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At DCF, we mop our floors with Cops and Firefighters.


10:00 DCF Girls

11:00 Trevor Win E Memorial Workout – Everyone Welcome!

12:00 DCF Family BBQ

DCF Workout

Four member teams will come together for the Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Challenge to participate in a team CrossFit style workout and donate (each team entry fee pays for one cooling vest for folks on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan). This workout fundraiser is to support all heroes in our military.

“Trevor” (team of four, only two working at the same time):

300 Pull-ups then,

400 Push-ups then,

500 Sit-ups then,

600 Squats

This is a timed team event, so these are accumulative reps. Only two members of the team can be exercising at a time.

DCF Girl’s Trevor (solo):

3 Round For Time:

10 Pull Ups (sub band pull-ups or jumping)

20 Push Ups (sub knee push ups)

30 Sit Ups

40 Squats

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  • Stavros

    Does anyone have plates/utensils/napkins/cups for the BBQ today?

    Let’s hope the clouds break and we get some sun!!

  • Mark L.

    Not me. My food item contains edible utensils. 😎

  • Mike is Invincible

    I’ll get cups

  • luca z.

    I’ll bring utensils

  • Nikala

    Hey Sarah-

    My sister is going to give cross fit a try and wants to do the Newbie Start Up. Do you do personal training to get people started? email me @ nikala1127@gmail.com and I can let her know who to talk to…


  • J Jones

    Best. Caption. Ever.


  • Craig

    Nikala, have your sis’ sign up on-line and we’ll get her hooked up, no problem!

    We’d love to have her train with us.

  • Stavros

    Awesome BBQ today…stoked that so many people showed up. We have a cool community at DCF and I’m glad to be a part of it.

  • sakura

    Sorry we couldn’t make it. Hope everyone had a great time. All the girls were really close in time today with our girls Trevor! Awesome WOD.

  • sarah

    It was an awesome WOD!!!! What a great day! I love my crossfit family! Thank you all!!!

  • RUINER (mike)

    Legs…hurt to sit down on my bed
    Lats and back…hard to put my arms over head.
    Then I went and made it all worse by doing gymnastics with Andres and Roger at CF Marin.
    Great bunch of folks over there. I think I learned a little bit. Here’s hoping i remember it long enought to put it to use when my hands heal.
    Cheers all.
    Being in the military myself, I appreciate all that you do to support us. We cn’t do it without you all.
    From the bottom of my heart to the top of my lungs
    thank you

  • Mark L.

    I second Sarah’s comment, and I loved meeting her and her daughter and the tiniest Maximus I ever saw (with a nose tinier than one of my dog’s pupils).
    Craig and I have been talking about what sets Crossfit apart from the other fitness avenues available to people, and today was a perfect example.
    Crossfit is a community. Not unlike being part of a station, precinct or squad, we are united by the work, and each other.
    The first people to get done with the WOD become the cheerleaders for the rest of us. We lift each other up to greater heights than we could ascend to on our own.
    You are not alone. As we were Created to be, we’re a team.
    Also, Stav brings quality beer, so keep that in mind when we’re picking a beer selector.
    What a great way to remember all those that died for our freedom, today.