080606 FRIDAY “Fran on Friday”

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Andres from CrossFit Marin showing the DCF crew some Parkour basics. Parkour has been dubbed “street gymnastics” but it is so much more than that. Not only is it extremely functional, it is also a ton of fun.



21 – 15 – 9 Rep rounds for time:

65lb Thrusters (women), 95lb Thrusters (men)

Pull ups

Post time to comments.



Your usual Parkour Training session at CrossFit Marin

You can have Roger or Andres and crew come do a special seminar at your gym, or you can head out to their facility for some HIGHLY skilled gymnastics and/or Parkour training (ask Craig about the quality of Roger’s instruction, and anyone else in the picture above about Andres’ great coaching abilities).

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  • J Jones

    A nice morning with Fran for all involved.

    Bryan – 4:44 (Destroying his old time)
    Carry – 7:00 (Her last time a few weeks ago was 10:0X, performance increase possibly due to a two day rest period before)
    Kelly – 6:44 (35lb thrusters, rope climb lay downs 6, 3, 1)

    Jimmy and I went head to head . . .

    and TIED!

    Jimmy – 4:56
    JJ – 4:56

    Excellent effort by Jimmy. His last time a few months ago was in the 10:00 range. As I return to functionality, I am totally happy with a sub 5.

    Jimmy finished with a turkish get up using the slosh pipe. He did it this time in about 30 seconds!

    I followed up with some sled runs. 50m, 44lb kb for weight.


  • Carry

    Fun,fun,fun this morning! I’m going on vacation tomorrow….see ya’ll next week.

  • Craig

    Nice times this morning gentlemen! I’m impressed.

    Did Jimmy do pull-ups?

    JJ – glad you’re back on track! (I know the feeling.) We’ve got to take some times back from jorgy and Rick.

  • J Jones

    Jimmy did do jumping pull ups, (I forgot to mention that). But his time improvement stands (same mod last time).


  • Nate

    Yeah, you guys are gonna have a hard time at knocking those 2 down. Bear witness to yesterday; after doing heavy back squats and “Annie,” Jorgy watched as Rick posted a new DCF record for “Christine.” Unable to live with the feeling of no longer being number one on the board at oh so many workouts, Jorgy pulled down the rower and conquered “Jackie” for a new DCF record. So have fun trying to take them down.

  • Craig

    Cool video, by the way!

  • Mike Erickson

    When did the Parkour happen?? God that looks like fun!

    I’m on an injury time out by the way. Can’t wait to get back, looks like it’ll be a few weeks.

  • J Jones

    Mike, the parkour stuff was during the Memorial Day BBQ.

    You are injured?! What happened?


  • Mike Erickson

    jj: Now I hate missing the bbq even more 🙁

    Same issue, right elbow, with some pinched nerve in my upper arm for good measure. I’m afraid to say too much or Jorgy will give me hell. I’m doing strength training for a few weeks, the basic SS thing with mods, K2E instead of pull-ups, barbell row instead of cleans. Starting light for recovery purposes, will end with new pr’s on everything the end of July. Hope to get CFT of 700 this summer. Also doing a brisk 3.5-4 mile walk everyday, run on weekend, airdyne and jump rope during the week for warm-ups, the occasional “mini” cf workout w/ the kb and push-ups. Then I’ll be back to DCF ready for muscle-up training, fran, cindy, whatever. I KNOW I can do better than I’ve been doing if I’m well and I go about this intelligently.

  • Stavros

    Anybody ever had issues with their “IT” band on the knee? I’ve been doing some reading/research, seems like thats what the symptoms point to. No swelling, loss of ROM, or pain…just a “tightness” on the top of my knee. Any thoughts?

  • sakura

    awesome video. looks like something we all tried when we were kids. i would love to try it. has anyone seen ‘urban ninja’ on youtube?


    i had an ACL tear and lat. miniscus back in ’99. needed a patella tendon graft for the acl. the pain and swelling has decreased immensely doing crossfit but sometimes my knee cap or that area hurts. feels tight too. have yet to figure out the cause but i feel it a lot when i do push ups regularly or even on my knees.

  • J Jones

    Mike, wisdom in recovery is worth 100 good workouts. Take it slow, build up gradually, and work the hell out of what you can use pain free.

    Injuries are just a time to work on other weaknesses. I used my back injury time to work on my grip strength. I now dominate rope climbs.

    Don’t know about the knee issues Stav. Have you been doing massage and rolling on it to break up scar tissue?


  • Craig

    I sent this email to our Games participants – if anyone else wants to join me on the trail, let me know:

    Guys, the run at the Games is supposedly grueling, with sharp ascents and descents. I’ve been trail running for more than 10 years now, so I thought I’d share a couple tips and offer a run session or two if you want to practice skills. You’re all likely faster than I am, but I’ve got some experience that might help. I’ll copy Sarah on this, so that she can throw in her tips from her incredible ultra experience:

    A couple things to think about as you prepare:

    1. Get some trail running shoes! I was a skeptic for a long time until I tried them – they make a BIG difference when it comes to traction, up and, especially down hill. You will shave many seconds, if not minutes off your time and prevent injury. I love the Brooks Cascadia, a top rated shoe: Cascadia Mizuno and Adidas have some dynamite trail running shoes too. Buy them soon – you need to break them in.

    2. Great local hills for practice: Las Trampas (East of 680 above Danville – use Hemme Street entrance & climb 20 mins!), Briones (park across from Acalanes High School and climb 1.3 miles straight up to the Lafayette Ridge), Shell Ridge (take Walnut South to Sutherland – climb up to ridge trail) and Lafayette Reservoir rim trail (start on the asphalt and spin off on one of the fire trails up to the rim).

    3. Maybe have some light gloves with you at the Games, I heard there was some scrambling last year. If you have to use your hands, gloves will make you less tentative.

    4. Get 1-2 trail runs with climbs per week these next couple weeks. 3 – 5 miles each.

    5. I usually run every Tue & Thu afternoon and Saturday mornings if you want to join me. As Sarah will tell you, there are some tactics for trail running that can improve your time. Let me know if you’d like to join me.

    Sarah, chime in.

  • Nikala

    hey Stavros

    Yeah, I do get a tight IT very easily. The best way for me to relieve the tightness is to roll, and to do the leg stretch across my body. Even more so, I will roll before I go to bed, or anytime unrelated to working out. Its painful, but it has proven its worth for me.

  • Stavros


    Funny you mention the trail run. Darren and I were talking about this today. I’m game for a group DCF trail run. I can go Tuesday (possibly), would have to be after 10am though.

    Thanks for the knee advice, I’m assuming one of those foam rollers is what everyone is talking about. I’ll give that a whirl.

  • Mike Erickson


    I’ve been doing this as well:


    It helps.

  • J Jones

    If you can’t get to a trail, sub DCF hill sprints at the middle of the DCF 400. Sprint up, jog down, repeat until vomiting.

    Also, use that damned sled! You get used to that thing holding you back, and few hills will ever stand in your way. I would recommend a combination of 50m sprints with 44lbs added, 100m sprints with 20 or so lbs added, and maybe 300m sprints with just the tire (around the building, no hill unless you are crazy. . . and I guess some of you are).

    There is still no sub than doing the actual exercise. So take Craig up on the trail help, but I would add a couple workouts with the sled as well.