080619 FRIDAY “Fight Gone Bad”


Rodil gets his burpee on in the hot hot Shed. GET SOME!


“Fight Gone Bad”

Move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. We’ve used this in 3 and 5 round versions. The stations are:

1. Wall-ball: 20 pound ball, 10 ft target. (Reps)

2. Sumo deadlift high-pull: 75 pounds (Reps)

3. Box Jump: 20″ box (Reps)

4. Push-press: 75 pounds (Reps)

5. Row: calories (Calories)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Post score to comments.



Don’t forget to go to the CrossFit Unlimited Competition this Sunday, starting at 10am in Milpitas. DCF will have a few people competing and we “donated” a few of our favorite workouts that they are going to put in the hopper.

Not to mention the Barbecue!

Post below if you plan on making it out.


Article from 60 in 3:

“Health on the Run: How to stay healthy while traveling”

One of the challenges we face in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is what to do when traveling. How do we eat healthy when we’re limited to airport food and business dinners? How do we keep up our exercise routine when we’re on a plane most of the day or in meetings?

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  • Rodil

    I’ll be at Sunday’s Hopper Challenge. Here’s some info from CF Unlimited’s blog today:

    *Information for all competitors in Sunday’s Hopper Challenge:

    Registration will open at 10am upstairs in the lobby and close at 10:25am. If you are not an Unlimited member you will need to sign a waiver. $25 cash will be due at time of registration. You will be a assigned a competitor’s number 1-?. At 10:45am we will draw the workout out of a hopper. An example of each exercise and form requirements will be given. Depending on the workout and equipment available we will determine the heat sizes. If the heat size is 10, the first 10 numbers will be in heat 1. You will be responsible for your own warm-up. The first heat should kick off at about 11am. The event will be held outside in our parking lot. Immediately following will be a BBQ and beer fest. Competitors will recieve free BBQ and beer. Spectators will pay $10 cash for food and drink. Proceeds are going to sponsor travel accomadations for 4 of our fighters for an upcoming fight. I’m super excited for this event and can’t wait to see all the incredible athletes strut their stuff.

  • Moises G.

    I will be there for sure! Representing with the DCF T-Shirt. Who else is down?

  • J Jones

    mmmmmm. . . . Beerfest.



    I should be able to make it. Are we carpooling from the shed?
    If so, could I catch a ride from there with someone?

  • J Jones

    I am surprised that more people aren’t confirming on here. . . I hope you guys have a plan.



  • Carry

    I would like to go…but my kids would probably get in everyone’s way….Rodil-are you bringing your boys?

  • Rodil

    Carry – My boys are staying home for this one. I can help keep an eye on your kids if you need to bring them. A few people brought their children to the CF Oakland throwdown last month.

  • Mark L.

    Apparently, your kids aren’t quite at the “handheld game” stage yet. 😎
    I’m not coming to this weekend, but I am coming to watch part of the games in July (with my camera), and I won’t have my own kids. That is, I can help corale other people’s if needed.

  • Stavros

    Workout today at 1500 in the engine bay. It was BRUTAL hot (95ish).


    20 Pull-ups
    30 Push-ups
    40 Sit-ups
    50 Squats
    5 rounds for time

    26:53 as RX’d

    Not a great time, but given the heat I’m fine with it. Was going to do the main site WOD, but shoulder are FRIED since my last two heavy lift days.

    As far as the CF Unlimited Challenge. So far for competing it’s; Moises, Rodil, Mike…anyone else?

  • Craig

    I’m likely in for Sunday!

  • J Jones

    (I’m going to post the recent times for FGB on this blog so that they are easy to find later -jj)

    It was an all out war with a ton of PR’s

    Craig new PR and well on way to 350
    Brian not sure about PR but def. represented and had to do Row first, which sucks.
    Moises PR and then had to suck it up and work the night shift.
    Darren got a Pr of 410 and had a new DCF record, until
    Jorgy came in next round and PR and set a DCF record of 435. He is sick and well on his way to a top 10 finish at the games. – Speal had top number posted on main page (437)

    ++Posted by: Darren at June 25, 2008 11:07 PM++

    Thanks for the push today guys. 340 for me and I started with SDHP. Felt fantastic until I rowed – which just sucks the air out. Bryan, the stud, started with Rowing!!

    Jorgy- thanks for the pacing idea. Its huge to have a number in mind, hit the number and get a little rest before going again.

    I’ve got 375 easy next time.

    By the way, Speal didn’t have to deal with our smoke polluted skies.

    Really awesome to do a wod with the boys again – I actually trained with Jorgy! darren over 400 – awesome too.

    ++Posted by: Craig at June 26, 2008 7:05 AM++

    FGB at 1600 today at The Shed. I PR’d at 325, 60 more than last time I did it. Jorgy was my “Coach”(thanks bro). This is the 3rd time I’ve done FGB, 2nd time was at the Level 1 Cert where I got 265. I really think this workout defines what we do at Crossfit.

    “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement”

    I love this stuff.

    ++Posted by: Stavros at June 26, 2008 6:06 PM++

    FGB on Friday morning (had to jump in on the ‘Fight gone bad Fest’ that was going on this week).


    Not a PR for me, but better than my last couple performances.


    ++Posted by: J Jones at June 27, 2008 8:21 AM++

  • J Jones

    (And these were from the white board on Thurs Night -jj)

    Rick 392 (STUD!)

    Shannon 259 (First time, First Place Womans!)
    Bryan 268
    Meg 245
    Steve 264 (Meg Bryan and Steve are all siblings!)
    Doug 179
    Victor 221
    Cal 252
    Ray 147 (11 yrs old)
    Kevin 305 (14 yrs old)