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On a recent visit to Disneyland I had this thought, yes even on vacation I couldn’t stop thinking about CrossFit and all the fitness industry, anyway I was thinking that any person in the fitness business should go to Disneyland for a day and see what America’s population looks like.

There you get to see people from all over the Country and you get to realize that we are loosing the battle for fitness and health, from little kids to young adults and to older people the average person is overweight, by a lot. I was amazed by the percentage of FAT people I saw in there, and don’t let me started on the quality of the food you get in those amusement parks, burgers, churros, caramel apples, you get the idea. CrossFit is spreading fast across the Country and we are making people aware of the problem and giving them a solution, but I wonder if we are fast enough, to reverse the course of things.

It’ll be nice if big corporations like Disney and other amusement parks owners would offer some healthier food choices in their establishments


Check what UK MacDonald’s CEO had to say about kids obesity: Read this article

If that’s what they think then we sure are in big trouble.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Front Squat


Post your numbers


I couldn’t believe it when I saw this article

A Fat People’s Guide to the Rides at Disneyland.

read on and post your comments


And, from a “not so happy place on Earth”:

Dutch demos Chest Touching Butterfly Pull Ups! Dutch On The Games

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  • Mark L.

    Awesome posting, Luca! (‘nuf said)

  • jorgy

    what about the turkey legs??? AWESOME i might say

  • Luca Z.

    Thanks Mark you’re always so kind 😉

  • Rodil

    Here’s a suggested packing list for athletes this weekend. I got a lot of these items from CF One World and CF Oakland:

    Bactine spray antiseptic (cleans wounds, relieves pain and doesn’t sting) or Neosporin gel
    Bandages – big and small
    Tape for hands
    Baby wipes for washing up
    Lots of water, water bottle and ice in a cooler
    Aleeve or Motrin/Advil for soreness
    Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses
    Digital camera or Video cam, charger, memory cards or tapes
    Chocolate milk for post-workout? Sports drink for before workout?
    Cheese sticks, fruit, PB & J sandwich, other food for snacks
    Lawn chairs
    Spare towels, socks and other clothes
    iPod or MP3 player with music to pump you up

  • Craig

    Hey! I was just there a few weeks ago and had a blast. Disney is best done before school lets out and on Mon – Wed. Food choices are much better than 5 years ago. Many restaurants in the park have upgraded. Nonetheless, we watched people make bad selections. Habits hard to break.

  • Mark L.

    Did you all check out the new pullup standards for the games? If not, you should. Dutch does a good model of the pullup standard on the main site, and the crossfitgames site has some of the other standards.
    Josh/Rick/Carry… check it out!

  • Rodil

    The new pullup standard at the Games (touching your chest to the bar) – how big a difference do you think this will make on the athletes’ times?

    What day and time is the DCF BBQ at the Games?

    Can athletes/spectators going to the Games post their cell # so we can find each other? Here’s mine: 925-922-0470

    Craig – I’m interested in an early morning class on the 4th.

  • Craig

    For the Games: who can secure a good spot for DCF? I’ll bring a shade maker (if I can buy one today) a cooler full of drinks etc.

    Anyone have an old roll of carpet to laydown? And, even better, an old couch to sit on? Need a couple tables too. I’ll haul it down.

  • Mark L.

    JJ and Jimmy G. are going down Friday to set up base camp and the DCF “Tent City”. I am going down Saturday, and may or may not stay. Possible ride alongs with me are Mike Mathers (The Ruiner) and Luca. If I come back Sat. night, Mike might need a ride back on Sunday.

    My cell is 925-457-7724.

    In my opinion, the standards will definitely make performance times go down (especially for shorties like me). Thrusters, for example, you have to get hip below knee for it to count. Normally, we train thrusters on a med ball. For me (and Dutch, too), even just sitting on a med ball, I am not sure I meet that hip below knee standard. My legs are so short, even when I’m sitting right on the ground my feet dangle! 😎
    I’d be amazed if anyone posts a sub 3:15 Fran at the games.


    Mike Mathers


    Mark- I’m gonna carpool down with Craig and Stav amd camp out so I won’t be coming back on sat night.
    For the thruster standard ,I think it’s a legit standard. It seems to me that besides just being arbitrary for the games, the standards are also a call back to proper form and full range of motion. I see lately that in the quest for even faster times ROM, rep quality, and perhaps even functionality are lost.

    “Some ‘fitness’ folks like to quote the Henry Rollins phrase, “two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.” At Gym Jones we say that, to ensure valid measurement a yardstick must be one yard long and two hundred pounds is only that when moved through a complete range of motion — regardless of the speed at which it moves.”

  • Kenny

    Excellent point. You see these tractor trailers there wearing 4xl tigger shirts and it really makes you appreciate the condition we are in. You also realize how lazy the rest of the population has become.

    Good luck at the games!

  • J Jones

    New posters are coming out of the woodwork! (see yesterday)

    I think I have got everyone’s cell numbers (even the ones not listed here), and I am usually pretty good about answering my cell (except when I am riding my motorcycle).

    From Jimmy:

    “JJ and I will scout out our base camp. Look for my Truck, trailer and the Soldier Fight Gear booth and Banners.
    I’m bringing a large BBQ, Fire wood, Keg beer, ice, chicken, meat, fruit salad, breakfast stuff and Smores.
    Everyone needs to bring something to share!!! and NOT just your smiles or personality.”

    I already emailed Freddy to see if he was interested in setting up camp near us. There is no sense in making people walk far between the two coolest parties.


    (PS doesn’t the three events in one day look kind of like one single workout with very long intervals in between?)

  • Mark L.

    Thanks Jeremy. I don’t have YOUR cell phone #, though. 😎 I do have Jimmy’s.

  • J Jones

    I posted my initial thoughts on event order on Wednesday’s blog.



    Craig…for the wod tomorrow do you want to try “FRAN” as RX for the games? i think it would be interesting to see how much of a difference the pull ups will make on the average compeitetor.

  • J Jones


    We are going to need it.


  • Darren

    What time is the workout tommorrow? It would be nice to see others do the games workout to maybe get some strategy.

  • J Jones

    Good idea Darren.

    I’ll be a guinea pig (if I have time to get a workout in).


  • Craig

    9:00 AM Workout – JULY 4th at The Shed?


    Fran first!! Its a warm-up workout, for the most part and will not take away from the others.

    Do 275lb deads and burpees and your Fran will suffer.

    The hill is the hill – gonna be a bitch no matter what. 4-5 minutes of all out climbing.

  • Craig

    Saturday road trippers: I’ll be at the Shed at 5:00AM ready to go.


    i wanna try and run the hill while people are registering before the heats start and see what it’s like. there’s some nasty stuff in rockville, i wonder if it compares?

  • Rodil

    Is a 9:00 AM class still on for July 4th?