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Mark is a quick learner: here practicing his first Split Jerks in our Saturday Oly Class.

CF Main Site: “Cindy” or “Mary”


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats



Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 One legged squats, alternating

15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

DCF Version: “DCF Cindy”

7 Rounds

1 Minute of Pull-Ups

1 Minute of Push-Ups

1 Minute of Squats

90 Seconds of Rest

Post Total Reps For Each To Comments


Great paleo diet information from a CrossFit Master: www.robbwolf.com


More Oly Class adventures. First, power snatch from the thigh, then knees, then floor. Then, on to cleans (205lbs):

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  • Stavros

    Are we participating in the Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Fundraiser on May 26th?

    Looks like Crossfit Orange County has it up on their website.

  • luca z.

    Nice video Craig, just keep those knees from adducting on your way up, from the floor. Mark is one of those S.O.B. that are good at Oly lifts the very first time around, I hate someone else’s good genes

  • Mark L.

    hahahaha… my genes that are good for Oly don’t seem to be good for reaching things on high shelves, though. 😎 Luckily, step ladders come cheap.
    That was a great workout despite the fact I left my chuck taylors at home. Craig was throwing some hefty weight around.
    Today’s WOD looks like fun! I think I’m going to try Mary, tonight, since my Oly genes are also pretty good for wall pushups. I do love Cindy, though.

  • Craig

    One more day off for me. I feel completely deconditioned. Good news, the video was shot last week, while I was still sick – so my strength is holding, although grip sucks.

    My last solid string of workouts was December – the girls and heros stretch. Since then, illness after illness.

    Its all good. I’ve learned a bit about myself. I need sleep and better diet. Don’t try to come back too soon.

    Diet changes made. Sleep changes coming.

  • luca z.

    Come on now Mark, you can’t have everything!!!! It’s amazing how much more rest rest time you need as you get older, and how much you sleep does make a difference in your performance, the good thing about getting old is knowing your body better and knowing when to stop and rest.

  • Mark L.

    Yeah, I think the rule for mid-30s on is “make sure your mouth and mind aren’t writing checks your body can’t cash”.

    As I get older, I’m realizing that rest, recovery and relaxation should NOT just be the leftovers after I’ve done my darndest to completely fill up my life.

    In this culture, it seems that getting QUALITY recovery and rest for myself is just as hard a discipline as giving my all to the last couple rounds of Cindy as Jorgy is yelling at me, “rest when you’re done!”

    I’m stretching my shoulders at my desk as I prepare for Mary.

  • Brian Nesmith

    Craig and Mark peaks the truth.

    Diet and recovery are no joke at over 40 years of age. Craig is a much better athlete than me but we’ve had similar experiences in the last 6 months.

    I haven’t been sick once but for allergies but it took me two months to get over wrestling injuries. The kids I trained about two weeks.

    I’ve been back on the Zone (plus 4 fat) for a week and lost a solid 2 pounds while actually eating more. Huge change. PR’d Fran right away.
    I figured out the source of all my hip problems and got a lot more serious about stretching out critical areas. I’m now mostly pain free after limping for nearly a year.

  • jorgy

    take a look at the crossfit main page video for friday. if you look closely you can see a mona vie poster in the background. AWESOME!!!

  • Darren

    Funny. I saw that too. Via Mona Vie we need our own poster.

    Heavy Fran today. Worse than I remember.

    I hate Fran and all her sisters.


  • Mark L.

    OK, I ended up not doing Mary (though I did warm up with a quick set of 5 wall pushups, followed by a set of 10 more, post workout).
    Jorgie had the “beginners” do this:
    20 Front Squats
    20 Squats (anyhow) with 10 second pause at bottom
    20 Squats (anyhow) with a 20(ish) second descent and a 20(ish) second ascent [keep weight moving]
    Rest a few minutes
    Row under 2 minute pace until you slow down to above 2 minute pace

    I think Josh is a budding exercise scientist, and we are his “test subjects”. 😎

  • Craig

    Solid effort Darren!

    Nice wod, Jorgy.

    BRIAN: Great to hear from you. Good comments. jj has had some phenomenal results from very concentrated stretching for his back. Stay healthy man. And, I dispute that I’m a better athlete. For example, which one of us can do a muscle up??

    Everybody here knows who can’t.

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