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+++DCF CLOSED THIS WEEKEND! FRI, SAT, SUN (we will all be at the CF Games).+++


Mark (behind the camera) and Jimmy (on the left) got to go to CrossFit One World this weekend to get their Level I certifications. CF All Star, and generally all around nice guy, Adrian Bozeman from CrossFit San Francisco (center left with horns) is one of the trainers who dishes out the info (and the pain) at the certs. And Toby the rowing phenom from Sacramento’s Fourth Power Fitness (making me look like a midget) on the right.


Newbie WOD

400m run

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 sit ups

40 squats

For time. Then:

Overhead Squat




Higher coffee consumption associated with lower liver cancer risk.

The researchers noted a significant inverse association between coffee drinking and the risk of primary liver cancer. They found that the multivariable hazards ratio of liver cancer dropped for each group that drank more coffee. It fell from 1.00, to .66, to .44, to .38 to .32 respectively. “The biological mechanisms behind the association of coffee consumption with the risk of liver cancer are not known,” the authors point out.

I know that a bunch of the coaches at DCF are glad to see information like this. -jj

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  • Moises Gomez

    Jimmy you are official!!! Congrats man, I owe you an adult soda. Good job man.

  • Luca Z.

    Congrats to both jimmy and Mark!

  • Craig

    Hey no horns showin’ on the CF Main page today!

  • J Jones

    Yeah. If Freddie and Jolie are doing the “One World” deal, then we have to make sure we give the Devil Horns as much as possible. . . And if we are ever standing next to them or at their gym, we’ll do a hybrid “One Devil”, you know to show our love for the CFOW peeps. . . Yo.

    It was good to see Freddy, Jolie and Nicole again. I am always amazed how cool it is to hang out with old CF buddies even after not seeing them for months and months.

    Jimmy, Mark – What was the tall guys name and where was he from? (the one that makes me look small) I want to make sure he and his gym get credit beneath the pic.



    Congrats guys!!

  • JimmyG

    Thanks everyone. The Cert was so Fun. Sorry about the no Horns.
    Toby the tall Guy, was super cool and from Sac.
    His rowing on FGB was world class. 34,36,34 calories!!! Un-Fracking believable!!

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Mike! It was a heck of a weekend.
    JJ, that guy’s name is Toby. I added him to my myspace this morning since he posted on the main Crossfit site (I told him to look at our page).
    He’s from the Sacramento area, I think. He’s been rowing for 16 years. He pulled a 99 just on the rowing segment of Fight Gone Bad (with a 38 calories on round 1)! I think he gets 2 calories per pull. Jimmy was trying to talk him into coming to the games so he could win Jimmy a rower, but he’s already got one, so no go. Anyway, he got a 330+ on his very first FGB.
    Craig-Sorry about no horns. They didn’t really give much notice on the picture. They had everyone line up, I started to squat (the Asian Squat), and they just took it in one shot and said, THANKS EVERYONE! Looks like Jimmy was wrestling with Boz in the picture or something, too.

  • Mark L.

    FULL DOWNLOAD (please skip if you don’t care)
    Crossfit Level 1 Cert (Crossfit One World, Union City)
    Jimmy G. and I met at the shed each morning, and car pooled down in my Jeep. Quick drive at about 0:40.
    We arrived a little early, and there was a bunch of people milling around. Very friendly people… no problem getting to know people as everyone was looking to make some connections with other trainers. There were people from all over the country sitting for the cert (Atlanta, Mississippi, etc.) as well as Bay Area locals and One World members. There were about 50 attendees in all.
    The format for the weekend was that we would sit through 1 or 2 hours of lecture (engaging and WELL delivered lecture), then we would spend some time doing skill drills on movement progressions in pre-assigned groups. We kept our groups for the entire weekend. Movement progressions taught us how to do the complex lifts (by taking us through various sub-sets of the movements the way we do the Newbie Quick Start), but they also taught us how to TEACH these lifts to someone new to Crossfit by breaking them down in interesting ways. Saturday, we spent a lot of time frozen in positions with PVC pipe as the trainer would walk around the circle and check us out. This was a workout in itself!
    Luca made a cameo at noon on Saturday, and he held the timer for the trainers when they did their lunch WOD. We talked to Luca for a while, and then Jimmy and I went to Mr. Kabobs and GNC for lunch.
    More lecture, more skill drills, and we did Fran at the end of the day. This was my first Fran experience. This was done in 2 groups of 25 or so people (an awesome spectacle both visually and aurally). Trainers stood over you to make sure you did complete pull-ups and didn’t cheat on your thrusters. My last nine count of pull-ups sounded like, 1-2-3-3-4-4-4-4… You get the picture. Not having much experience on how to pace myself on Fran, I was able to force out a 9:07. Jimmy started out great when it was his turn, but in his cycle of 15 thrusters, it woke up a quad pull he received earlier in the week doing 150 wall balls at the Shed, and he immediately (smartly) stopped and went for the ice.
    When Fran was done, they gave us beer. GOOD BEER! Guinness, Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, etc. They told us they used magic and made it Zone compliant which was great because I drank 2. They also told us the next morning that we drank more beer per attendee than ever in the history of the certs (though I had a feeling they tell all the groups this since we all like to PR).
    Sunday started with some review, and we then went through some detailed lectures on nutrition which included some “why” and “how” behind the Zone (hormone feedback loops and such).
    As we started to close on lunchtime, I looked to my right and saw 8 columns of:
    C2 rower
    Barbell for Push Press (both women and men’s Rx)
    24″ box
    Barbell for Sumo DL High Pull (both women and men’s Rx)
    Wall ball

    Fight gone bad (with no smoke in the air). This was another amazing spectacle. Seeing THAT many people (paired with a partner encouraging them) was pretty impressive. Jimmy had me start on Sumo Deadlift High Pull, and he talked to me about strategy. Having never done FGB before, Jimmy thought I should shoot for 300, so we broke it down into goals of 25 each, plus 8 calories on the rower. My first round was pretty good. Second round, it became evident that my 300 goal was a little lofty after having done Fran the day before. Also, I was still a little sore from posing in position for trainers all day. Jimmy cracked the whip though (just hard enough to hang tough), and my third round saw some improvement. I ended with 236 for my first FGB showing. The Metallica playing at top volume was better than NO Explode.
    We capped it off with some more lecture time, and a last functional training for kipping pull-ups, GHD sit-up, muscle ups and the snatch. I ALMOST got my first muscle up. I pulled it through, and my weight was over my hands, but my hands were about 8 inches from my side, so I couldn’t hold it. As I let it drop I got a big “aaawwwww!” from the crowd. I wanted to try again, but Freddie kicked me off since I’d actually wandered into another group. 😎 Those 2 reps with a good trainer got me 80% there. I’ll bet I could do it given a couple rings and 30 minutes, now! Amazing how a trained eye and a good communicator can get your so far so quickly.
    We got back to our seats, and Nicole declared us certified by waving her hand over us. She also told us that in 6 months, we are eligible to come back for a level 2 cert (which currently has a 60% FAILURE rate, so that one is TOUGH).
    On the way back home Sunday night, Jimmy challenged my Jeep Rubicon suspension to jump some railroad tracks we had seen the day before at 60 mph. We did it. It wasn’t exciting. The suspension ate that up like it was stomping a baby squirrel. I started looking for Mini Coopers to run over, but we got to the Freeway Entrance before I found any.
    We also passed Jimmy’s new MMA Jacked/Crossfit Gym on the drive home. I’m going to take a peek in there some other evening. mmajacked. com
    All in all: AMAZING WEEKEND!
    I’m looking forward to Crossfit Kids in August in Aromas.

  • Craig

    Congrats Mark & Jimmy. Glad to have you Certified.

    Nice summary, Mark.

  • Craig

    By the way, what’s a “quad pull?”