080712 SATURDAY “GRIP SOME” and Shed Music


Rodil not only did a great job of cheering on ‘Team Firebreathers’ at the CrossFit Games, he also won the drawing for a set Ironmind Vulcan Racks! (and nice work with the DCF shirt and devil horns).

Ironmind is a great company that makes great products. In the past I bought two books by John Brookfield from them, and when they were at the games I went ahead and picked up two of their “Captains of Crush” Grippers (Number 1:140lbs and Number 2:195lbs). Craig liked them so much he picked up another Number 1 for The Shed! Try to close the thing when you get a chance. You’ll earn a new respect for grip strength and the people who can close the Number 3 (at 280lbs), and the four people in the world who can close the Number 4 (with a skull crushing 365lbs)!


Workout: “GRIP SOME!”

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

10 snatch grip deadlifts 185 lbs for men, 135 lbs for women

10 knees to elbows

1 rope climb (15 feet)

200m farmer carry 45lb dumbbells for men, 35 for women

Post rounds and fractions of rounds to comments.


Shed Music – This is your chance to listen to what you want.

Please post in comments some songs you wish to hear at The Shed when you are working out. I need artist, and song (and version if there is multiple versions). Just the artist or album won’t work.

If the songs are appropriate, I will purchase them to play at The Shed while everyone is working out.

If you don’t make any requests, you can’t complain about what comes on during your workout.

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  • Craig

    Great job, Rodil. And thanks for the fantastic trade! See Rodil’s rack in the Shed!

  • Mark L.

    Thanks Rodil!

    As for Shed music, anything by Tiffany sounds good to me.

  • Mark L.

    Jeremy’s ridiculous forearm workout (and I can close the #2 gripper with both hands–tested at Games with Strossen himself). Anyway, this one is a keeper!

    Luca-4.75 rounds
    Dustin-3.5 rounds (scaled because we ran out of 45s)
    Mark-3 rounds
    Ale-5 rounds (scaled for ‘teen’)

    Dustin and Luca stayed for Muay Thai afterwards! It was funny watching Luca try to pull out the mats.

  • Luca Z.

    You don’t realize how much you need you grip’s strength until it’s gone.
    And yeah Rodil nice RACK!!!!

  • J Jones

    A little grip training every day goes a long way. I posted this WOD on a Saturday for those people who have to do some typing for their jobs.

    And as Luca said – NICE RACK Rodil!