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Carry and Bryan can crank out pull ups like nobody’s business. When was the last time you tried for max pull ups?


3 rounds. 3 minutes rest in-between rounds

Maximum pull ups to failure

Maximum ring dips to failure

Post reps to comments.


This article is another from Jon Gilson at Again Faster.


by Jon Gilson, Again Faster

You think you know pain, but you have no idea. The heart thumping, chest expanding, lactic acid burn of your last workout was a walk through the meadow.

Somewhere, there’s a guy who did it in half the time it took you. He suffered. Plasma forced its way into his lungs, causing him to hack on repeat. He choked down bile halfway through, and ended on his back, pupils dilated to the size of dimes….

Click Here for full article.

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  • luca z.

    What a nice pair of Bad-asses in action

  • Stavros

    Great article (again) by John Gilson. The nervous feeling before a CF workout is like nothing else I’ve experienced.

    So who signed up for the games during Round 2? Is the consensus driving up on Saturday morning? Any thoughts?

  • Rodil

    Bryan and Carry – Great work and great photo! I like how you both look blurry while the rest of the photo is clear (meaning you’re moving too fast for the camera).

    When was the last time I tried for max pullups? Since my current max is 7 reps, I try for max pretty much every time I do them! 🙂

    Jorgy – sign me up for a 2008 Games t-shirt. I’m driving down Saturday morning. I’m signed up as a spectator, so I’m not sure yet if I’m staying for Sunday. What are people’s plans for staying over on Saturday night?