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+++REMINDER: The Shed will be closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the CF Games. Anyone who would like to meet us there will receive a free workout.+++


Sheriff Bryan had to stop by and give Jorgy (above) and Rick (below) speeding tickets. . .


For doing “Fran” in sub 3 minutes and the “Filthy Fifty” in sub 14 minutes!!! F-ing Strong work guys!

Workout: 2 rounds for time,

50 doubleunders

40 pull ups

30 lunge steps with two dumbbells (alternating R,L) women: 25lb dbs, men: 45lb dbs

20 Deadlifts, women: 135, men: 225

10 Handstand push ups.

Post time to comments.



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Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Rodil

    Jorgy and Rick – those times are amazing. I’m going to enjoy watching you guys tear it up at the Games.

    This is an interesting looking WOD I found at Live Long Crossfit in Maryland (I think). Like Fight Gone Bad but with rest between each exercise:

    “One Minute”

    WOD: “One Minute”

    1 Minute of:

    Deadlift (135/95)

    Push Press (45/35)

    Row (Calories)

    Wall Ball (20/14)

    3 Rounds For Score!

    Score Like FGB, but no running clock. One full minute work at each exercise, One minute rest between exercises. NO REST BETWEEN ROUNDS!

    So it’s 1 minute of exercise, 1 minute rest repeating 12 times. I think this format would let two groups work at the same time, since one group could rest while the other exercises. I definitely want to give this a try.

  • Craig

    Good workout – jj. I’ll try later today.

    Rodil, I’ve seen that one. Cool workout – interval style. With one min rest between exercises you should BLAST thru each. 12 total rounds is a lot for intervals, but great wod anyway.

  • craig

    Anyone up for a July 4th workout? AM sometime..

  • Mark L.

    Craig: I am there. Let me know (e-mail is preferable).

    BTW: Who all is going down on Saturday morning? I am going down to do some filming, but, afterwards, I’m headed back to Arnold. I haven’t decided whether to come back Sunday morning or Saturday night, but I know I’d rather tough out the long nighttime drive rather than pay a night of lodging in a hotel. 😎
    Are people camping? Is there some sort of get together? I am clueless.

  • Luca Z.

    I’m going to be there Sunday morning, but I’ll be leaving from the city.

  • Moises G.

    Jorgy and Rick you two better kick some ass at the games. Both of you have trained your butt’s off. Good luck and good job guys, see you later today.


    I’m considering go down for both days, but I’m planning on camping somewhere. You know, pitch a tent and shower where I can.

  • J Jones

    Damnit. I hate when my posts get eaten by the interwebs.

    Mike – I’ll be pitching a tent next to Jimmy’s trailer. I think Stavros and Darren will be doing the same. You are welcome to join us.

    Craig – I might be interested. I have to set up my bike for the trip (getting some panniers and trying to carry all the stuff myself), so I might be busy.

    Also, this workout is a serious Ass kicker. Last night, Hyle, Tanya, Kevin, Ray, Doug, Cal and Chris hit it HARD. Doug used some seriously heavy weights and grinded it out in 40 minutes or so. Stout effort! Chris killed it in less than 15 I think (I’d be more certain except everyone’s times got erased between 7pm and the 6am class?)

    We did this morning as well (time, DL weight/dumbbell weight used)

    Chanda – 20:43, 35/15 (assisted pull ups, mod HSPU)
    Carry – 21:55, 95/25 (subbed ring dips for p/u, mod HSPU)
    JJ – 20:23, 185/45

    The lunges with 90 lbs was the hardest by far for me. I went slow and light on the DLs and my back is still mad at me. Everything else went good.


  • Rodil

    Crossfit Games 2008 format is up! http://www.CrossfitGames.com

    Event A: Fran

    Event B – Five rounds for time of:
    5 Deadlifts: 275 lbs for males, 185 lbs for females.
    10 Burpees

    Event C: 750 m Trail Run

    Event D (Sunday): Announced after Saturday’s events

  • Mark L.

    A 750m run event by itself? That rocks! At least the skinny guys can compete (Event B might favor the large)

  • Darren

    Not really Fran. Has to be chest touching (Clavical and below)the bar on pull ups.

    And Trail run is more like steep hill climb. So going to suck for every one.

  • Carry

    I don’t even know if I can dead lift 185!?
    Should I come by the Shed and try?…I think I’ve only tried 155 lbs. Holy crap. So glad the run is 750 meters instead of the 5K….haven’t been running too much lately.

  • Craig

    Carry, you can get 185 – you might want to come by the Shed and get a feel.

  • Craig

    JJ- should we bring a tub for ice baths?? It would really help our guys for recovery.


    if you bring a tub can the guys that are camping use it for hygene? Just kidding. Honestly though, that hill run looks nasty.

    “Holy Shit!! In texas we have hills, but that’s not a fuckin hill”
    Dutch’s response on seeing the hill.

  • Mac

    Did the workout exactly as prescribed. Took me 26:13 to complete… Almost passed out on the dealifts, good times. Looking forward to more challenging wod’s from this site.

  • J Jones

    Right on Mac. Thanks for posting.

    My legs are sore from the lunges. . .


  • J Jones


    My first look says,

    1. Run (less risk of injury, easiest to go as hard as possible)
    2. ‘Chest Up’ Fran (somewhat familiar. still need coordination)
    3. DL/Burpee (good chance of tweaking your back on this one. . . burpees and DLs are known back killers. Much of the time, you won’t feel it until after the workout, and if you still have 1 or 2 events that day. . . you’re screwed).

    Of course that just how I see it. You guys probably have your own strategies.


  • Mike Erickson

    The “20 minute time limit” appended on the description of an only 750 meter run scares me a little. There may be some horrendously steep portions, both up and down on this run. Here’s a link to hill running advice:


    Good luck to all DCF’ers going to the games this weekend. Would anyone mind (who posted their cell phone #) if I give them a call this weekend to see how things are going? I won’t call anyone who doesn’t say it’s okay. Thanks.