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Clients love Jorgy’s Saturday sessions.

DCF workout: No Singles For Me!

Deadlift 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Maintain form!! If you feel form compromising, stop! Drop weight. Post loads to comments.


The milk myth: Advertisements Saying Dairy Products Help You Lose Weight Are Misleading

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  • Mark L.

    I remember this day. Cindy, I think. What an awesome workout!

  • Stavros

    1600 hrs workout from CF Hardcore-

    Johnny Rocket;

    400M Run
    10 Deadlifts(135)
    30 Situps
    30 Wall Ball Shots(20)
    10 Deadlifts
    800M Run
    10 Deadlifts
    30 Situps
    30 Wall Ball Shots
    10 Deadlifts
    400M Run

    Stavros- 13:04 as RX’d

    Great WOD, give it a try.

  • Craig

    Good wod Stav!!

  • Mike Erickson

    Did the 1RM DL wod tonight.

    WU: 47 calories in 3 minutes on the airdyne.
    DL: 135 x 5, 155 x 3
    New pr. All the bumpers and plates I have including the microplates. Need to get a couple 15lb bumpers. Five more pounds to get 2x my bodyweight. I feel great.

    Did anyone notice Steven Low’s comment about the “bounce” in kipping style pull-ups? He mentioned plyometrics…Bingo! The fast cycle kipping pull-ups are analogous to fast cycle box jumps, maximum power potential, superb athleticism. Crossfit bullseye.