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The Asian squat by many considered dangerous and damaging for the knees.

Try to tell that to this guy and to the population of Asia, which must have the highest level of knee problems in the world, considering that they squat like this all day, to eat, to talk, to rest and yes to use the bathroom.

The Asian squat differ from the regular squat, mainly by how far low your body goes, all the way to were your thighs are touching your calves, and your feet are flat on the ground, you want your torso up-right, you hips under your shoulders and a nice natural spine curvature.

Unfortunately not everyone is limber enough to get that low and to get there without losing they spine’s curvature, you can try this at home or at the gym:

grab a hold of a door post and use it to balance yourself while you are lowering your body into the squat, go as low as you body will let you and then hold that for few seconds.

Do this everyday and try to get lower each time until you are able to look like the guy in the picture.

Your body will thank you and your Clean, Snatch and Front Squat will dramatically improve.

Click here to read an article about it.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:


Push Press ( 95lbs, 115lbs)


Box Jumps

Alternate Push Press and Box Jumps and storm through for time.

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A little more detailed description of the Asian squat

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  • Mark L.

    All the white guys who married Asian chicks and are trainers at DCF, please raise their hand! 😎
    Anyway, this particular position highlights the importance of flexibility (once again) to being able to be in PROPER physical condition (as per our “design specification”).

    Not to make this overly scientific and emotionally detatched, but:

    Men (especially)… how long (in minute per day average) do you spend stretching? Do you stretch before/after EVERY planned physical exercise event?

    Luca-Welcome back from So*Cal… sorry it was so hot, but you were probably better off than we were. 😉 Carry made me do Anne when my finger was broken. Get her back! 😎

  • Luca Z.

    My point precisely Mark, we need to make stretching as much part of our daily routine as the CrossFit WOD, which is going to make us better at it too. We need to be able to move our body as they were design to move.
    So. Cal. was brutal but at least I wasn’t working out with injuries, Carry will be a great trainer, no mercy, eheheh

  • Rodil

    Luca – can you rip a copy of that cool music from the squat video and play it during our next WOD? lol

  • J Jones

    Awesome video.


  • Luca Z.

    Be careful of what you’re asking Rodil I just might do that eheheh

  • Ruiner, SSgt, USAF

    Without ass to ankle flexibility many other skills are limited as well. Balance at that depth, coordination of movement, agility, power output will be cut because proper ROM can’t be met. All those areas will be blunted severely without flexibility. Coach hit the nail on the head when he said that you’re only as fit as you are competant in all ten physical skills.
    A stiff athlete isn’t just inflexible, he’s most likely unbalanced as well, therefore blunting growth in many other areas.

  • Ruiner, SSgt, USAF

    Luca, the link to the article won’t work.

  • Ruiner, SSgt, USAF

    Luca, the link to the article won’t work.

  • J Jones

    Link should be fixed now.