080621 SATURDAY “Anne = Legit”


Anne joined the DCF crew less than a year ago (left). This year she decided to run in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on June 7th (right). Can you see a difference?

In the next week or so you can expect a full testimonial from Anne, and where those 50 lbs went.

Are you ready to be our next success story?


Workout: 4 rounds for time

10 squat cleans (95lb, women, 135lbs men)

10 ring dips

200m sprint

Post time to comments.



Personally, I think we are going to find out who the world’s greatest athletes in the world are on July 5 and 6th at the CrossFit Games. . . But this article is interesting none-the-less (although I don’t know about their judge selection). -jj

World’s Greatest Athlete? From the Wall Street Journal

“We gave the performance stats and achievement records of 79 male athletes to a panel of 5 judges, and asked them to rank the competitors based on six criteria: speed; vision and reflex; stamina and recovery; coordination and flexibility; power, strength and size; and success and competitiveness. The final category examined success—records held and victories—as well as competitiveness, based on the sport’s popularity.”

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  • Mark L.

    Great article, though LT should definitely not be ranked below Lebron.
    I think Haile Gebrselassie (though mentioned for a recent WR) should be at least in the top 2. NO ONE has been as dominant in such a broad way as this guy (and for SOOOOO LONG).
    The article said Haile ran the mile in 4:45 (and could do it 26 times in a row), as if that was his sum accomplishment.
    The article ignores the fact that Haile set the WR in the 1500m in 1997 @ 3:32.39 (adjusted for a mile, that’s about 3:45). He also has multiple world marks in 10,000m, 5,000m, 3,000, 2,000, two mile, 20K, and more… and his first WR was set in 1995 with his first world championship won in 1994.
    His most recent WR was set in late September of LAST YEAR, and he took a silver in 10,000m and gold in 3,000m as recently as 2003.
    25+ “world best” times to his credit over 10 different distances ranging from 1,500m to 42,190m (marathon) over a 14 year span should definitely get top 2, don’t you think?


    Talk about IRON MAN! Holy Crap!

  • Craig

    Anne, I’m inspired and motivated – by your attitude.

    Awesome unposed pics too!

    Its always been fantastic to train with you.

    Mark, they picked the correct number #1. The rest was a popularity contest. Check out the cool video – click the picture of Brian Clay above.

  • Craig

    3 Muscle Ups (singles) today at the Shed. Jorgy coached and witnessed.

    Thanks, buddy.


    I can only wonder what would happen if all those guys ran through that SPARQ test along with OPT, Josh Everett,and Speal?
    I got 5 bucks says OPT takes top 3.

  • J Jones

    You said it ‘ruiner’. OPT, Greg Amundson, Everett, Speal, Jorgy. . .

    I think we need to run a few of these tests at The Shed. At least the Vert leaps, med ball toss, and the ‘jumps for time’.

    I bet if you combined all the tests in a row you’d have a pretty good CrossFit WOD.


  • Moises G.

    What time are we meeting at the shed tomorrow morning? Or are we just meeting up at Crossfit Unlimited? Who ever is going could e-mail me @ mgomez@acgov.org

  • Rodil

    I live in Dublin, so I’m driving straight to Crossfit Unlimited. If you want to carpool from there, let me know.

  • Eric Maguire

    Right on Anne! Looking Great!!
    We need more before and after pics and testimonials.
    I am Trying to get everyone on board with crossfit down here in SD at my new station and they are comming along slowly, any suggestions?

  • Craig

    Eric, go visit Eddie & Lisa Lugo at CF San Diego. They are very involved with CFHQ – Lisa runs the affiliates Eddie is Coach’s right hand guy, an ex-Navy Seal. They will gladly help you.

  • Eric Maguire

    Cool, thanks craig, how are things going at the shed?