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More pictures from the Memorial Day BBQ:

(Don’t Miss our Flicker Site with many photos uploaded)



“Team Skins” went first on Trevor and did it in 17 minutes and change! STRONG WORK.


CrossFit Games METACON workout:

Row 1 K

Five rounds of:

25 Pull-ups

135 pound Push jerk, 7 reps

Post time to comments. (there is a 20 minute time cap)

Click here for a PDF of the results from the first annual “CrossFit Games”

ALSO – Check the CrossFit Games website for lots of good info and hype about the games (as well as athlete profiles for Speal and Dutch).

It looks like they will be giving away a Concept II rower as a prize for entering into the 1000m rowing competition. (Craig. . . that one has your name on it! -jj)


Video from the last Games:

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  • Sarah


    Michael is on the menu for our 10am class.


    Three rounds for time:

    Run 800m
    50 back extensions
    50 sit ups

    Planks for dessert!!

  • RUINER (mike)

    Hey everyone. Yep, my lats are still terribly wrecked from monday. I mean, it’s painful tp move my arms ove my head. Not good.
    What is good is that i’m officially starting the zone as of yesterday. Weighing, measuring, the whole nine.
    Actually 18, that’s how many blocks I get a day. I hope I can eat it all.

  • Stavros

    Strong work Mike! You’ll get it down in no time. I was worried about my food intake as well, but I never go hungry on the zone. Have you thought about taking fish oil as well? I’ve been doing some reading and there seems to be some great benefits. Anyways, let me know how it goes!

  • J Jones


    This is roughly 287 (or more) times important that taking a ‘multi vitamin’. Unless you are eating fish every day, and the rest of your protein intake comes from wild game and grass fed beef.

    Mike – 18 blocks might be a little light especially with your active lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to up it a block or two if you are starving.

    Also, make sure you do research on “The Athlete’s Zone”. You can find information in old CrossFit Journals, The Performance menu, as well as the message boards for both. Basically, you should be doubling or tripling your ‘good fat’ intake if you are an athlete. The ‘generic’ zone is designed for “normal” people not doing CF that are trying to loose weight. Not for phenoms like yourself.

    As far as being wrecked goes. . . join the club. I was surpised how well I did on the workout – expecting to do horribly after 4 whole weeks off. Now I am paying the price. Forget ‘delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)’, I was sore the next day AND today is worse!

    Did anyone else notice the stats from Speal and Dutch?!


    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 150lbs
    Age: 26
    Owner: CrossFit ATM

    Fran: 2:30
    Elizabeth: 6:38
    Grace: 5:00
    FGB: 452
    Cindy: 34 rounds
    Mary: 14 rounds
    Helen: 9:02 (450m run)

    Total: 875
    Snatch: 182
    Clean: 245
    C&J: 235
    500m row: 1:37 2000m row: 7:21


    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 135
    Age: 29

    2007 Games Results
    Hopper WOD: 3rd
    Run: 1st
    Total: 22nd
    Overall: 4th

    Cindy: 24 1/2 rounds with 20lb. vest, 36 rounds as rx’d
    Fran: 2:05
    Linda: 18:39 as if I weighed 155lb (DL 225, Bench 155, Squat clean 115)

    Max DL: 358
    Max Squat: 314
    Max Press: 149
    Max pull-ups: 72


  • Darren

    Just signed up for games, Sign up now. Will be a great time.

  • jorgy

    KIDS DIVERT YOUR EYES!!!! Rick and I are going to the games to Rip some Fuckin heads off. There are going to be no survivors from any other affiliates. Fuck Ya!!!

  • J Jones

    You guys better. . . Cause Craig promised that you’d be the top three.

    I still say that one of you should wear a wig.


  • jorgy

    thanks for the added pressure man, my goal is top ten and i am stickin with that. Rick would be an ugly girl, but he could pull it off for sure.

  • jorgy

    Okay and stats from our competitors:


    Height- 6’1
    Weight- 183

    Fran- 3:14
    Cindy-26 rounds

    Clean and Jerk- 235
    DL- 410


    Height-6′ 3″

    Cindy-27 rounds

    Clean and Jerk-225
    Snatch 160

  • Sarah

    Girls “Michael”-

    Jasmine- 28:22 as rxd
    Jaime- 27:50 mods

    Wonderful job ladies!Jasmine, you kick ass! Jaime, a beautiful performance! 3 weeks after childbirth?!?!Amazing!!

  • Stavros


    Whats the update on the shirts? Any samples, designs yet? What about a DCF, Crossfit Games 2008 type of shirt?

  • J Jones

    Way to go Jamie!!!

    It looks like the girls class is kicking ass and taking names for sho’!


  • Mark L.

    Are we allowed to sign up for the games if we’re not Top 10 material? 😎
    I’m going to check with wifey to make sure we don’t have any Independence Day plans, then, maybe I’m in!

  • J Jones

    Go for it!


  • jorgy

    i should have some designs open very soon. and we will have shirts for the games, with 2008 crossfit games on the sleeve.