080701 TUESDAY



A good description for this picture would be PAIN, lot of PAIN.

Anyway the reason why I posted this picture is because I wanted to talk about what happens during a WOD in class and why us trainers yell at you to correct your form. Beside been one of the fun things to do as a trainer, it’s also to make sure you guys get the max out of your work-out with out getting hurt, so when we tell you to land with all the foot on top of the box as you jump, it is to avoid your leg looking like this, after your half placed foot, slipped off and you shin had a nice encounter with the sharp border of the box.

So next time you are in class and we are on your face to fully open those hips, to get your chin over the bar, to keep you back arched on your deadlift, as you’re dying to finish the WOD and a “F**K YOU!!!” is coming to mind, remember it’s for you’re own good, to make you a better, stronger and injury free athlete.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:


For time

Row 1000m

50 Thrusters 45#

30 Pull Ups

This is a benchmark WOD so if you want to end up on the board, this is one of them, give all you got, and post your time.


I saw the promos for this new game-show and boy it sounds so much up our alley, In and Out Fran and Helen like, check it out.

Post your comments.

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  • Moises G.

    Another benchmark WOD! Hell yeah, Jorgy and Rick got me motivated to another level. With those two guys pushing you through a WOD you can get on the board quick. I am looking forward to this one.

  • Rodil

    Ouch. Looking at that picture reminds me why I only do box jumps on wood (solid side) boxes. I missed a jump once on a metal box (open frame) and slammed my shin into the edges. Once was more than enough.

    Luca – I plan to be at your 8:00 am class tomorrow so I’m looking forward to Jackie (I think it’s only 30 pullups). This is the first benchmark WOD I did as RX’d, so I’m curious to see what my time is now. Last time I tried this was early April, when Jorgy convinced me to start doing pullups unassisted (at least at the beginning of a workout).

  • Moises G.

    Another benchmark WOD! Hell yeah, Jorgy and Rick got me motivated to another level. With those two guys pushing you through a WOD you can get on the board quick. I am looking forward to this one.

  • jorgy

    nice socks geek

  • Craig


    Jorgy and Rick did Filthy Fifty yesterday. Are you ready for this???

    Sub 14min!! 13mins+!!

    Honestly, I’ve never seen a time posted on the CF main page within 2 minutes of this.

  • Craig

    FROM THE MAIN SITE, Mar 4, 2008:

    Filthy Fifty

    15:34 as rx’d – PB
    34 yom
    Comment #84 – Posted by: OPT at March 4, 2008 4:53 AM

    As Rx’d:


    First time using the 24″ box… I was using a 20″ until the gym got a 24. Little slower with the bigger box but would love to get this under 15 min.
    Comment #203 – Posted by: Speal at March 4, 2008 10:24 AM

    Jorgy & Rick beat OPT & Speal by 2mins

  • Luca Z.

    Those are manly socks!!!!


    Man, is Jorgy competing this year?
    I hope so, he’s truely a beast.

  • J Jones

    To use the slang of today’s computer youth: PWNED!

    That is just phenomenal. We must start videoing these performances because I know that after the games, people are going to be all up in DCF’s grill asking about Rick and Jorgy.

    And yes Luca. Those are some lame socks. Dude. At first I was thinking “That woman really needs to shave her legs. . .”


  • Luca Z.

    Let’s just say that I’m in touch with my feminine inside.

  • Mark L.

    He’s competing (and taking this week off to rest up). I think Jorgy or Rick could potentially be dark horse candidates for a #1 spot. Certainly a top 10 finish for both (Rick said top 15, but I think he’s sandbagging!!)
    DCF is getting ready to explode in the wake of the games based on our showing (and GO CARRY!). Maybe after the games, Jimmy could market a supplement called DCF Explod (branded by MMA Jacked).

    …and I second Josh’s comment on the socks. Those socks might be a clue as to the cause of the injury. Limp wrists might be genetically linked to limp ankles.

  • J Jones

    Video on the mainpage talking about the games (not much info about events but it might have clues).


    So all you competitors (the ones that are just resting right?) better be ready to check the ‘interweb’ tomorrow night.


  • Mark L.

    Hey, I saw them filming that video at One World this weekend!

  • Craig

    Well, Luca, the shin will heal. At least you didn’t pull a quad.

  • Mike Erickson

    It shouldn’t be so red. New lacerations should be scrubbed well w/ soap and water and dosed with alcohol. They heal much faster if they don’t get infected.

    Rick and Jorgy. Awesome. You’re not going the get the big heads after becoming celebrities are you? You have to stay humble at least until you get the BW overhead press. Maybe after the games you two can go down to 1-World and get some DCF revenge. Not saying Craig and JJ aren’t up to it….

  • Nate

    Just a follow-up on the intermittent fasting post the other day. I am now a couple of weeks deep and although there are good days and bad in terms of the desire to eat during the fast, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results. PRs in Fran, JT, and Jackie in my last 3 benchmark/Hero wods. Well, maybe the PR in Jackie was more the result of being whipped with a stop watch when I was deemed going too slow on the row. But it was my first time under 10…and under 9 so I’ll take the beating.

  • J Jones

    “The beatings will continue until moral improves.”


  • Luca Z.

    I thank you all for the comforting words about my injury and not so comforting about my choice of socks. But being the bigger man, to some at least, I won’t reply.
    Mike I did take care of the wound right away, I guess my blood is redder than average, almost blue, eheheh, Craig I’ll take the shin any day over the quad, that would suck so much

  • Stavros

    I PR’d on Filthy 50 today;

    19:04 as RX’d

    You’d think a sub-20 time would be somewhere near the top on a white board….NOPE. I’m 4th, our gym is stellar. Solid work guys. It’s rest time until the games.