080627 FRIDAY “JT”


Nikala (on right) is halfway through the burpees on the “Filthy Fifty” recently. Nikala just moved down to San Diego, and we expect her to show the SoCal affiliates how we do it at The Shed.

Workout: “JT”

Complete 21-15-9 reps rounds for time of:

Handstand push-ups

Ring dips




HSPU variations:


The CrossFit Games is fast approaching. What will you eat?

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  • JimmyG

    Jorgy forgot to put down that he’s bringing Mona Vie for everyone!!! LOL

  • Stavros

    Jimmy forgot to wait for the page to load before posting 20 more times!!!

  • J Jones

    (just so everyone knows – I deleted the 5 or so extra copies of Jimmy’s first comment).


  • Mark L.

    Jorgy had the flame shorts on last night!
    RE: 2008 Benchmarks. I did 10 consecutive double unders last night at the shed! My goal for 2008 was 5. First I did 2, then 3, then 2… this went on for about 10 minutes. Then, with no warning, I just did 10 in a row. I kept expecting the next one to miss, and it just didn’t. I tried to repeat the feat, but the most I could get after another 15 minutes was 4.
    Then, I worked on my kipping pullups in preparation for the weekend with Luca giving me pointers and corrections. I finally got a fairly good kip (still working on legs), but I also got a rip. I’ll be taping my hands this weekend, it appears.
    Lastly, I went to globo gym, stretched for 15 minutes and did 4 miles of varying pace and incline (from 5:15 miles to 9 minute miles), then stretched for 10 more minutes, and I called it a day.
    Today, I’m taking it easy because I’m expecting to get flogged 2 days in a row at One World CF1.

  • Carry

    Who’s gonna be there tonight? Chanda & I will be there @ 6:10…have to work until 6:00

  • sarah


    3 Rounds for time-
    800 m run
    21 thrusters
    21 kb swings
    21 pullups

    Jaz- 27:?? (25# thrusters) sorry Jaz, forgot your time….its all the smoke in the air…=)
    Paula- 29:07 (25# thrusters)
    Sarah- 29:05 (45# thrusters 35# kb swings)


  • Rodil

    Mark and Jimmy – Good luck at the CF Cert!

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Rodil! I’ve been doing a lot of reading in preparation for the information overload. Lots of good fitness science with all the BS filtered out. Crossfit is a great system. It’s the next wave to hit the fitness world. It’s a Tsunami!

  • J Jones

    If anyone is counting, I pulled a 343 FGB this morning (couldn’t miss out on all the fun). Not a PR, but much better than my last few attempts.


  • jorgy

    Nikala looks like she is really going for a huge jump on those burpees haha. Just so everyone knows, the shirts are in and they are awesome. I will be bringing to the shed tomorrow at around 11:30 so be ready to buy them. They are $15 cash and will be available in all different sizes. We do not have tank tops this time around, mostly because the last batch of those sucked my left nut, so instead we went with all shirts.

    As for working out. JJ, nice number on the FGB, you are for sure getting closer to where you used to be. Mark and Jimmy good luck at the cert have fun and work hard to represent DCF.

  • Stavros

    Had a date with Jackie today at work. All 3 of us did it, myself, my engineer and my Captain(his for CF workout!!)


    1000m Row
    50 Thrusters(45#)
    30 Pull Ups

    Frank 13:20 (subbed p/u’s)
    Capt. Shubin 10:15(sub’d w/25 & 15)
    Stavros 7:49 as RX’d (a new PR!)

  • Moises G.

    Well Nate and Jorgy are great motivators hands down!!! We all did JT posting some decent times: Jorgy and I sub nine and Nasty Nate sub 11. I had some gas in the tank after JT from the NO Explode so I decided to do FRAN. Nate and Jorgy pushed me to my limits helping me post a sub 4 time. I still feel like SHIT guys, but Thank you!