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  • sakura

    wow, carry. you look HELLA buff. how’s training going for the games?

  • luca z.

    Luca is going to be at the Shed tomorrow morning at 8 if anybody would like to come in for a work out just show up, see you tomorrow

  • Darren

    Crossfit Oakland Has it happening this weekend and we are in. Who is going? Saturday at 10 am in Oakland. Here ia a post from CFO.

    Just a reminder…in preparation for the CrossFit Games this summer, we’ll be hosting a workout at CFO for all comers from the Bay Area on Saturday, May 24 at 10am.

    The workout will be a hopper-style workout that won’t be known until right before the WOD.

    CrossFit One World and Diablo CrossFit are just a couple of the Bay Area affiliates who have already expressed interest and/or confirmed their participation.

    Post to comments if you plan on taking part in our affiliate throwdown.

  • Craig

    I’m going, although I won’t be competitive. No worries, should be fun.

  • Craig

    btw, great pic today luca.

  • Stavros

    I am incredibly bummed I can’t make it. Taking my Paramedic National Registry test that day. Ugh! I am confident that DCF will represent though.

  • Rodil

    Are any DCF t-shirts (the one Stav wore at the Cert) at the Shed? I wanted to get one.

  • Carry

    Bummer….I will be camping with my family this weedend. Sorry to miss the ‘throwdown’.

    Where have you been Sakura? And where oh where has Sara been?

  • Sarah

    carry, I’m here! Had a few things pop up that had to be handled. Its mostly done. I’ll be there tomorrow at 10a!!

  • Carry

    Wish I could be there tomorrow @10:00….I’ll be at work at that time. I know about things poping up though. My daughter had uniform fittings for cheer last Sat, I had to give a baby shower Sun, Drs appt for my daughter yesterday and a Mommy and Me tea party at pre-school for my son this morning. And I only have two! Can’t imagine how folks with more than that handle it. Sara~ are you going to the games?

  • Mark L.

    hahaha Carry. My wife works MWF, but her T Th is just as busy with gymnastics, swimming lessons, pre-school functions (which I usually videotape for the school…), and she’s only 4! All the shuttling around is insane. I can’t wait until my son (who’s now 7 mos.) gets to be around that age, and my wife and I can incorporate as a public transit municipality and get some sort of write off (at least it only seems right).
    Luckily, both kids seem interested in fitness, so that’s one thing that we can do as a family, together. A family that does Crossfit together does NOT have heart attacks together.

  • sakura

    I’ve been in my garage…mostly. Hahaha. I want to go to the 10am class but I thought about it and the genious I am, I have a class from 9a-1250p M-F starting next Tuesday.

    Shot some emails to Rick about doing a 30-day challenge like Eric at One World did. Currently 145 (and not budging) and an estimated 27% BF. I went to 24hr Fitness today for an assessment but had Kaela with me so it was a no go. I’ll try again when Dap can take her. I want a more accurate BF assessment for a before and after.

    We’ll see what happens. I start summer classes and will be in school until (hopefully) May 2011 and get my second bachelors in nursing. I’m a real planner and love schedules/routines so I’m hoping going to school and getting a real workout time will bring back my sanity. =]

  • Craig

    Sakura, why the need for a bodyfat assessment? Just look in the mirror.

    Then, hit your CF wods hard!! a minimum of 3x a week and work up to four. Assuming you don’t increase calories you’ll shed all the weight you need. If you cut processed foods and carbs, you’ll lose the rest.

    Its not that complicated.

  • sakura

    the assessment so i can track with numbers. it’s just for personal preference and a gauge. i already know it’s not complicated. i’m just not a badass like you. =]

  • Stavros


    Don’t waste your time with the chumps at 24. There are plenty of decent body fat calculators online, try this one- active.com/fitness/calculators/bodyfat.htm

    To be honest though, what Craig said is completely 100% correct. Just look in the mirror, you know that you are making great progress. There’s nothing that an $8/hr trainer who cares nothing about you or your fitness can tell you, that you don’t already know. It’s simple; Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, High Intensity…i.e. Crossfit!

    It wasn’t until I took Zone eating seriously that I lost (and am losing) the weight I wanted. If you haven’t already check out CF Journal #21, which talks at great length about the Zone. Like I said, I don’t mean to double up on Craigs comments but you just need to know that you’re doing awesome and are totally on the right track.

  • sakura

    thanks, stav. and i see you have a dcf email now. congrats. =]

  • Mark L.

    For “tracking” (i.e. motivation… some of us are “numbers oriented”), you can use an electronic bodyfat scale. These aren’t accurate on an absolute basis, but they definitely work on a relative basis.
    Mine showed I was 27% BF on 1/1/08, and as it started to make it’s way down past 21% in late-Feb, I went to an independent personal trainer, and did the 7-site skin fold tester with those super expensive calipers, and 20 years experience to match. I measured at 15%. However, as I did the caliper method over the course of the next 3 months, the electronic scale tracked the calipers on a relative basis, and at the end of it all, calipers showed 11.4% and scale at 15.6%. That made it easy to calculate my “poundage of fat”. Then, I assembled enough handweights to equal that amount, so I could grasp my accomplishment. I would have used tubs of butter, but we don’t keep that much fat around the house.
    Anyway, the “mirror test” is really all you “need”. I think the area around the face/neck and the “love handle” area is the best “indicator” (for men, anyway).
    The Zone is a great diet for weightloss if you’re dieting while exercising. However, don’t forget that if calories in are greater than calories burned, you WILL store the excess in “long term storage” (i.e. fat). The first law of thermodynamics will hold up on any planet for any body. The key is keeping calories burned high (including your regular at rest metabolism + the “work” you do) while simultaneously undercutting that number. Your body MUST figure out how to fill the gap or the universe will collapse upon itself.