++== 8:00 AM CLASS CANCELED TODAY!! ==++


Jimmy and Brian dominating with the 20lb weight vests.


5 rounds:

1 minute max reps weighted pull ups (20lb vest or 45lb dumbell)

1 minute max reps OHS (65lb or 115lb)

200m sprint timed

1 minute rest

Add up total reps for the pull ups and OHS, add up all the seconds from the sprints. Divide reps by seconds for score. Post total reps, total seconds, and score to comments.


Quadruple Whammy of sleep study articles:

Lack of sleep linked to mortality in older men

Another key study finding is that men with more robust rest/activity rhythms had much lower mortality rates. Having greater levels of activity during the day and/or lower levels of activity during the night (better sleep quality) are characteristics of robust rhythms.

Teens perform better when starting school an hour later

Delaying an adolescent’s school start time by one hour has a positive effect on his or her cognitive performance. . .

Restricted sleep causes increases in high carb ‘snack foods’

According to the results, when bedtimes were restricted to five-and-a-half hours study subjects consumed more energy from snacks. The carbohydrate content of ingested snacks also increased for this group.

The authors concluded that factors such as longer exposure to an environment with unlimited access to food and changes in reward seeking and motivation may underlie the increased consumption of snacks associated with recurrent bedtime curtailment.

Bright lights and melatonin helps elderly patients with dementia

The researchers found that bright light lessened cognitive deterioration by a relative 5 percent, reduced depressive symptoms by a relative 19 percent and diminished the gradual increase in functional limitations by a relative 53 percent.

Melatonin reduced the time to fall asleep by a relative 19 percent and increased total sleep duration by 6 percent, but adversely affected caregiver ratings of withdrawn behavior and mood expressions. The addition of bright light improved the adverse effect on mood. In combination with bright light, melatonin reduced aggressive behavior by a relative 9 percent.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Carry

    My cell # is 925-813-0510….I was at the Shed @8:00 this morning….I didn’t check the site last night so I didn’t know the class was cancelled 🙁

  • Travis H

    If you thought those articles are interesting check out this book.


  • Craig

    My bad, Carry!! Called to LA late yest. Unusual timing had everyone else out. We’ll make it up to you.


    Hey Craig. Since I’m going to Korea I found out I cant take my bumper plates. Looking to sell.
    Plates and bar for 300 bones.
    Also, 2 pood KB. 75 bones.
    Spread the word.
    360-431-7758 Mike Mathers

  • Mark L.

    What plates come in your package?

  • sakura


    Just wondering who you got the site through. I’m going to be doing my dad’s website. Thanks!

  • Rodil

    Mike – Are you planning on going to the Hopper Challenge at Crossfit Unlimited in Milpitas this Sunday? Also, I think Stavros might be interested in your bumper set.

  • Mike Erickson


    I’m happy to buy the 2 pood KB for that price if Craig doesn’t want it for the shed.

  • Stavros

    Dibs on the bumpers and bar. I’ll take them as soon as you can let me have them.


  • J Jones


    Our website is through Movable Type. Rob is the one who set it up originally. If you have the dough ($200 – $500) you can probably have an awesome one made. Otherwise you can spend some hours online learning how to do it for free (plenty of ‘how-to’ websites). Just takes time.


  • sakura

    thanks, jeremy. i’m proficient in pretty much everything from basic html to java so i’m not worried about hiring someone. i really appreciate you getting back to me! =]