080622 SUNDAY Coach Rut’s “Box Jumping Bear”


I color matched my outfit to go with the mold on the tire (because I am thoughtful like that). -jj

Workout: “Box Jumping Bear

From “The Fitness Conduit” (Coach Rutman’s phenomenal site)

1 Round for Time

30 Box Jumps

-7 DB Circuits of:

5 Dumbbell Deadlift

5 Dumbbell Hang Clean

5 Dumbbell Front Squat/Push Press (aka-Thrusters)

30 Box Jumps

Loading equals 45% of bodyweight. New students should adjust down load and/or rounds of dumbbell work.

Video and review of the generic “Dumbbell Bear” can be found on Coach Rut’s site HERE


Coach Rutman’s DVD’s are chock full of good info, covering everything from unlimited dumbbell training tips, workouts, food, warm ups, and so much more.

You can find his stuff here on the Performance Menu site. Or by clicking on the link in the right side bar.

(Don’t worry about buying from them, their safe. Robb and Greg know that I’ll throw dumbbells at their heads when they are not looking if anyone has any problems – and not one of the rubber coated ones either -jj).

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  • Stavros

    Hey guys,

    I’m 50/50 for tomorrow. My days off work just got crammed with stuff and I’m needed home tomorrow, if I go, I’ll bring my daughter with me. I know Mike was planning on meeting me at 8.45 at the Shed to Carpool. Moises, Craig, are you going to carpool as well? Email back tonight if you get this. Sorry for the late notice. If I end up going, I’ll be at the Shed by 9ish. I’ll try and make it happen. Call or text me as well.

  • Mark L.

    Leaving town for a few days. Hopefully, my finger will be fully healed by the time I get back on Tuesday, so I can start using my arms for stuff.
    Had a great workout administered by Nate last week (suggested by Carry) with Anne (as Rx). Got some great double under practice (consistent with my 2008 goals). Finished in 23 minutes or something (it’s hard to get this workout done when you can’t do 2 back to back double unders, and have to space them with a few regular rotations.
    Nate is a great trainer (and has fantastic new hair)!
    I also spent a lot of time jawing with JJ, afterwards.
    Great workout!
    I’ll be doing some running in the high altitude, the next couple days (Arnold, CA).

  • Rodil

    I’m driving from Dublin, so I’ll see everyone at CF Unlimited at 10:00 am.


    Looks like I’ll drive.

  • Craig

    Thanks for representing, Mike, Stav, Rodil and Moises!! Heard it was a nutso wod!

    Look forward to the details.

  • Austin


    Thanks for supporting our hopper challenge. Hopefully we can come down to “The Shed” one day and return the favor. You guys are studs.