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Luca, a masterful deadlift coach, shouting out technique correction. Have Luca check your form if you catch him in the Shed.

DCF Workout from CF Hardcore: Johnny Rocket (thanks, Stav)

400M Run

10 Deadlifts(135)

30 Situps

30 Wall Ball Shots(20)

10 Deadlifts

800M Run

10 Deadlifts

30 Situps

30 Wall Ball Shots

10 Deadlifts

400M Run

Post time to comments. Stav posted: 13:04


We have several clients that can benefit from this video from the CF Main Site today: CORRECTING A WIDE LANDING

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  • luca z.

    Craig you’re too kind. But the Deadlift is one of mine pet peeves, since I got hurt doing it, I don’t want any of my clients go through what I did.

  • sakura

    Is anyone getting rid of or knows where I can get a good deal on a set of 10# bumper plates? Thanks!!!!

  • Stavros


    Go to Rouge Fitness(google it), I’ll email you the link also. Best deal by far on bumper plates.


  • Craig

    Stav, did you watch todays video??

  • Mark L.

    Also, this one if you’re looking for fancier, standard color coded ones (Stav is right about Rogue being the best “value play”). There haven’t been any studies, but I’m pretty sure the color doesn’t help with fitness and strength, but it might help if you’re lifting with people that can’t read.

    Sorinex Crossfit Stuff

    I second that on Luca’s coaching. He shows he cares by watching you carefully, every time, and helping you get it right, so you don’t hurt yourself. He’s NOT the kind of guy to tell you “great job” just to make you feel good (then you get injured, later, because he lied).

    Luca’s best coaching qualities: ENGAGED and HONEST

  • Mark L.

    Sorry, I guess the posty thing stripped my HTML.

    Here’s the Sorinex Link:


  • sakura

    cool. thanks! i think i’m going the rogue route.

  • Stavros

    Did “Michael” today at the Shed in 99* heat.

    3 rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Sit-ups

    18:14 as RX’d

    Off to the Level I cert tomorrow at CF One World. I’ll try and post tomorrow night and let everyone know how’s it’s going!

  • Luca Z.

    I just want to say that, both Craig and Mark, were not payed to saying those nice things about me, thanks guys,as far as my clients goes, your suffering is my pleasure eheheh

  • Mark Lind

    I can say for sure that I, actually, PAID Diablo Crossfit for the knowledge and experience with Luca for my review. 😎
    This is a great place to train!
    Josh (Jorgie) is also a great resource to help you get ramped up.
    Craig, himself, should not be ignored, either.
    DCF is a place with plenty of talent.
    Follow the program, put down the donuts, and you’re bound to change your life.

  • Mike Erickson

    The question is…will Luca get 75 overhead squats with 95 lbs before Craig gets a muscle-up? Will Nate start doing workouts with a weight vest and shackles while dragging a tire around the DCF 400? Will Rob break 40 on Cindy? Will JJ and Craig get a rematch (and win it) with Freddy and Jolie? Will the DCF girls place better than the guys at the CF games? Will Eva T. ever visit the shed?

    Things I witnessed last weekend: Jorgy did 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of SDHP and push-press with 75 lbs in less than 8 minutes. Just made it up and did it. Darren did his firemans wod in less than nine minutes. That’s 21-15-9 of pull-ups, 20 lb MB wall-balls, sledge hammer strikes on the tire, 200 meter run with a heavy bag each round. There is no end to the interesting stuff going on at the shed.

    Just bought a couple of 15 lb bumpers from Rogue Fitness. Thanks for the heads up. Good deal.