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Craig is training for the Concept II race at the games. He is trying to be able to row a 2:50 or less 1000m sprint. Currently he can pull a sub 3:10, which is in the top 20 rankings (and WELL into the 90th percentile at 3:18.4) According to the Concept 2 website, the #1 time is 2:50.5 – The equivalent of two 1 minute 25 second, 500m sprints back to back.

I think he has it in him. Everyone should ask him how his training is going. -jj


Four 500m sprints on the erg (rower).

Rest between sprints as needed.

Post times to comments.



Angela Hart Discusses the common flaws of rowing on the Concept 2 erg:

“Johnathan” rows a 1:18 500m at “NW CrossFit”

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  • Moises G.

    Craig is a natural badass!!! I believe he has it in him. Keep up the training Craig you will do great man. See you all Saturday at noon.

  • Luca Z.

    A little rant: as much as us trainers like to keep our gym neat and clean, and putting things away after usage, you, clients, try to do the same, remember your mother’s words, put always things away where they belong. Stack those dumbells, the plates, and the k-bell, re rack the bars, just help us keep out little Garage looking clean and organized. Sorry for that little complaining but I though it needed to be said.
    Had great time today with everybody, lots of people and lot of fun, good work everyone

  • Mark L.

    I work in a class A building in Walnut Creek. Even so, there’s a sign in one of our 3 office kitchens that says, “Clean up the things you use. Your mother does not work here.”
    ‘Nuf Said!

  • Matt Brennan

    Unreal time, Craig. Keep up the amazing work.