    It is the best way to do kipping pull ups on the rings, I do know that.

    The main thing is that you still get high enough. It is easy to start undercutting them.