080612 THURSDAY “Benchmark Checkup”


Just after sunrise is a great time to get some hammering done.


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

30 meter Sled drag – tire on concrete 35lb kettle bell

30 meter Sled hand over hand pull – same as above

30 meter sprint (each way) to get sledge hammer

10 sledge hammer swings, 25lb sledge

30 meter tire flip

Post number of rounds to comments.


It is Benchmark Check Up Time!

An example of an original benchmark.

The year is almost half over. How many of your goals have you achieved? How close are you to achieving the ones you have left.

Here is the post were everyone put their asses on the line (scroll down to the comments section).

071228 FRIDAY “Benchmarks”

And here is a summary of my rant that started this whole thing:

“In brief. . . now is not the time to make plans like “I want to eat healthier this year.” or “I am going to loose a few pounds.” These are undefinable, impossible to track, and easy to fudge.

Now is the time to say things like “I am going to eat less than 10g of refined carbs a day from now on.” and “I will lose 10 lbs of ‘Fat’ without loosing muscle mass.” In contrast, these are clear, easy to track, and black and white. Either you accomplished them or you didn’t. Either you made clear progress, or you didn’t.

Physical progression is not tracked by time, it is evaluated based upon accomplishments and performance.

Just because you have been “CrossFitting” for a year doesn’t mean you are a better athlete than when you started. Improvements in performance of desired tasks means that you are a better athlete.

December’s “Girls and Heroes” marathon has been part of this process. By attempting these benchmark workouts, even for your first time, you have now set a point to track progress. A point to improve or a reference to loose ground.

Now we are going to go a step further. For 2008 we are asking all DCFers to come up with at least 3 goals for 2008.

One strength based (examples include, a double bodyweight deadlift, CrossFit Total of 1000, etc)

One gymnastics based (examples include, an L-sit duration, a number of consecutive pull ups, etc)

One metabolic conditioning based (examples include a sub 9 min “Helen”, or “Murph” as Rx’ed, etc)

You are not limited to 3 choices. Many of us at The Shed have more than three goals to accomplish before big stopwatch signals “TIME!” for the end of the year. Think of 2008 as one big “Workout of the Year” (WOY) and you have only 365 days to finish your benchmarks.

Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to choose something big. If you “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. “

The final part of setting benchmarks with us is that you have to announce them publicly. So you have to post them here, or write them on the white board at The Shed. We are all in this together, and we will rely on each other for help and encouragement (as well as some reminding).

So post your goals for 2008 “WOY” in the comments section, and prepare to celebrate your victory as each one is smashed.”

Post your goals, and where you currently stand. Don’t know where you are at? Then now is the perfect time to make another attempt and see how close you are.


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  • Rodil

    5-5-5-5-5 Overhead Squats
    45 lbs, 65 lbs, 85 lbs, 95 lbs, 95 lbs (Fail at 3rd rep)

    My 2008 goals:

    1.5 x bodyweight Deadlift (1RM) = 248 lbs
    Current = 241 lbs

    Bodyweight Overhead Squat (1RM) = 165 lbs
    Current = 115 lbs

    7 unassisted pullups

    Complete Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats; max rounds, 20 min) and Nancy (400 m run, Overhead squat 95 lbs x 15; 5 rounds)as Rx’d
    Current: Need to try a Cindy WOD now that I can do 5 pullups. Max reps for 95 lbs Overhead Squat = 5

  • Rodil

    Posted today at the CrossFit games webpage:

    “The official format for the Games will be announced and posted here to the CrossFit Games site, on Wednesday, July 2nd at 6pm PDT. All scoring, workouts, exercises, and standards will be explained in detail. You will be expected to be familiar with this when you arrive on Saturday for the competition.

    There will be multiple events, and you will have until Friday, July 4th at 8am PDT to request your preferred sequence for doing these events. An email address will be listed for you to send that preference. The preferences will be honored as much as possible, and on a first come first served basis. We make no guarantees, though, that you will get your preferred ordering.

    The official time slots and ordering will be announced Friday, July 4th at 4pm PDT. There will also be detailed information on Saturday morning when you register telling you exactly where to be and when throughout the weekend.

    And, in case you were wondering, the format is significantly different from last year. It will, though, reward athletes with tremendous work capacity in broad time and modal domains.”

    Also saw this on the Murski Athlete Profile comments:

    “no one knows the format of this years games yet. highly highly unlikely there will be a crossfit total. there are 300 competitors in the games. i was in a cft competition with about 25 people and it took over 5 hours. not nearly enough time for a cft.

    with 300 people i would think the workouts have to be short. fran, diane, grace or some variation. you didn’t really think the games would be the same as last year did you? just not the crossfit way. right?”

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Rodil! It’s encouraging that Crossfit is growing so much that the format of the games have to be tailored to match.
    As for my goals, I wasn’t around at new year’s resolution time, but my first goal of BWT below 160 was met in March (down from 180 on 1/1)

    Did some spreadsheet work, and here are my new goals for Benchmarks:

    CFT of 695+ (600 is PR)
    Cindy 20 rounds (17 is PR)
    Kelly 5 consecutive double-unders (1 is PR)
    Do >1 muscle-up (0 is PR)
    Stable BWT 154 (I’m 4 pounds away!)

    By 12/31/08 (I’ll be 40 by then!)

  • Mike Erickson

    Dec goals:

    Lose at least 10 more lbs, presently 162 (down from 175).
    (Things in parentheses are 2007 best)
    Strength: CFT of 650 (595), 10xOHS with 95 lb (3xOHS with 75 lb).
    Gymnastics: 25 pull-ups (19), 15 ring-dips (10, not full depth), 60 sec L-sit (35Sec), one ring muscle-up (none).
    metcon: murph as rx’d <60 minutes (run a mile,1/2 x pu’s,pshups&squats, run 2nd mile: 47m30s, no vest). 500m row, <1m40s (1m47s). 5k run, <27 minutes (~30min).

    Progress to date:
    BW= 157, half way to goal.
    CFT = 655, achieved goal, new goal = 700.
    OHS = 11 x 75 lbs, progress but this one is troublesome.
    Pull-ups = 20, this one is going slowly because most of the year haven’t been able to do because of “tennis elbow” problem.
    Ring dips = 15, achieved goal, new goal = 20.
    L-sit = 38 seconds, need to work on this one more.
    muscle-up = 0. Will work on this one when elbow problem is solved. Practicing ring-dips and K2E’s for prep every week.
    MetCons: Haven’t tested any of these but I think there is improvement. Managed a 14 round Cindy a couple of months ago during a brief two weeks that my elbow was feeling good.
    I’m okay with progress so far and optimistic for the end of the year.

  • J Jones

    My January baselines:

    “This weekend I was able to overhead squat 6 reps with 160lbs. I plan on sticking to lower rep ranges and increasing the weight before doing sets of 15.

    We also determined a few weeks ago that I can go 1300m (just over 3/4 of a mile) in about 13.5 minutes with a 165lb sand bag. I plan on trying to add weight for shorter distances before worrying about the full mile.

    I can do 6 handstand push ups against the wall. I am going to try and work on my balancing skills more as soon as my wrist feels better.

    I haven’t tested my Lsit in a while so I still have to do that.

    I also need to re-do my CFT. In late Nov it was 765 (245, 135, 385). Wow. I have a long way to go on this one. I have the biggest room for improvement on the back squats. I am going to start really hammering on them. I want to get this one up in the 350+ range. My press is the next low point. Hopefully the HSPU work will carry over here and help pick this number up. A 200lb press would be phenomenal. My deads are my strongest point although I need these up to 450 or so to make the 1000.

    Did a CFT today. 255/150/395= 800

    Big improvement from Late Nov, but I still have 200 lbs to go. The 450lb deads I can see coming, the squats I am really going to have to work on. I jumped 15lbs on my press. I am pretty happy about that, I think that 200 isn’t that far.”

    My most recent achievement was the OHS for one rep with bodyweight (205). I am going to stick to my plan of adding weight until I get up to the 230 range. Then I will see if I can get to 15 reps with the lower weight.

    My HSPUs are about the same. I need to practice balancing more in addition to doing more in general.

    I think my Lsit has declined. I am probably good for 25 seconds right now. I need to start practicing this again.

    No sandbag carries since my videoed run at the beginning of the year. I doubt I am any better at this. I have got to re-test myself soon, and possibly add this to my warm ups.

    I haven’t gone for a CFT in a while. Not after my back ‘popped’ during a 3,3,3,3,3, DL workout. I know my back squat has gone up, but I don’t know how much lately (maybe 270), my press is still probably 155 or 160, and my DL should be holding around 390.

    To sum it up. OHS progress surprisingly good! Everything else – bad or the same. Got 6 months. Better get to work.


  • Craig


    CFT 1000. Currently, 960. Need 40 more on my DL (385). Press at 170 and Squat 405. Should get there. When I do, NO MORE 1RM WODS ever again.

    Fran sub 3:00. Currently 3:48 (3 mos. ago). On the comeback. I dread this one.

    3 Consecutive MUps. Currently 1. Finally. The mental barrier has been broken. Now I just need to repeat.