080709 WEDNESDAY “CrossFit Total”

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Jorgy in the middle of the 155lb squat clean and jerk workout at the games.

Workout: CrossFit Total (Click here for an article description)

Back squat, 1 rep

Shoulder Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep



Below is a video with CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa performing the Clean and Jerk workout and taking the title.

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  • Darren

    Nice showing at the shed yesterday. Looks like the games inspired everyone to come in and do some serious work. We probably had about 15-20 people show up between 5-7. I love it. And in that heat, Makes me proud to be a part of this special place.

  • J Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Everyone should deal with the heat alright. . .we are “DIABLO” CrossFit.

    Jimmy and I did some max effort stuff today. Didn’t want to strain my back so I stuck to sets of 5 (5×5)for the exercises. Worked up to 125 for press, and 230 for the Back squats. Just worked form on deadlifts (i.e. went very light).


  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    I ought to be in today for some total action.

  • Craig

    Great showing at the Shed!

    Another inspirational moment at the Games: Jorgy took his shirt off.

    He and Rick were quite the CF anarchists all weekend – keeping their shirts on and showing their DCF colors.

    Josh finally broke down on Sunday.

    Halfway through the grueling 155lb c&j repetitions, he backed up a step and took off his shirt. He looked up at the DCF crew shouting at him from the other side of the fence and with a slight smile, he tossed his shirt to us and said “it’s time to get serious.”

    We went nuts and he nailed it.

  • Darren

    Why’s that noddle kipping.

  • Stavros

    CFT today at 1600, be there.

  • J Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Alright guys. Let’s see some 1000s.


  • Rodil

    We got a photo of the DCF horns on the IronMind News page:


    What software are people using to edit their videos? I’m looking for something fairly simple (add text, voiceover, basic fading and clip editing).

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossfit

    Windows movie maker…

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossfit

    Windows movie maker…way to rep the Horns

  • Mark L.

    I currently use Adobe Premier CS3 and Adobe After Effects CS3.

    Windows Movie Maker comes with Windows, correct? I’ve used that for basic editing of my cell phone videos.

    I’ve also used Sony Vegas in the past which is fairly easy to use. I could let you have my paid for and licensed box copy, Rodil, now that I’ve moved on (also, some instructional books)–if you’re interested. I think it’s about 1 version behind.

    Lake Alpine, CA
    Temp=89F;Elevation=7,330 (Air is thin!)
    5 rounds

    16:22 (new PR–been practicing my double-unders which is my limiting factor on Annie)

    I did everything in the granite dust on the shore. Jump rope was a little tricky on the soft uneven surface, but I eventually figured it out, and did the last 10 back to back!

    Funny how practice actually results in improvement…

  • RUINER @ DiabloCrossFit

    No kidding mark.
    45# PR in the total today.
    315 squat
    185 press
    400 deadlift
    Look out 1000, I’m coming for ya.

  • Craig

    Nice work, Mark.

    Mike! Big 900. NICE PRESS WEIGHT! The DL and Squat gains are easier and produce bigger numbers faster – so you’re there baby.

  • sakura

    AHHH! congrats on the rack, rodil! we really wanted vulcan racks. awesome picture too. =]

  • Darren

    Mike big Press, baby. Love it, keep up the hard work.

  • Mike Erickson

    I sub’d CFT for my SS workout tonight:

    Squat = 230 (+5 pr)
    Press = 125 (no change)
    Dead Lift = 315 (+10 pr)
    CFT = 670 (+15 pr)

    Deadlift is one pound over twice my bodyweight!! Yay! I think I can do more but I’ll save it for the shed.

    Mike: 185 press = wow! I like Rippetoe’s saying “Stronger people are harder to kill and generally more useful”. I’m rooting for you and 1000.

  • J Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    STRONG WORK for the Mikes!

    Awesome press from Ruiner and Mike E with the double bodyweight deadlift!

    (Geez. I can’t even do a double bw DL yet).

    Rodil rep’n at the Games! Nice work. I’ll put a link and the photo up tomorrow on our main page.


  • Harpole

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