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Friday September 22nd, 2006. Larkey Park, the original home of Diablo CrossFit. Craig is in the middle of Fran in this photo. The next day, he went to the CrossFit certification Seminar and had to do Fran again.

We don’t have Craig’s time, but my time is posted (and my complaints about the early time as usual) Here.

More interestingly Craig’s comments about the cert the following post – Here.



21 – 15 – 9 rep rounds for time

95# thrusters

Pull ups.

Post time to comments.


What spurs this nostalgia you might ask. . . the video posted on the CF mainpage of the disassembly of the original CrossFit Mecca in Santa Cruz (found here).

You can read my comment posted to the CrossFit site in the “continue reading” link below.

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  • Mark L.

    That is LITTERALLY 400m from my house! How did I miss the birth of what I’d been looking for for at least 6 years? How did I not even know Crossfit existed until I searched for “walnut creek, ca, gym” on Yahoo!Maps? Who knows?
    I do know that Fran isn’t something that most of me is looking forward to, though I am definitely looking forward to having friends cheer me on through the pain required to make my flesh adapt and improve.
    Thanks JJ, Rob and Craig for getting us all going!

  • J Jones

    My question is HOW did you see this post so fast and missed us working out 400m from your house?!


  • Mark L.

    hahaha… thanks for connecting the dots for me, Jeremy. 😎

    More Crossfit. Less Keyboardfit!

  • J Jones


    THAT is hilarious.


  • luca z.

    My regret is not having CrossFit 20 years ago!!! 🙁

  • Sarah

    The Girls-



    What a lovely day to do kettlebell swings and pullups!! Thanks girls!

  • sakura

    hm…human development…crossfit…human development…normally i’d say crossfit in a heartbeat but i kinda have to take human development for nursing. way to keep on going, ladies!! i miss the class but i should be at one of the pm classes tonight…i sincerely hope. had fun at yesterday’s class though. =]

  • Sarah

    The Girls-



    What a lovely day to do kettlebell swings and pullups!! Thanks girls!

  • Sarah

    D’OH! Sorry!

  • Rodil

    For anyone interested in grass-fed beef and free range, organic eggs, you might want to check out Holding Ranch and Deer Hill Ranch. They’re local (as in about 2 miles west of the Shed off Hwy 24). My kids got a kick out of seeing the chickens walking outside when we picked up some eggs.

    Also, they’re going to have free range chicken meat for sale in September.


  • RUINER (mike)

    Today was a great day. I found out that I’m moving to Korea for a year and going to Japan after that for 3-4 years. To celebrate, I did this little number when I got off work.

    “Devil in the DMZ”
    7 Rounds For Time:
    7 SDHP @ 2pood KB
    7 pushups on paralettes (feet elevated)
    7 front squats @ 95 lbs
    7 push jerks @ 95lbs


  • Darren

    For time:
    135 lb Squat clean, 10 reps
    50 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 8 reps
    40 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 6 reps
    30 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 4 reps
    20 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 2 reps
    10 GHD Sit-ups


    Hard WOD.

  • Stavros

    Wow Mike!

    We’ll miss you at DCF. We know you’ll represent us in the Far East. Thanks again for serving our country in the way that you do.

    See everyone tomorrow for Tuesdays House of Pain!

  • RUINER (mike)

    Yeah, I’m gonna miss the shed. My blood is in there on stuff. And sweat too. Lots of pain and lots of learning. But…I’m not leaving till Feb 10 2009!! So that means I still have many more WODS left in me before I unleash hell in the east. Missing out on the games has lit a fire in me that I’ve never felt before. Expect my upcoming wods to be savage.
    Yes, There Will Be Blood


  • sakura

    wow, mike! good luck, bro. keep us posted on your wods. =] safe travels!!

  • Craig

    mike-! That’s awesome, but i’m bummed. When you come back we’ll be here. You better have a sub 3 Fran, a 1000 CFT and lots of muscle ups.

    I did the same wod as Darren above with 65lb dumbells and situps for ghd situps. 12:30. Nice wod.

  • J Jones


    Funny how necessity can make you try the craziest stuff. This work must be murder with dbs.