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If you want a t-shirt with the new logo to represent our gym to the CrossFit games, or anywere else talk to the guy.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Deadlift, find your 5 reps max


Post your weight and comments


CrossFit is getting more and more exposure from the media, if you missed it this was an article on, The Body Building Bible magazine, Muscle and Fitness of last May, it took place at Petranek’s gym in L.A., great and fun reading, the writer’s comments did crack me up

Read the article here

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  • Mark L.

    One thing you all should know… the bodybuilding magazines are all owned and operated by supplement manufacturers. They do, often, include useful information (such as highlighting Crossfit, last month), but their motives are often to make sure that a particular group of fitness buffs knows how to integrate “supplementation” into their program, so they don’t miss any sales.
    The simple fact that Crossfit appeared in one of “these” magazines, mostly dedicated to marketing the gym and supplement industry to the bodybuilding types, is the most interesting.
    The subtext is that Crossfit is “taking off”, and has hit the mainstream enough for the masterful supplement marketers to find it necessary to hit us up, too (perhaps for fear their comfy arrangement they’ve held onto for 20+ years is on the downturn).
    Also consider that Crossfit addresses a nutrition aspect to training which doesn’t include dosing yourself with strange substances to bloat your muscle tissue with fluid. This probably has them scared.
    Crossfit is letting the cat out of the bag about true fitness, and that body and improved health YOU are getting from all this “rest when you’re done” stuff is PROOF walking around out there for everyone to see!

    Magazine – Supplement Company That Owns It
    Muscle & Fitness – Weider Products
    Muscle Media – EAS
    Muscular Development – Twinlab
    Pump – SoCal
    Muscle Mag – Robert Kennedy’s Line/MuscleTech
    Flex – Weider Products
    Testosterone – Biotest

  • J Jones

    Diablo CrossFit is just getting members to push Mona Vie (if you don’t know what I am talking about ask Jorgy).

    Good points Mark.

    I do remember the FIRST article ever to come out in a major publication about CF. It was a NY Times article about CrossFit, that interviewed Coach and a few other people.

    The article painted CFers as more of a ‘cult’ and that it was “Dangerous”.

    There was a lot of debate by current CFers about how the article was biased and not very ‘true to CrossFit’. . . but the number of people that got exposed and stayed with CF because of that article is staggering. For YEARS after the article I would meet people at different CF functions that would say “I started CrossFit after reading a New York Times article. . .”

    To let you know how CF HQ handled the mis quotes and lack of information. . . They created a CF shirt that had the CF logo and one word on the back “DANGEROUS”.

    Even if the muscle mags are just around to push supplements, the readers are not only shopping. There will be a few people that go to the CF website to check it out. There will be a few of those people that will look for an affiliate in their area. And a few of those people will ‘get it’ and start doing CF regularly. Hell, some people might just skim the article – but then the next time something mentions CF, they will recognize the name – and then come looking for info.

    As far as the CF pushing supplements go. . .maybe we are on to something here. But we don’t want supplement backing – we want backing from Grass Fed Beef companies, organic vegetable growers, and anything that can get us stuff from ‘the wild’.

    Maybe we should be hitting up Trader Joe’s?


  • Mark L.

    I agree, JJ. ANY press is good press. Getting the word (and name) out is what we want, and despite Weider’s somewhat tainted motivations, they have helped us acheive that mission. This is one of those cases where our paths and goals intersect, despite our differing intentions.
    Luckily, in this media culture, people are getting better and better about reading between the lines (except Michael Moore fans).
    As for pushing good nutrition, I saw Rodil pushing grass fed beef on here, just recently. Fortunately, my mommy does the same thing, so I already have a freezer full of NY Strips. YUMMY! 😎
    Anyway, I got to get back to work. My database defrag just finished. Is there a “chair version” of the WOD I can do for times like these?

  • luca z.

    Rob Wolf is a big advocate for Trader Joe’s, and frankly I do most of my shopping there too, I try to hit local markets as well, as far as supplements CF really only pushes fish oil, which, as long as your diet is good, it’s really all you need, I take Gloucosamine and Chondroitin for my joint’s health and I don’t feel like i need anything more.
    As far as the magazines goes, it’s true publicity good or bad it’s still publicity, as long as people talk about you and your product it’ll get people interested in trying it out and, as far as CF goes, they’ll see the validity and the benefits of the system,as you can see more and more affiliates are opening up, this guys are doing 2 Certification Seminars a week and they are all sold outs months in advance it’s definetelly spreading, and also an the latest article, they all talk about CF in a positive way, unlike the first NY Times one

  • jorgy

    Mona Vie has glucosamine

  • Mark L.

    On another note… From the picture, I see there’s only 75 pounds on the bar. Apparently, Jorgy was doing curls again.
    “Come on! I’ve got my shirt off. Someone ask me what time it is! Pleeeeeeease!?”

  • Craig

    Back from vaca. All good.

    Joined the 18:00 class tonight for Boxing Helen:

    5 rounds for time:

    30 Box Jumps
    21 KB Swings
    12 Pull Ups

    Brutal. 19:30 something….

  • Darren

    2 muscle ups
    4 Handstand Push ups
    8 2 pood kettle bell swings

    AMRAP in 20 minutes

    8 rounds
    Last two rounds I missed about 7 muscle ups.

    Then later did Annie with a time of 6

    6:25 Big PR last time was 8:30

  • J Jones

    You cranked out all those HSPUs!?


  • Darren

    yah baby, the kipping hspu is way to go

  • J Jones

    I gotta practice that. Seriously.