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LANDING and TAKING OFF, Jeff and Jennifer working on Power Snatch, Jennifer has already caught the load while Jeff is getting ready to jump it up.

Like any Olympic lift, the Power Snatch is going to make you stronger, faster and more comfortable with heavy weights over your head, try Craig’s Oly lifts

class on Saturday at 1pm it’s a great total body work out and a chance to learn new moves.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

From the archives of Crossfit main page:

5 Rounds for time or:

12 Thrusters

12 Pull-Ups

Pick your weight for the Thrusters and keep it for all the 5 rounds

Post times, weights and comments

Great article on post work out nutrition, I got it from CrossFit One World Web page check it out

“. . .But carbo-loading in advance of exercise is not the most efficient way to stock muscles with fuel, physiologists now know, thanks in large part to research conducted by Ivy. When reviewing studies of diabetics, he became intrigued by similarities with his own tests on cyclists: for both groups, insulin in the blood was more effective at carrying energy into the muscles if those muscles had recently been active. “Exercise makes your muscles more responsive to insulin, and this insulin, in turn, increases glycogen muscle uptake,” he says. In other words, exercise prompts your muscles to absorb more fuel — glucose, which is stored as glycogen — from the bloodstream. (Carbo-loading can’t take advantage of this insulin response because it precedes, rather than follows, a workout.) Your body is actually primed by the exercise to help itself replenish lost fuel. . .

. . .Then have a real meal within two hours. “You can maintain increased insulin levels and accelerated rates of recovery for about four to six hours if you continue eating,” Ivy says. Of course, you can also get by without such diet timing. “But you won’t recover as well,” Ivy continues. “You probably won’t be able to work out as hard on a daily basis.” The old guy who chugs his milk and Hershey’s syrup will not only pass you — he’ll lap you. . .”

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  • Carry

    Tried to make it this morning….1 hr & 15 min in traffic! I miss the morning crew!

    Oh well…I’ll try to make it this afternoon.

  • luca z.

    You were missed, the other two ladies, Nikala and Jenny had asked about you, we had fun, next time. Hwy 4 is a b#%ch in the morning I know .

  • Mark L.

    I should be there, this evening @ 6pm. I’m bringing my dextrose laced protein shake for afterwards. 😉

  • RUINER (mike)

    Remember how I said savage WODs in the future. Well these are gonna be downright nasty. My oly bumper plates showed up so now i can throw in all sorts of craziness. as soon as i can get video of a BW OHS I’ll email it to craig.

  • Mark L.

    Two sore shoulders…
    5 rounds for time (400m, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls)
    32m 21s

    Follow-up workout:
    3 rounds for time (Ice, Advil)

  • RUINER (mike)

    “You want to stress the muscles. They will adapt positively.” The muscles will rebuild themselves, becoming stronger and more pliable. “That’s the whole point of hard training,” he says. “But it’s only effective if you recover fully.”
    It was refreshing to read that.
    So there I was, balls deep in this bitch nsmed Fran, 3rd round, 7th thruster. I start shaking on my way up. I pause for a second to stop shaking but i can’t. Earthquake. Go fuckin figure. With 95# overmy head and me heaving like a dog in heat. Crossfit makes you strong. Finishing Fran with a 4:36 despite an earthquake makes you a crazy.

  • Moises G.

    Hit it hard today at 1600 with the “Bash Brothers” (Jorgy & Rick), did Helen followed by Grace-Thanks to Jorgy and a good pep talk by Rick. The CrossFit games are not ready for those two I’m telling you!!! Hey Stav I will see you tomorrow at 1600, let’s go for another double!

  • Moises G.

    Hey quick question, CrossFit Unlimited is having a competition on June 22nd @10AM are we thinking of participating?

  • Stavros

    Great Tuesdays classes. Like Moises said, he set the bar pretty high with back-to-back Helen and Grace at the 1600 class.

    1800 Class had 3 workouts to choose from;

    DCF WOD- Travis, Scott, Kevin
    4 RD’s
    400m Run/500m row(run twice/row twice)
    15 Burpees
    15 DL’s (135/75)
    15 Wall Ball (20/10)

    Helen- Hylie, Mac, Chris, Grace, Sonya, Carry
    400m Run
    21 KB Swing (1.5p/54#)
    12 Pull Up

    Kelly- Rodil, Mark L.
    5 Rd’s
    400m Run
    30 Box Jump (24″)
    30 Wall Ball (20#)

    Solid effort put forth by all. We also had Ray who did the Newbie WOD. After the workouts, we worked on L-sits, great day!

  • Stavros


    Yes, we should participate. Let’s get a count of who’s in. It’s $25 which includes the event, a BBQ, and a shirt. I’m in, Mo is in, who else?

    Here’s the link

  • RUINER (mike)

    I’m down.

  • Craig

    Loved the article. Great to see facts overcome conventional wisdom.

  • Mark L.

    I think I’m down as long as my shoulder(s) holds up. I have the cert the following weekend at One World, so this might help prepare my mind/body for the punishment to come.