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Rick halfway through his deadlift burpee heat at the 2008 CrossFit Games. This picture shows some of the spectators cheering him on, but there are still more on both sides.


And here is a picture of Rick during one of his ice baths in the freezer truck (You can tell he really likes it in the right hand photo).

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Push Jerk


Find your one rep max and post your weight


So, to all of you who participated or just went as a spectator, what did you get out of the games?

I had a ton of fun and met some interesting people, I met the current world record holder for max push-ups, I met another Italian Crossfitter, a woman from Florida (she made me so proud); all the big names from OPT to Speal to Dutch and all the old timers who started this thing and made what it is today, fromCoach to Nicole, from Annie and Brendan to Rob.

The games for me were more than just the people competing, it was meeting other Crossfitters, sharing ideas, talking about what motivates us to keep killing our bodies on the WODs, what you want out of it, and so forth.

I was amazed by the size of this year event, how big it’s gotten already, how many sponsors are on the bandwagon, and how surprised Coach still is of the success of CrossFit.

Did you like everything? Did you expect more, or less?

Post your thoughts:



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BONUS – our own Carry Werner made the CrossFit Mainpage Today!

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  • sarah

    sorry about the late post…

    Girls CFT-

    Jaz- 315

    Beautiful job, ladies!!

  • Craig

    AWESOME Girls!!

    Carry is on the mainpage today.

    Luca: great pics today. Love the DCF representation…its almost gang-like. Props to jj for the wings concept and jorgy for the design – lots of complements.

    For me? The Games were about comraderie and motivation. I convinced Yvonne (despite her health) to rally and come on Sunday and witness what I saw and felt.

    The Games also generated pride and guilt. Pride for the DCF’rs that stepped up and guilt for not joining them.

  • Mark L.

    Look out for that Jasmine, Sarah. She’s creeping up on your total. 😎 …and good job, too, Jamie!

    I had a great time at the games. It took me back to my high school days doing tournaments (Cross Country when I was younger; wrestling as a Senior). There were a couple times I wanted to drop my camera and jump the fence, but I was able to hold it off to get the picture.

    What a great feeling of community Crossfit is! Is there any other gym/fitness plan/exercise program that has all this stuff? I don’t think so…

  • Sarah

    My goodness! I gotta watch out for all of those crazy chicks! Its so lovely to watch these women push themselves to new levels!

  • Stavros

    First things first…

    Happy 30th Birthday Jasmine!!!!!

    Today Jaz and I did a 5k run from out house. It was hot but we maintained a solid pace. Good enough for a birthday run! I love you babe.

  • Luca Z

    Happy birthday Jasmine, I had the pleasure to witness some of the Girls’s work-out and this ladies are legit.
    Jasmine you are entering the 30’s I’ll be leaving them soon for the 40’s :-(, enjoy them they go fast eheheh

  • Carry

    OK, so I just returned from 4 days at the beach with the friends of mine ‘yall met at the games and it was all anyone could talk about! My husband included. I’ve never been so inspired!
    Since I’ve never done sports, or been involved in anything like this before, I had no idea what to expect. I am so proud to be a part of DCF.

    Thanks to Rodil & Jimmy for taping up my hands. Thanks to Darrin for talking me through the deadlift warm up and thanks to Stav for showing us what it’s all about.

    Thanks to whoever brought that ice bath!
    (this is starting to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech so I’ll finish my thank yous in person)

    Everyone at the games was so nice and encouraging…my husband was telling everyone he spoke to….’these people are the real thing’.
    I’m sure I can get him to come to the Shed next weekend. (We’re in Tahoe this weekend for the Journey/Heart concert….yes, I’m that old)
    My back is feeling much better so I will be back on Mon @6:00AM….Can’t wait!

  • Carry

    Hey Sakura….just read your post…sorry I was on vacation.

    The kipping to the chest wasn’t too bad. It was more of an angle thing. It takes more effort but if you get a big enough kip you can do it easy.
    The deadlifts were what killed me. 185lbs is HEAVY (for me anyway).

    When are you coming back? I read your blog on the main site about losing the baby weight and had my cousin read it as well. I’m trying to recruit her…she is also a mom with some weight to lose. I think it worked!

  • Mark L.

    10K Run (Main Site WOD)
    In and around Blue Lake Springs, CA

    Shade Temp=102F (hotter on tarmac, I’m sure)
    Elevation on course=3880 ft to 4200 ft
    (it was all uphill or downhill–NO flat)

    At several points, I was thinking, “I am not sure this was very smart”, but I realized that since I was running by the road side, at least I would be found if I passed out from heat stroke.

    Done in 58:30 (it felt more like 2 hours)

  • Mark L.

    Oh, and of course, happy b-day Jasmine! 30 is a biggie. Luca and I hit the big 4-0 pretty quick here.
    Also, on birthdays, myspace just reminded me that it’s Sakura’s birthday, tomorrow (26, maybe?)
    Never even met her face to face, and my computer is reminding me of her birthday. 😎

  • MJJ

    CraigH- thanks for the salute. On that day I was fueled purely by adrenaline and peer pressure. And after 3 minutes of getting a sunburned face and a lung full of dust someone smacked me on the back and said, “you won!”

    So I accept you honorable challenge sir. And yes, we will row again my friend, what better way to make sure all trophies stay in the Bay Area.

    Oh if you’re ever in Oakland and you need to get some rowing in stop by…I think we might have an extra Concept 2 lying around.


  • Craig

    MJJ (see above comment), a rowing badass and great guy, is responding to my post to him over at CrossFit Oakland:

    “MJJ – I curse your name. I trained to win that damn rower for Diablo CrossFit. It’s mine damn you!

    I was at the other end of the line from you and rowed a 3:04.1. When I finished, I smoked the guys around me and everyone cheered!

    Unfortunately, you, at the other end, rowed an out-of-your-mind 3:02.?!!? Grrrrrrrrrrr!

    Congratulations. I humbly admit defeat. The crew at DCF is disappointed in me, but you and I will row again another day, my man.

    Enjoy your f-ng new rower.”

  • Mark L.

    I’ll bet MJJ isn’t about to cross a grand CFT, though, old man.
    You know, someone at the games from the NYC Crossfit asked me, “do you have a rival gym?”
    Perhaps we do.

  • Rodil

    Robb Wolf is doing a nutrition seminar at CrossFit San Francisco next Saturday (July 19). I think someone at the Shed mentioned having been to this before? I wanted to check if this would be worth attending.

    Carry – congrats on making the CrossFit Main Page photo!

    Craig’s comments to CF Oakland cracked me up. Did you mention that you did the hill run twice before the rowing contest? Maybe you can go 2 rows out of 3. 🙂

  • Mark L.

    Rodil, I’d be glad to go with you to that seminar, if you go (depending on cost). I’ve been exchanging e-mail with him the past few days with some questions on nutrition that came up during the cert (that Nicole couldn’t answer).
    What a great guy!

  • Craig

    Rodil & Mark – Stavros has been to the one day nutrition cert. He said it was excellent. Check with him. Rob Wolf is a very, very smart guy and extremely fit.

  • Music downloads

    I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!