080617 TUESDAY “Correct Map to the Games”


The address for the CrossFit Games site is 275 Dunbarton Rd, Aromas CA 95004, but Mapquest and Google maps have send you to the wrong side of the Freeway (The correct side is the eastern side).

Long,Lat coordinates are: 36.841238, -121.631807

Here is a map from the San Jose Airport to the actual site:

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If you’d like to get directions from your house, click here and change the starting destination to where you’ll be leaving from. For example it is approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes from The Shed.

Google is so damn thorough (and a little scary), they even have a ‘street view’ of the site!

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(Click ‘continue reading’ below if you want to see turn my turn photos from HWY 101).



“Fran -tastic!”

3 rounds, rest 2 minutes in-between rounds

Max number of thrusters (115lb men, 75lb women)

Max pull ups

Post numbers to comments.



The hunger hormone “Ghrelin” increases during stress and caloric restriction, might have anti-depressant effects

“To determine how ghrelin affects mood, Dr. Zigman and his colleagues restricted the food intake of laboratory mice for 10 days. This caused their ghrelin levels to quadruple. As compared to the control mice, which were allowed free access to food, the calorie-restricted mice displayed decreased levels of anxiety and depression when subjected to mazes and other standard behavior tests for depression and anxiety.

. . .Until modern times, the one common human experience was securing enough food to prevent starvation. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors needed to be as calm and collected as possible when it was time to venture out in search of food, or risk becoming dinner themselves, Dr. Zigman said, adding that the anti-anxiety effects of hunger-induced ghrelin may have provided a survival advantage.”

I definitely feel more focused and less stressed when practicing regular “Intermittent Fasting” bouts (16 – 20 hour fasts, approx 3 times a week). I also wonder if the hormone ghrelin plays some part in the greatly increased lifespan that caloric restriction provides. For example, the single greatest factor agreed upon when talking about people living past the century mark is stress – or lack thereof. -jj

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  • Carry

    Since Luca is on vacation….will there be someone there Thurs morn @8:00?…Above it only mentions Muay Thai is cancelled for the day.
    Also…I think I need to get some people’s cell #s so I can meet up with y’all at the games.
    I can put together a list and hand it out to everyone who is going…?

  • Craig

    I’m covering for Luca on Thu at 8.

  • Rodil

    Carry – My cell # is (925)-922-0470. I’m going to watch the Games on Saturday but not sure about Sunday yet.

    Who’s going to the Hopper Challenge this Sunday at CF Unlimited? I’m driving from Dublin so I planned to meet everyone in Milpitas. Also, did anyone turn in DCF’s WODs for the hopper and sign us up on their website?

  • J Jones

    I sent them a few DCF favorites (more than one of Jorgy’s repeat customers).

    I don’t think I’ll make it, but there should be a good crew going (Stav, Mo, Rodil. . . who else?)


  • Rob

    Did a helluva workout last night if anyone wants to try…really kicked my ass.


    1.5 pood Kettlebell snatches (both arms, left/right = 1 rep)
    big box jump
    knees to elbows

    ’twas brutal

  • Stavros

    Great workouts tonight at the 1600 and 1800 classes;

    1600 (Mo & Rodil)
    Mo did the WOD from the CF main, brutal! 147 shoulder presses…OUCH!
    Rodil did a stellar WOD;

    4 RD’s,
    15 400m Run
    15 Pull Ups (I think he did most, if not all RX’d?)
    15 KB swing
    15 Burpees

    This was a grinder and Rodil, like always, hung in there. It’s always great to see someone push themselves like he does.

    1800 class, too many people to list! Everyone did awesome, Chris brought a friend who whooped up on us…thanks!

    3 RD’s
    400m Run
    15 Pull Ups
    15 KB swings
    15 15 Burpees

    Lot’s of people in on this WOD, everyone did great. Times were from 12-18 minutes, great job.

  • Stavros

    Did a squat progression at 1400 as well;



    Thought I had 185 OHS nailed, tried it 3 times. Tired by the time I got to heavy back squats, I know I can get more than 385. Good progression though, certainly made me drag in the 1800 WOD!

  • Jacob Tsypkin

    Ah yes…I remember dragging tire a tire up that street…