080523 FRIDAY – Memorial Day BBQ – Shed Open to Public

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Last year’s Memorial Day Crew:


Workout (From the CrossFit Mainpage):

Five rounds of:

Deadlift, 3 reps

Handstand push-ups, max reps

Post Deadlift loads and number of Handstand push-ups to comments.

(Wow this seems a lot like “Diablo Diane”, see the comments section of that post to read some interesting stuff about intervals and CrossFit)



On Monday for our “Unofficial” Trevor Win’E Memorial workout we (mostly being Stavros) decided we should have Barbecue that day as well. Don’t worry about registering for the fund raiser, all ‘Karma Jar’ proceeds that day will go to the charity.

We’ll have the grills going just after 11am so bring your own grilling preference (meat or other), down and we’ll let you cook it up. “Beerevages” will be provided (i.e. Free Beer), but feel free to bring that too! (Tentatively we are planning to go until at least 2pm, but the times are up in the air at the moment)



Click here to see a few photos from pictures of our last BBQ event that was full of fun.

So we want all our regulars to bring their families.

Anyone else who might be interested can stop by and check out The Shed, meet some members, maybe play with our toys, and possibly score some free food.

Feel free to post to comments below if you can make it.

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  • Stavros

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to get a head count for who’s in on the BBQ Monday after the workout? I’m sure most of us have plans that night but it would be fun to have a lunch time BBQ at The Shed. So far, I have Jeremy bringing a BBQ, but does anyone else have a larger portable-gas type they can bring? Also, it’s bring your own meat and something to share, beer will be provided. Please email back with two things;

    1. Are you coming to the 1100hrs workout, and doing the Trevor E Win Memorial?

    2. Are you going to stay and BBQ(of course you are)

    3. What are you bringing to the BBQ? I’m thinking someone brings salad(with dressing), someone else a veggie, another veggie or two. Basically if we have meat, veggies, and salad, along with the beer we should be good.

    4. If you just want to work out and not bring anything, thats okay, let us know!

    Please let me know, could be fun to have a nice low key BBQ after so please come if you can!


  • Craig

    I’ve got a grill too.

    Chairs chairs chairs!

  • Darren

    BBQ sounds great. Me and the wife are in for both the workout and the BBQ.

    Thursday was work day. Lots of people came down and did some major work.


    The bear complex
    Rodil up to 80 lbs. PR
    Carry up to 75 lbs. PR

    3 rounds for time
    400 meter run
    21 Kettlebell swings
    12 Pullups

    Stevie 8:45
    Meg 12:03 My wife. Yah
    Nikala 11:11


    Doug 6:41


    Jake 15:30 Rx plus some nasty rips on his hands, nice Job
    Mark 10:51
    Haley 11:03
    Tonya 13:00
    Mac 11:33
    Doug 13:02 Stopped by from One World. Had some serious improvement on his kipping Pull ups.


    Alexandro 8:45
    Dustin 12:24
    Luca 9:50

    And Matt powering through the WOD we named “Nelen” half “Nancy”, half “Helen” This was a grinder

    3 Rounds for time
    400 meter run
    15 Overhead Squat 95 lbs
    15 Pull ups
    15 Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood

    Great work by every one. Hope to see you all on Monday for the BBQ.

  • Craig

    Wow. What a night, Darren! Great work everyone.

    By the way: The 2008 Olympic Team Trials for weightlifting will be broadcast on MSNBC Sunday, May 25th at Noon EST.

  • Rodil

    Bear complex was fun (and tough). I’ll look forward to doing that again.

    I’m in for the BBQ. I’ll bring chairs.

    For the workout, is there a limit to how many people can participate? I think the Orange County Crossfit site said only 2 people per team.

  • luca z.

    I’ll be there with the family, don’t know about the work-out, and we’ll bring something for the BBQ, more details to follow

  • J Jones

    The Joneses will be there.

    I thought it was 4 people per team. . . don’t worry we’ll figure something out.


  • Mark L.

    Hylee (Mac’s Mom) was right on my a$$ the whole time. That woman can work! …and you should have seen Mac’s mastery of the kettlebell on his first try. That kid’s got talent!

    I am going to try and bring the fam on Monday, includng my 1 pood of a 7 month old boy (well… he’s more of a 0.7 pood, but close enough). **STAV** please give me a food assignment. I won’t be doing the workout since I 5K/aerobic interval on Mondays, but I have some time in the morning to prepare something yummy.

    I also need to put props up to Darren for last night. He was very engaged with everyone, even when it got a little hectic with two separate groups going at once.

    And poor Tanya with her neck pain powered through. Anyone know a secret to resolve neck pain and headaches brought on by heavy exercise (kettlebells, in particular)?

  • Craig


    Meet at the Shed at 9:30 for Bay Area Challenge.

    Oly class is still on at 1:00PM.

    Noon class???

  • Luca Z.

    I don’t know if you saw this but the games are sold out for participants, I hope that all that wanted to go had a chance to sign up.

  • Mark L.

    I will definitely be there for Oly since I missed last week. Won’t be making Oakland, though, unfortunately.

  • J Jones

    What was the official head count for Oakland?

    I want to give Mike from CFO a heads up.


  • Rodil

    I’m in for the Oakland event.

  • darren

    I am in for Oakland

  • jorgy

    I will not be present for the noon class. My family is having a party for my brother who just finished up in the Army.

  • Mike Erickson

    I’ll be there Monday. Let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like me to bring or else I’ll just wing it (chicken breasts okay? A couple 6-packs of San Miguel?).

    I’m still pull-up challenged, jumping pull-ups okay? Just really slow otherwise. I don’t mind being picked last. Sigh. Where are all the other old geezers?

  • J Jones

    “Where are all the other old geezers?”

    After reading your workout logs lately, I think you crushed them up and ate them. (they are very ‘paleo’ by the way)