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This is Jake getting air at the end of a burpee. This pic was taken on his 3rd set of 25 burpees. Now thats a burpee jump. Nice.

DCF Workout (from the Navy Seals Site)

50 – 35 – 20 Reps

Push Press (65lbs)

Kettlebell Swings (50lbs)

Box jump (20″)

Push up

+ Run 400 meters (after each round)

Post time to comments.


Remember these events:


10:00 AM (meet at Shed at 9:30) – Bay Area Throwdown at CrossFit Oakland.

12:00 PM CrossFit Class at The Shed

1:00 PM Oly Liftin At The Shed


12:00 PM CrossFit Class at The Shed


11:00 AM Trevor Win E. Memorial Workout – everyone invited!

12:00 PM DCF Bar-B-Que for Families and Friends.

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  • Stavros

    Here’s what we have going so far. This is the responses I’ve gotten, and those I’m waiting for. Let me know if you’re in or not. In terms of food, we need a big salad, and some veggies. Thinking something like zucchini that can be thrown on the grill?

    DCF Memorial Day BBQ

    Craig- BBQ
    JJ- BBQ, beer
    Stavros- beer, tri-tip
    Rodil- chairs,
    Mike E- chicken, beer
    Luca- something to share
    Mark- something to share


  • Stavros

    So, if I’m reading this right. After all that talk, myself and Carry are the only two DCF members who actually signed up and will compete in the CF games?

    Weak sauce.

  • jorgy

    sucks a big one Stav. Rick and I both planned on signing up this weekend and got the shocker. I am pissed but if thats how they want to play it then whatever, we are about to train so hard for this whole year #1 and #2 are about to be Jorgy and Rick for crossfit games 2009. I dont know the order of the names, that is gonna be the suprise for us cause we are gonna do it up so hard.

  • luca z.

    I’ll take care of the salad, and maybe some drinks for the non 21 yet

  • D Roe

    I hate it. I was also going to sign up, They said we had till early June.

    What ever. Throw down today in Smokeland.

    D Roe and Mrs. Roe will bring some grilling veggies, maybe asparagas or zucchini.

  • Craig

    The Shed will provide coolies.

  • Sarah

    I’ll bring something sweet!!

  • Mark L.

    Mark (39), Debbie (35), Kate (4) & John (0.589) will be bringing a 7 layer, non-zone friendly, bean dip with chips. We’re all looking forward to it. If Craig brings his dogs, I will bring mine, too.
    Also, props to Jake (aka “The Wolfman”?), who has given it his all (both physically and emotionally) in every workout I’ve done with him.

  • Craig

    Sarah, I hope its Olivia! She’s the sweetest.

    THE HARASSMENT IS OVER! You’ve all had your fun and you’ve had your laughs. Now you don’t have Craig to push around anymore!

    I GOT A MUSCLE UP TODAY!! Witnessed (2x) by Darren at CrossFit Oakland.

    I spent 2 minutes with Roger Hammill of CF Marin (& Gymnastics Cert Coach), and got my muscle up.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!


  • sarah

    I’ll bring Olive and extra sweets to munch….although i do like to chew on her….sweet without the calories!!

    Congrats Craig!! I knew it wouldnt be long!!

  • Darren

    Ok Here’s the story. Me, Craig, and Rodil show up at shed and roll to CFO for the throwdown, we meet sakura there. About 75 people competed about 100+ people total including spectators. Hopper style WOD. I hate the hopper. Choose reps, rounds, and exercises. Of course both reps where 21. Exercises of jumping squats, 95 lbs front squats, muscle ups and 400 meter run.

    So WOD

    21 Jumping Squats
    21 95 lbs Front Squats
    3 muscle ups
    400 meter run
    3 rounds for time
    20 minute cap

    Out of the 75 crossfitters only about 10 finished under the 20 minute mark.

    Darren finished with 19:30
    Sakura finished 3 rounds I think (sub 9 pull ups and 9 dips)
    Rodil finished 3 rounds (sub 9 pull ups and 9 dips)
    Craig finished 3 rounds (sub 9 pull ups and 9 dips) plus JS, FS, and Pull ups and ring dips.

    So now on to the news of the week Craig’s muscle up. We were all sitting around watch first couple rounds of people going and alot of people were doing the Rx’ed muscle ups. I know it was getting to him, this super bad ass chick was rocking all the muscle ups, I saw Craig look at her and shack his head and look down at the ground in defeat.
    So he stomps his way over to the rings, with a look of determination you hear about in legends. He grabs the rings and fails at his muscle up attempt about 5 times, getting more and more frustrated with each attempt. The kind hearted gentlemen he is, Roger Hammill gave Craig a couple seconds of friendly advice. Craig’s next attempt he kipped up and flew through the transition to the floor. The furthest he has ever gotten. A couple minutes later I walked over to see what he was doing. He grabbed the rings nonchalantly and kipps up to the dip position looks at me with a look of utter disbelief, then finishes with the ring dip. He hops down like he just one the lottery. “did you see that” I don’t know if he was happier he got one or that I saw it. He was like a 3rd grade that just got released from school for the summer, he went up to every one he knew. “I got a muscle up!!!” They looked at him like way to go loser, my grandmothers been doing them for years. “Finally, you guys can’t talk crap any more, YES”

    Congrats Craig, all you years of hard worked finally paid off. You are the first member of the DCF Senior Citizen Muscle up Club.

    When you see Craig again congratulate him on his “STOUT” peformance.

  • Craig

    It was 4 rounds, D! How the heck did you forget that??

    And, very funny story, bro. Especially since its true.


  • Darren

    Yah thats what I put. Everything but last run. 3 rounds Plus everything except last run.

  • Rodil

    The throwdown at CrossFit Oakland was a blast. The hopper WOD was fun but was a crazy amount of work. Once the 21 rep marker got pulled out of the hat, it should have stayed out. I did the WOD with a 65 lbs bar and subbed 3:1 pullups/box dips for the muscle ups.

    Darren got a picture of Craig’s grinning mug just after he got his first muscle-up. I’ll bring a print on Monday.

    Sakura – great job today! You definitely look like you’ve hitting the workouts hard.

    See everyone at the BBQ. We’ll bring some milk (Zone-friendly) for the kids and non-beer drinkers.

  • Rodil

    I think Craig meant the full WOD was 4 rounds, which Darren and maybe 9 other people out of 75 managed to finish in the 20 minute limit.

  • Craig

    What Rodil said..

    4 Rounds for Time (20 min cap)
    21 Jumping Squats
    21 95 lbs Front Squats
    3 muscle ups
    400 meter run

    Darren nailed all 12 m-ups.. last three were his best.

  • sakura

    That was for sure an amazing experience. Thanks to the Diablo Team for cheering me on.

    Craig- Congrats on the MU! I’m sorry I missed it. Rodil was excited and showed me the picture of you post MU. And thanks for cheering me on–it means a lot coming from a member of the DCFSCMUC. =]

    Rodil- Thanks for taking pictures! That’s what I usually do but I really wanted to do the WOD. Thanks for cheering me on and I’m so glad you decided to do it. Just sad I missed it as I had a prior engagement.

    Darren- Watching you do your WOD was awesome! You are HELLA strong. Way to finish under the mark.

  • Mark L.

    Congratulations, Craig!

    So… the first time I met Rob (this week), he was doing some muscle ups (which I’d yet to attempt in my life). He started out showing me how to do them, observed me, and gave me a couple tips, and I messed around for a couple minutes (mostly spinning around upside down like a little kid), and I figured I could learn them, later, since I was already tired from the WOD; I gave up.
    Rob’s closing comment to me as I walked away from the rings:
    “It’s OK. Craig can’t even do a muscle up.”


  • Mike is Invincible

    Holy crap!!! Craig I’m super proud of you. Now there’s nothing stopping you from being the biggest beast in the shed.

    Everyone, I’ll be at the shed tomorrow, are we doing a hopper of what for the memorial workout/